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Thursday, June 02, 2016

This Morning's Walk

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags.  Cam and I took Mom on a nice, long walk this morning to tire her out a bit before she went out to pull weeds.  We knew we'd be in here, in the air-conditioning, guarding the house and perhaps staring out the window at her occasionally.  We needed to prepare for that.  So ... anyway, she took lots of pix along the way ... so who wants to go walking with us?

We went all through the neighborhoods and hit CiCo Park.  We skirted around the east flank:

Me and Cam

As you can see, we did a little braiding work with our leashes along the way.

We walked to the southeast corner and struck a pose by the CiCo sign:

"Are those tee-pees?"
"Nice job with your shadow, Mom."

Or not.  Mom asked us to both look the same way.  Now, she didn't have any treats, but she did say "please", so ...

Cam and me.  And Mom's shadow.

We kept going along the southern perimeter and came upon the Trippy Trap Bridge.

"Look, Cam!  The Trippy Trap Bridge!"

No trolls or gruff Billy Goats to be seen.  We did check, just to make sure!

We came down the west side of the park and saw a man coming toward us with a dog.  When we see someone coming, we pull over, sit, and wait patiently for them to pass.  This is even for people without dogs.  Why?  Because some people might be afraid of us, some people actually don't care for dogs (I don't understand that one!), and if it IS someone with a pup, they might need some space!  Here we are, on the other side of the street, being nice and calm, while we waited for the guy and his what looked to be a Malinois passed by:

Me and Cam.  Being very good girls.

We don't normally stop that much in advance, but Mom wanted us to be able to rest in the shade.  We had gone about 2.5 miles by then and it was getting toasty.  She thought we could stand a break.

After they passed us by (and yes, Cammie, the Malinois was "cute" ... whatevs!), we turned up the main road toward home.  We stopped by the entrance to the Hudson Trail for a quick photo op:

Cam and me, up on the limestone chunks by the trail

... then jumped down and headed home.  It was a great walk!  I'm pretty sure Mom got her gardening in, but I'm not sure.  I remember getting a nice, long drink of water, laying down next to Cam, then Mom coming in the house covered in sweat and dirt, looking mighty pleased.  She must have appreciated how hard Cam and I worked, guarding the house.  Yeah.  That must be it.

Thanks for coming on our walk with us!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. WTG ladies it is always good to make the Moms extra tired...they get fuzzy brains and forget that they have fed us and often we get M O R E.
    You have the nicest places to walk and gaze at cute guy dogs. You are very well behaved too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. You two are super well behaved and polite. Thank you for the tour! I love how you always twist your leads up. They look much better that way.

  3. These walks are always fun. And it's really polite of you to take care around others. Last year mom was on a walk when a large dog rushed up to her and took her fingers in his mouth. He was just a big goofball and she's not afraid of dogs, but for someone who'd had a real fear it could have been very traumatic. His human just stood there.

  4. nice walkies! glad you were all still safe from any trolls or gruffy goats :) great job on keeping the house safe too. we hope you both had a good nap after your hard work :)

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  5. My mum and dad always make me wait for other dogs to go past too. ~ Rambo

  6. That was such a great walk you two had. We have had to scale back our walks because the heat isn't good for Ciara. But when we have walkers, bikers, joggers, other pups, approaching us, we have to sit and wait too. Mom says it is only polite to do that. She just wishes more humans would think to say thank you for our thoughtfulness:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Girrrrls you are Brilliant... getting the Peep Worn OUT so that She will stay ON TASK and not Wander or pull Flowers instead of weeds and stuffs... Brilliant we say.

  8. I love taking walks with you in a cyber way--you girls are the sweetest! That is very considerate of you to step aside for others. Though I don't understand anyone not liking dogs either. :-) Getting Mom's shadow in was a nice way to get a true group shot.

  9. Thanks for taking us on your walk!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  10. Wow...a walkie and guard duty, we think you may need anoth...I mean a nap!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. You girls are so polite on your walkies. Well done!

  12. What a grreat walk. You ladies have the BEST adventures.

  13. love your "looking the same way" picture - haha

  14. That walk looks fabulous! We are impressed that your mom can get you to go that far in the heat. We don't let our mom take us that far, we get toooooo hot!