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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XXIV - Ao4 Unleashed!

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Before I get started on our Ask the Ao4 post, I'd like to mention that it is our 1-year blogaversary! We've made so many new friends over the past year and have learned a LOT of things - especially about our computer! We'd like to say a special thank roo to our very dear friends Tubey and Meeshka (and their humans) - they were our inspiration to start blogging and offered a lot of encouragement and technical support. Huge thanks, too, to Opy, Charlie and their humans for giving us such a warm welcome into the Dogs With Blogs community! Charlie's dad has been a great help with technical support, too - and has made some very cool graphics for us! We also appreciate the interaction and support of our readers and fellow bloggers! You truly make this a more complete, enjoyable experience! Thank roooooooo, all!

Here I am in the backyard yesterday

Our wonderful friend Holly asked, "I have a question for the A04. Why are you always hooked up to your leashes when you are outside? Do you ever get to just run and play out there without them? Or, are your humans afraid you will escape?" Good question, Holly! We addressed this briefly in Ask the Ao4 VI - Leashes, Love and the LabraDave. (Hee hee hee!) Jazz & Dixie had asked if it was true that Sibes could never be trusted off-lead. Zim told them that it is certainly true and went on to explain that we are leashed unless we are in the house or are in the safety of our backyard.

Our backyard has a 6-foot fence with a concrete strip underneath - so it is Sibe safe... given that the gates are shut and locked. Our front yard is not fenced in, so any of the pix of us out there are going to show us with our leashes on. Sometimes we wear our leashes in the back yard, though Mom just drops them. That's usually because we've come from a walk and Mom drops our leashes or if Mom is trying to get us to cooperate for photos. Like the picture of Stormy at this link, Mom led her over to that part of the yard, then let her do her own thing. She just didn't unhook the leash. If we're just playing out there ... no leash. Except sometimes for the boys because they don't listen when Mom says it's time to go in. :)

Here I am exploring the yard yesterday. See how high the retaining wall is?

When we first had the backyard re-landscaped, we didn't know not to jump off the walls ... so the boys and I had our leashes trail behind us so Mom could grab them, give a little tug and a "no no!" if we were going to jump. (I still like to jump UP onto the walls!) Stormy knew not to do it; she's very smart!

Here I am, contemplating jumping.

See that pine tree down there? Oswald or one of his family members lives under it. They're EVERYWHERE!

I didn't see him or smell him, so I went off to check out another part of the yard.

I hope that answers your question, Holly! We really DO go un-leashed in the backyard ... but when Mom is trying to get us to pose for pictures, it's easier to get us where she wants us with our leashes on! Thanks for asking!



  1. We had to wear our leashes at all times (except in our crate) when Ulee was staying with us. Mom and Dad needed something to grab when Kat would get in fights with Ulee. Even though I miss Ulee, I don't miss dragging my leash everywhere. I was always getting stuck on things!


    PS. I love your backyard and Mom says that she loves your fence.

  2. Happy Bloganniversay! Yay!

    So pleased you are blogging, we love your Blog posts!

    And of course we love you Four and your Mama and Papa!

    lots of love and licks from Marvin xxxxx

    And lots of Love and nice thoughts and hugs from Jeannie xxxxxxxx

    "You have all been such good Blogging Pals to us, especially when Jeannie gets herself in a technological hole!"

    Amber - I have a joke - tee hee! It is especially for you my Joke Loving Funny Friend in Kansas......

    "Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Aardvark who?
    Aardvark a hundred miles for one of your smiles!"

    Well, I am attempting to walk to Kansas as you know!

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxx
    Honoured to be your friend!

  3. Happy bloganniversary!
    Your backyard is so wonderful. I'm so jealous! My back yard is pretty big, but Mom and Dad can't get anything to grow but weeds. It's really frustrating because weeds are no fun to nap in or roll in. When it rains it all turns to mud and that really sucks for me.
    I'm gogin to go dream about having a yard like your's now.

  4. congrats on the 1 yr anniversary!!! you guys are one of my favorite blogs to read!

    and WOW you guys have a big, exciting yard! our yard is small and plantless. :(


  5. Happy Blogiversary!!!! Woot! You guys are the best are one of my most favorite bloggies to read!!!

    Oh and your yard is just so pawsome!!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. Congrats on your one-year anniversary, you guys!

  7. Happy Blogaversary!! We don't ever get let off of our leashes either. Mom and Dad are even nervous about dog parks. They worry about us alot and I don't think they trust us even a little bit!

  8. Amber, there are four of you. Where are all the holes in the yards?

    I think it's mean for your humans not to put nice soft sand or bark at the base of the walls. You should be able to jump down if you want to.

    When you guys go sledding in the Frozen North, I think you will have to jump up and down ice ridges. You should be practicing!

