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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim!  Dave and I were tagged by our buddy Goose to answer a few questions about ourselves.  The lovely SNOW we showed you yesterday was gone by mid-day, so it's not like we're out enjoying that or anything! Good thing Mom snapped a bunch of pix when she did! Anyway ... let's get to it:

DSCN3014 Dave and Zim
Dave and me from yesterday morning.  In the snow.

1.  Describe yourself in seven words:

We're actually going to describe each other, because that's more in keeping who we are.  And of course, it's in keeping with being Siberian Huskies to already toss the rules out the window.

Dave is snuggly, talented, stubborn, stoic, generous, extraverted and brave!  OK, Dave, your turn!

OK!  Woo, everybody!  Zim is serene, adventurous, fun, silly, a dreamer, mischievous, and brave!

2.  What keeps you up at night?

I'll keep going, since Zim handed me the keyboard!  Umm... wait.  Since much nothing keeps me up at night, I don't know what keeps Zim up... so maybe I should pass it back over to him.

No problem, Dave!  Yeah, Dave's a good sleeper!  Nothing really KEEPS me up at night, per se, but I do like to get up during the night - just to take Mom out to admire the star-filled sky, to listen to the coyotes off in the distance ... or to start playing!

We'll just answer the rest for ourselves.  It's less confusing that way!

3.  Who would you like to be?

Wow.  Hard one.  As for me,

DSCN3019 Zim
Me, Zim, stalking something in the snow yesterday

... I have to say that I'm very comfortable in my own fur.  And given that Mom says I'm the best Zim she's ever known, I'll just stay with being who I am!  Dave?

Thanks, Zim.  And I have to agree, you're not only the best Zim in the world, but you're the best kid brother a guy could ask for! Mom also says I'm the best Dave she's ever known, so I think I'll stay with who I am, too!

DSCN3025 Dave
"Wait a minute.  If I'm someone else, how would I be with my mom?" 

...except that sometimes I'd like to be a biped just so I can go EVERYwhere my mom goes.

4.  What are you wearing right now?

We're both wearing the latest of the collars Mom made for us (see them here) and blue Buffs.  What, Dave?  Oh... yeah, OK.  Medium blue Buffs in a bandana print.  You can kind of see mine in the second pic in this post.

5.  What scares you?

Hmm.  We're both very brave guys!  There are some things we approach with caution (strangers for me - due to my pre-adoptive life, crates with doors on them for Dave) but those things don't actually scare us.  They just give us paws.  I mean pause.  Moving right along...

6.  The best and worst of blogging.

We both agree with Goose here - the best is all the friends we've made!  We've been blogging since September of 2006, and have made so many wonderful friends!  Mom also likes to look back and have a nice journal of our lives together here at Ao4 HQs.  And yes, the worst is when we lose a friend or when someone is hurting.

7.  The last website I visited.

Well, for me, it was Mango Minster!!

DSCN2991 Zim
"This is all so exciting!!!"

Dave is helping Mom with a new post for her blog, so that's the last one he was on.

8.  What is one thing you would change about yourself?

Well, there are a lot of things Mom, Dad and I wish I hadn't had to go through, but it all makes me the pup I am today.  Dave, how about you?  Seeing as how you're the best big brother ever, I can't think of anything I'd want to change about you!

You're really the best, Zim.  Like our buddy Goose, though, maybe getting over the separation anxiety thing would be good.  Then again, maybe Mom needs me.  Woo.

9.  Slankets.  Yes or no.

We had to ask Goose what "slankets" are.  It's a blanket with sleeves - like one of those Snuggie things.  We have to say NO on this.  I mean ... you've seen our luscious coats!

10. Tell us something about the dog who tagged you.

GOOSE! We love Goose and are so glad he is blogging! He has really cool adventures in such a beautiful part of our great country! His MOM takes incredible photos along the way, so it's like we're right there with them! (Except for when he goes in the water ... then I think we'd stand on the banks cheering him on!) He writes a wonderfully inspirational blog, giving us a lot to think about.  I just know that if we met beyond the blogs, we'd be fast friends - as would our moms.  Goose is adventurous, brave, and funny and Mom thinks he is just adorable.  We feel very blessed to call him "friend"!!!

Now we're supposed to tag 8 other bloggers.  Unlike Goose, we - and Sibes in general - are not real keen on rules.  We're rather notorious for breaking them, in fact.  So PLEASE play along if you'd like to!  This was really fun, so give it a try!

Many thanks to Goose for the tag -- or is that "for Goosing us"?  Ha roo roo roo!

DSCN3023 Dave, Zim, Mike
"I'll get him for you, Goose!  Ha woo!"

Play bows and luv,
Zim and Dave


  1. Those are great answers...we are glad we got to read more about you. :)

  2. Glad you got GOOSED so we could learn More about YOU.

  3. Thanks for sharing about yourselves - we feel like we know you better now.
    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  4. BOL! "Got Goosed" BOL. Wish I would have thought of that. I'm glad to know ya guys better.
    Still hopeing for snow for you two. I don't know two more deserving dogs.

  5. Great answers guys!!
    Feel like we know woos much more now and so grateful
    for that!!


  6. How awesome! I will do this next week, since I wasn't sure what to blog about.


  7. Those were great questions and answers, guys.

    Love ya lots

  8. That was fun getting to know you boys better! We agree with you about the blogging thing and also the slankets! We hope you get more snow!

  9. Dave are you stubborn or is it a set up?
    Benny & Lily

  10. oooo we love learning more about you guys

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. We really enjoyed this post, and reading about your pasts through your links. We're so glad we got to meet you through Mango Minster this year. We were both rescue doggies, too. And Abby had never been inside a house when she first came to live with mama. Everything startled her: running water, ceiling fans, the microwave noise. But she adapted really fast, and helped Jed when he came a few weeks later.

    Jed & Abby

  12. I love learning more about my friends. Thanks for sharing! Have a footballtastic weekend! Love the football pic on Facebook! Great catch!

  13. Love that Goose umm...Goosed you. :)
    Enjoyed learning new things about you guys. :)

  14. Oh Dave & Zim - am so behind with blog friends and my human FINALLY has some time this weekend to help me catch up...but I saved this post specially so I could come back and read it properly! Loved reading through your answers!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Zim stalking! So beautiful! Like something from one of those wildlife shows!

    Honey the Great Dane