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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday's Plans

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  Anyone have big plans for Saturday?  Me and Zim are going to do some of this:

IMG_1711 Dave
Me, Dave, out on a walk.  Zim is off-camera.

And a little more of that...

IMG_1757 Dave and Zim
"Hey Dave, this is great fun, isn't it?"

Then do some zoomies (Mom didn't shoot any good zoomie shots) and some of this:

DSCN0870 Zim
The Z-man catching some Zs

DSCN0865 Dave
Me, Dave

Don't you think I need a new quilt to cover that bed? I mean, I really like our cool Army quilt, but it's not quite big enough. Well, never fear! Mom made us a new one. We tested it out last night and gave it the Siberian Husky seal of approval!  We'll show it to you tomorrow!

Do any of you have big plans for the weekend?  I think it's time for a treat and another nap.



  1. My plans are to grow a moustache. Is that enough? How long does it take? Will I be moustached up by tomorrow and do I need to put that smelly stuff on it, which my Jeannie uses in her allotment? You know, the Dung stuff?

    I am in envy of your moustache growing, I just need tips. Not tips on my moustache, they will grow soon enough, just tips on growing one.

    And your quilt is beautiful!

    lotsalicks, Marv xxxxx

  2. This weekend Mommy's going fer a transpaloozion (we thinks it's like lalapalooza wifout the music and fun)so we'll just be here waitin...

    Mommy has always liked that blanket whenever you all have shown pictures so she bets the new one is beeyooteeful!

    Bobo and Meja

  3. Great Siberian minds must think alike, because our weekend sounds much like yours.

  4. looks like a fun weekend! cant wait to see the new quilt!

  5. What a perfect day, walks, zoomies and snoozes :)xx

  6. Oh Dave, that last photo is so adorable of you! You two boys are just the cutest!

  7. We need to fix Dad's motorcycle. We hope you enjoy your weekend!


  8. Anonymous3:48 PM

    yep, dogs are cute, but look at that bedspread !! did you make it? Love it!!

  9. I will be waiting to see your new quilt!
    Have a nice and relaxing saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Sounds like you're having a great weekend with walking, quilting...new leashes and collars. You are so lucky. Can your mom tell my mom how to do something cool? LOL

  11. That sounds like a perfect plan!
    Think i might do the same!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  12. Walkin' and ZZZin' . . .hardly gets better than that!


  13. rest up for walk #2
    Benny & Lily

  14. We're having some very nice weather so we're spending some time hanging out outside enjoying the weather. Mom and dad went and did some geocaching but didn't take us! That wasn't very nice!

    How nice of your mom to make you a nice new quilt! Can't wait to see it!

    Holly & Khady

  15. We so look forward to our walkies every day! We can't wait to see your new quilt!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. I haven't done anything exciting this weekend. Teddy is making me crazy.


  17. A nice walkie on a beautiful Saturday is just great!

  18. That last picture of you Dave is adorable!! You are such a flirt!