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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Serene Scenery Sunday

Woo, everypup and everycat - it's me, Dave!  For Serene Scenery Sunday, I thought we'd have a look around our yard/gardens.  Ready to get started?  Let's head down the steps to the back yard...

DSCN0993 Dave

Oh... I know what you're thinking, but Zimmie and I didn't do that. Dad did. I don't get it, but if we had dug up the garden like that, we'd be in a heap of trouble!  Mom seemed real happy about it. Apparently the Snowball Viburnum's days had come and gone, and Dad got rid of them. They saved part of one and Mom dug it in out front; I'll show it to you later this week!

The prettiest blooms out back right now are the "Skidmore" Lilacs. Have a look:

DSCN0995 Skidmore Lilacs

Don't those make you feel nice and serene? I wish you could smell them; they're incredible! If you'd like to see more blooms, please feel free to visit our garden set FlickR.

Let's go back up front. Remember the other day when Mom went out without me and Zim? In addition to buying Zyrtec, she bought some rhododendrons to put in the front garden! Here's a look:

IMG_1929 Zim and Dave

Can you see the magenta plants underneath the Red Bud Trees? Right - the ones that match. They got two of those (they're called PJM Rhododendron) and one that you can't really see -- that one will eventually be red (Nova Zembla Rhododendron).  Let's get closer.

IMG_1931 Dave and Zim
"Look, Zim!  Nice color, huh?"
"Yeah, Dave ... I wonder if Fluffy Black Cat is out?!?"

Something serene for all of us, I guess. Ha woo.

Mom and Dad are having a truck-bed full of mulch delivered tomorrow, so after they spread that in, we'll show you the rest of the bed!  But for now ... time to grab a beverage and get on with the day:

IMG_1922 Dave and Zim

Thanks again to Meeshka for helping get our routine back to normal around here!  That gives all of us a lot of serenity!



  1. At least your dad could have asked for your help so you could play in the dirts too! We think your new plants are very prety and of course we love the purple!

  2. The 3rd picture took my breath away! That tree is just simply stunning!!

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Thank you it was nice to have a look round your garden with you.

  4. Meeshka is very wise. I love seeing your garden pics!


  5. furry serene post gents, woooos!

    RA & Isis

  6. Zyrtec is most important in the spring time!

    PHEW at least you won't get in trouble with the messiness from the DAD!

    Happy Monday

  7. thanks for taking us around your garden. The purple flowers on your tree are beautiful. Its good to know if you dig holes all over your yard you won't get into trouble since your Paw did it too
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hi guys! Pawsome garden you've got! We just cant get enough of those amazing colorful flowers! Just beautiful! Of course lounging on the patio is perfect too!


  9. Happy Serene Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. the colours are beautiful!

  11. Mom can't wait to bury her nose in a lilac! She says they smell so heavenly! Your yard is just magnificent, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Mom says your garden is really beautiful and she loves what your parents did with it.

    We like the running space:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  13. There are more colors in your garden than in my entire street put together!


  14. I love the color of that purple/magenta tree!
    Definitely serene!

  15. w00fs, ooo Zim and Dave, u boys have the most bute ti ful yard, i has seen...mama and daddy need to start planting stuff in the garden...

    b safe,