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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk, Walk, Walk!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats.  It's me, Zim!  Mom and Dad have taken me and Dave on a MILLION really cool walks lately, and I thought I'd finally share some of the pix with you.  I've got a bunch of shots Mom snapped with her iPhone that we were going to deep-six, but they I thought you might like seeing little glimpses into where we walk.  Let's get going!

Here I am coming back from a walk:


That's the hill we go up before we round the bend for home. Yes, I usually do have a smile on my face when we walk. I LOVE checking everything out!

Here I am out on a "Dakota" route. We name all of our routes. There used to be a Sibe named Dakota at the furthest point on this loop, so we named it in his honor.


I was at a little dry creek bed. I call it "Squirrel Hollow" because I usually see squirrels there.  I'm pretty sure I didn't see any that day.

Speaking of dry creek beds, here's Dave on the bridge that goes over Little Kitten Creek:


There's usually a lot more water in there.  It was raining that day, so we had hopes that the creek would fill up.

Here's another one of Dave up on Westbank. (That's the name of the road. We aren't real creative with the name of that route -- it's just a Westbank Loop.)


He was checking out yet another dry creek bed that goes behind some houses. We've never seen water in there, but one time Stormy, Ammy and great-brother Booter saw a fox run out of there. The girls told us about it, so we always have to look for one. Just. In. Case.

Here are both of us guys coming down our street:


Basically, Mom usually can't get a pic of us together until we're good and tired -- which is usually on the way home.

Here I am out on a Kansas Ocean to Grand Mere Loop:


Nice smile, don't you think? We were at the top of a hill. Here's one of Davy at the same point:


He was smiling, too. Mom was, too. In her case, something about heading DOWNhill. I couldn't tell - she was out of breath, so I didn't ask.  Ha roo roo roo!

Oh. Here's me on our home street again:


See my busy snooter? Our neighbor Jordan, a yellow Lab mix, was out walking his people!


I'm not sure you can see him, but you can see his people up there. He always says "hi" when we go past his house. He has a great bark. When he goes past our house, we stare at him.

Here I am at Squirrel Hollow on another day:


I don't think I saw any squirrels that day, either. Still... I HAVE to check!

Here are Dave and me from yesterday:


We were heading up a cool path that goes from near the Kansas Ocean to the water tower. We call that route the ... err ... Kansas Ocean to the Water Tower Loop. I think we need to get more creative...

And here's one LAST pic for the day; it's me near the top of that path:


What a great view up there!

Thanks for letting me share our walks with you!

Play bows,


  1. Nice walks guys! I'm sure that I would love Squirrel Hollow! I love looking at the little guys! (After I've chased them up a tree, of course) Thanks for the pics!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  2. Great walk! Thanks for taking me with....I think I need a nap now....

  3. You guys do go on some really cool walks! Thanks for taking us along with you!

  4. Great pictorial of your walk! What a smile too. If I was there, I think I'd walk along side you. Your both handsome fellows. -Love Mati

  5. Very cool - we are glad you are doing your part to keep your mom and dad in shape. Maybe our mom could borrow you guys for a few days!! :)

  6. Wow Zim it sure is purrty over there. We like Squirrel Hollow. All you guys need are back packs and you are good to go
    Benny & Lily

  7. Such great places to go for a walk!
    And I love the smiles and collars!

  8. What a great walkie! You guys have the most awesome views!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. I love going on walks with you Zimmie!


  10. Those are gorgeous walking pictures...I love the big wide streets!

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. Whew, and I thought Mav & I did a lot of walking in England today! Woo pups went everywhere! . Jack loves all the cool names woo've given to all those little spots, he's thinking maybe he should get his creative juices flowing & name some of our favorite walking spots, too! thanks fur sharing all the pics, pups!

    Miss Moo & Jack a-roo

  12. Our humans are terrible unless the trail already has an official name. Otherwise, they say such helpful things as, "Let's take that trail. You know, the one with thing.". Amazingly, they actually know which trail that means.

  13. Wow, Zim! You guys are lucky pups - all those great walks you get to go on! Sam would love to help you catch squirrels!


  14. You guys get to go on the greatest walks and see such cool things. :)