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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Walk to the Kansas Ocean!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me - Zim!  To celebrate our cool day yesterday, we did lots of walking.  Well, OK, we would have done lots of walking anyway ... but Dave and I really liked that chill being back in the air!  In the afternoon, we walked and walked and walked - and guess where we ended up?  Oh... right.  The title of the post gave it away, didn't it?

Here we are, on the sidewalk boardwalk by the Kansas Ocean!

IMG_1808 Dave and Zim
"I see ducks out there, Dave!"
"The sun's in my eyes, Zim!"

We walked along the ocean for a little while, then turned to head back. Instead of going back the way we came, we decided to go up this path that goes to the water tower -- you know, the area I showed you yesterday!  How cool!

Here I am, way out ahead of everyone:

IMG_1810 Zim
"I wonder where that gate leads?"

Pretty soon, the prairie grasses will be real long in there and the bugs will be back in force and Mom won't think it's a great idea to go that way -- so we made the most of it!

Here are me and Dave, heading up the hill:

IMG_1811 Dave and Zim

Oh, I know what you're thinking -- "Kansas doesn't have hills." Oh, trust me ...

IMG_1812 Zim
Me and my shadow

...we've got hills!

Here's Dave, heading into the curve:

IMG_1814 Dave

Mom likes how Dave is sort of curved to match the path. Whatever.

Near the top, you can look over the edge down into a culvert. If I was a coyote, which I'm not, despite what some people might think, that's where I'd hang out.

IMG_1815 Zim
"Ha roo down there!  Is any-coyote home?!?"

When we reached the water tower, Mom shot a pic of one of her favorite signs around town.


Apparently, there is a shortage of dictionaries at city hall. Ha roo roo roo!

Anyway, we sure had a great walk! Hope you enjoyed coming along with us.

Play bows,


  1. Thanks for taking me along on the walk! I haven't been on one in awhile -- you know, with the toe and all....so THANK YOU!

  2. What a great walkie for you guys. My, what blue skies you have.

    Maybe when Dave is not checking out colors he could help the city out with a spell check.

    Uh oh Zim, your fur is starting to look a little loose, watch out for pickers and brushes.

    Remy and Flash

  3. i remember that Kansas ocean from a previous post--hehehe! come visit us, we will show you an ocean! ;-)

  4. Great place! Looks like you had a great walkie!

  5. It looked like a great walk - what lovely blue skies. (loved the sign) Mom is hoping it gets at least a few degrees warmer so she can get outside without wearing a coat - maybe this weekend.

  6. Is that a super dooper long leash or is someone else walking you? :)

  7. I always enjoy walking with you Zimmie!


  8. you guys go on some great walks! we're jealous of your blue skies!

    about the slide, we've never let her try it out. That park in particular, there are 2 slides, but one is really steep and the other is one of those windy ones.

  9. Glad you had a fun adventure! Funny...you think people would bother to look up words when they are displaying public signs huh! ;)


  10. What a nice walk! We were waiting to see the coyote with you!

    Funny sign - someone should fine them for not editing it before going to print!

    Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  11. You two had very interesting walkie!
    I really enjoyed it!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. But no shortage of "S's" huh?

  13. We're glad you were able to take advantage of such a cool walk before the bugs come back! Maybe the city worker that made the sign went to KU. Ha roo roo!

  14. woooo huskerboos! Walkies are the best thing hu??!! I almost didn't see Zim in that pic of him against the grass! Furry cleverly disguised!


  15. nice little adventure you guys went on..Looks like a beautiful day
    Benny & Lily

  16. Great walk boys! Hey, maybe a snake wrote that sign. No Tressspassssing. hehe!

  17. We enjoyed our walkie with you, guys. We like the cooler temps best too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. ah, I knew you had hills now, don't you remember I sent you some special delivery from Scotland, quite a while ago. I am very good at "Hills to Go".

    Though I have to bark the packaging up was a bit of a nightmare, you could say it was an "uphill struggle".

    lovely photos, and we enjoyed the "shortage of dictionaries" remark from your Mama!!

    lotsalicks, Marv xxxxx