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Friday, June 10, 2016

Flower Friday

Hello and greetings to all!  Cam and Maggie here, joining with our buddy Jakey for Flower Friday!  We thought we'd take you on a virtual tour around our gardens.  Ready?

Let's start here in the shade of the front porch:

Us - Maggie and Cam! - and the planter

As you can see, the flowers in the planter are coming along nicely!

Also out front are the Mums. It's WAY too early for them to bloom!


They need to get a calendar!

This is a look at the top of the front gardens, mostly the Hostas, standing down in the Butterfly Garden:


Speaking of the Butterfly Garden ... two of the Butterfly Bushes down there are getting huge! Here is one of them:

Butterfly Bush

And here's a closeup of one of the blooms:

"I know, right?!?"

Out back, our rose bush is in full bloom:


And so are our Stella D'Oro Day Lilies:


Let's make our way over to the Bee Garden, where our Russian Sage plants in there are bathed in purple flowers:


Mom's Coneflowers are bursting all over the place! She has them in the Butterfly Garden, the Friendship Garden, the Wildflower Garden, and elsewhere! Here's one of the PowWow Wild Berry Coneflowers:

Our favorite coneflower, the PowWow Wild Berry!

So cool, it almost looks fake!


Well, it does, Cam!  Moving right along ...

Here's a closeup of some Butterfly Weed:


Butterflies LOVE those; Mom put 10 more in this Spring!

Our Lavender plants are looking good. Mom thought the pink one was dead, so she is thrilled to see it bloom. Here's a look:

Rosea Lavender

Mom took 87 million more pix out in the garden. If you'd like to see them, please visit our Garden 2016 album on FlickR at this link.

Before we go, today is not only Flower Friday, but it's Flag Day here in the US AND the birthday of the US Army!!!

"Happy 241st birthday to the US Army!!!"
"And Happy Flag Day!"

Thanks for letting us share our flowers with you!

Cammie and Mags


  1. Mom so wishes she could have one tenth of the beauty you have in your gardens. Everything is so nice!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Such beautiful flowers! Whoever heard of mums blooming in June? We sure hope they decide to bloom again in September! Happy Flag Day☺

  3. Your flowers are glorious! Mom's favorite flower is Mums. Aren't they supposed to bloom in the fall? DakotasDen

  4. Love all your flowers-great job by your Mom! Ok, so I don't care for Russian Sage because of how invasive it is. In the front bed I have Hydrangeas, Hostas, Mums and other smaller plants. I have coneflower(Echinacea) too as well as Black Eyed Susans and Sunflowers. I have lots of Mums planted too, but don't have buds yet-thankfully. Thank you for sharing such beauty and sharing the flowers too.
    Noreen and Hunter

  5. we just love your gardens! beautiful flowers and so natural. Thanks for taking us on tour!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  6. What pawfect flowers, as always!

  7. Mom really luffed the rose. Even better, they are very safe for kittehs to be around.

  8. So bewoootiful! Your garden is amazing!