  9. Happy bloggaversary!

    We have to stay leashed when we are in un-fenced areas too. Dachsies have a high prey drive and will chase anything that moves -- no matter what size. That's one of the reasons we like to go to the country house, the fenced yard is big (about 150 ft x 150 ft or 1/3 of an acre).

  10. We used to have to go out on leashes but then mom and dad fenced in part of our backyard so now we can just go out the door and run around. Happy Blogaversary!Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. That explains a lot!! I guess the photos you always showed had you in your leashes since your mom was trying to get pics of you! Maybe our mom should try that!

    Thanks for answering my question!


  12. I forgot to say Happy Blogaversary!!! Meeshka, Tubey and you all were MY inspiration. Can't wait for my 1 year blogaversary too! Congratulations!


  13. Wow, a whole year! That's amazing!

    Your yard is really, really, really, really gorgeous. I wish I had a nice fenced back yard like that. I just have the dogrun and it's not mine, it's everydog's. Mommy asks how your humans keep such a nice yard with 4 huskies around? Most people moan that their dogs have destroyed everything.

  14. I'm glad you wear your leashes and stay safe!

  15. you guys have the nicest yard, you are lucky dogs! we are not allowed off leash except in our backyard too, we have very selective hearing and cannot be trusted :)

  16. Happy bloganniversary to you. I love you read your blog. :) You sure have a very bootiful house

    ~ Girl girl

  17. Hi guys,
    First of all Happy 1st Blogging Aniversary!! This is such a great blogging community isn't it? We too have met many cool friends in the year we have been blogging. We love reading your blog. Mum has been very busy this last two weeks with all the back to school stuff to do much blogging but we are going to have to talk to her about that!!
    Every time we see your back yard with all that lush green grass it makes us want to hop in plane and get over there!! Of course we have the park across the road but its just not the same as your own yard.
    Jazz and Dixie

  18. Amici wears his leash at all times except when he is at the fenced in dog park or inside our house. He's too fast and we love him too much to take the risk of having him run away or get hurt.

    Your backyard is HUGE! We love it.

  19. Your yard is bewootiful! Mom is jealous. We don't get off our leashes either, cept in our yard & the dog park. Any new fosters who come even have a long lead in our yard until we know thay aren't jumpers

  20. Hey, it's me again. My blog's one-year anniversary is today!

  21. Hi-Woo,
    Happy Bloganniversary! You have a bewootiful back yard.

    Juneau & I help to landscape ours, but mommy & daddy don't plant anything in our holes. They just fill them up. We just try to help.

    We have the run of our side yard run cuz it is fenced it. I hang out on the wall & sunbathe there. We get to go out in the backyard when sumone in our family can watch us. Mommy is afraid that I will try to escape. I do test the fence in areas from time to time. It is very strong. Our family members just don't want to take a chance that we can get out. If we get to go on the front porch, we have to have our leashes on so we can't take off. We haven't been to a dog park either.
    Take care,

  22. Happy Blogaversary to woo! I'm glad you're out there!

  23. Congratulations!

    I don't get to go out without a lead either, apart from when I go on my terrace.


  24. Yeah, darn it. Leashes do make it easier for humans, but I like it a lot better without one. It is really fun when you can run free. Maybe they'll get me trained on my fence soon.

    Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary. You do a great job. Your blog is really neat.

    Koobuss Kisses,

  25. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I am so jealous of your backyard!!! Sometimes mom makes m e wear my 15 foot leash in the backyard to "catch" me, ha rooo!

  26. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Oh, I forgot to say HAPPY BLOGANNIVERSARY! I am gonna have some ice cream to celebrate, ha roo!

  27. Thank roo, everypuppy, for your kind words on our yard! We really love it out there.
    Echo, I don't think our parents trust us, either. They say it's safer that way. Hrumph.
    About why there aren't any holes out there ... we get most of our exercise BEFORE we go out to play out there - and we're never out there unsupervised. We mostly go out there just to play with our special toys with Mom! THAT'S really fun!
    Thank roo, too, for the blogaversary wishes! We can't believe it's been a year already! Wow!
    Love to everypuppy!
    PS: Marvin, I loved your joke! :)

  28. Happy Blogaversary! Woowhoo!! Our mom says she's totally jealous of your yard. We have a big yard that's pretty securely fenced too, we can go out without leashes, but mom & dad have to be with us to stop Cracker when he thinks he can climb the fence to get the tasty squirrels. It's fun to run and wrestle and dig in, but mom says between the 4 of us and all the Florida sand she's given up any hope that our backyard will look like anything other than a moonscape. Hey, we have to dig really deep holes to crawl into to stay cool while we sunbathe, right?
    Bama & the RHP