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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sitka's Quilt!

Woo, everypup! Dave here, Guide Dog for the Color Blind! I've been hard at work lately, helping Mom with the cool raggy-edged denim quilt for our bee-woo-tiful friend Sitka. And Tia. Oh... and their mom and dad, too! Remember when I first told you about it? That post showed you my fabric selection.

I chose a line called "Liberty Garden" - it has all kinds of be-woo-tiful patriotic prints with eagles and stars and roses ... and all kinds of cool stuff. Among the stack that Mom has (she really liked it and bought a TON of it!) were some greens. Mom thought we would use the ones with the green background because Sitka's couch has some fluffy pillows on it that have a lot of green in them. I told Mom, "Woo!" which we all know means, "No! Not the green fab!" "But Davy ... there is a lot of green in Sitka's pillows!" she insisted. I told her, "Woooooooo!" - Siberian for "That's not the right green, Mom!" She finally caved to my choices - which was a good decision.

Trust me, Mom! I know what I'm doing!

In this next picture, Mom's got all the fabs and the denim stacked up next to the Bernina, ready to sew.

She kept at it hard - it took a long time to get all the pieces together, but finally it was all one piece! Zim heard the quilt we were working on is for Sitka ... and since she has a VERY special place in his heart, he came in to inspect!

This is for Sitka? Cool! Let me see if it's good enough for her!

He gave it the SGT Zim seal of approval! Then Mom put it on the floor for us to admire - and Stormy came in to check it out!

I think Tia will like this, too! Very comfy!

Thanks, Storm!

But wait! We're not done! I laid on the quilt and remembered we still have to fray it and wash it a few times! (No wonder Mom actually let us get on it! Ha woooo!)

Mom! We still have to fray it!

I asked Mom if she wanted us Sibes to fray it for her in our own, creative way, but she said she has special scissors for that.

Cool! I asked if I could do it. Mom said I have to clip every 1/2 inch or so all along every seam she sewed, plus the outside. That's a lot of clipping!

Ummm ...this sounds like a lot of work ...

It was then that I remembered my lack of opposable thumbs. (Whew!) I was going to have to leave the clipping to Mom!

Tune in tomorrow to see how transformed it is by the clipping and washing! It gets down-right FLUFFY! I sure hope Sitka and her family like it!



  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Oh my dogness!! Dave, you sure have been working hard with your mom! You picked out the most beautiful materials I have ever seen. I love how Zimmie inspected and Storm appeared to take a nap on it. That is awesome. It is going to come with the AO4's fur and scent all over it. Be sure once mom washes it, that you all 4 get on it and roll around one more time. I am gonna go nuts smelling you all! I may even share the quilt with mom and Tia... but they are gonna have to give me lots of kisses in order for that to happen, ha roooo!!!

    Dave, you and your mom did a great job and we are so excited and can't wait to see it in person!

    hugs and kisses...

  2. oh we are lovin your progress Dave! We liked (well I liked the fraying bit!) .... but Jeannie wondered whether your MA ever owned Pinking Shears.......

    cos my Mama Jeannie once cut her fringe in a most artistic way with a pair of pinking shears......

    all artiscally crimped was the expression her hairdresser used once he recovered from the shock of her crimpy fringe.........

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. I don't understand why you couldn't give it a good Siber-fray!

  4. Dave! You and Storm and Zim are real helpers! How exciting, it's like getting new bedding (even if it is for a short period of time!) Good job all, Love Mati

    ps. Where is Am? We haven't heard from her in a while...

  5. by the way, Dad said he has seen some of your work up close and says you are extremely talented! How Woooooonderful!

  6. OMD that is bootiful! I just love it Dave...you are so talented in your color selections!!! Sitka and Tia are just going to LOVE this!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. That's bewoootiful! Obviously it was the inspection team....and the seamstress too of course. Storm, your collar matches perfectly! We can't wait to see the finished product.

  8. Good work!

    When I saw the headline I thought it said "Sitka's QUIT" - I'm glad to see it was much better news! ::big husky grin::

  9. Wooooo, oh I mean, (bow)wow Dave,

    you've been working hard there helpin your ma...impressive stuff.

    Just between you and me: bet your frayin' would've been much more creative! And that's saying a lot.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo


    PS Tell me, why is it that when I read you guys I always end up speaking sibe? Wooooooooo.

  10. What a beautiful quilt! We love the color choice! Sitka and Tia will just love it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. My mom has made a few of those type of quilt and she says the snipping part is exhausting even with the special snippers.....it's beawootiful! Good work Dave!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  12. Wow, it's soo cool that you all get to help your mom with her quilts. We try to help mom with her projects, but she doesn't like our help so much. She complains about dog hair stuck in the paint on the walls, dog hair knitted & crocheted into her projects. She just doesn't understand we are trying to improve on her already good work. sigh... your quilt is bewootiful and you lead your mom to excellent color choices. You all have excellent taste

  13. wowie! wut a cool cool quilt! your mom is very talented. good thing you dont haf opposable thumbs. leave that kind of work to the peepol while the dogs take care of the quilt-holding-down work. very important stuff.

  14. Wow Dave--your mom sure is very talented! My people aren't nearly as talented. Hamish made me post a picture of him for Amber--what is up with those two? She left a worried message about his scratch and now he's preening and posting pictures of himself looking all dolled up.

    Can't wait to see what the quilt looks like tomorrow

    See ya

  15. It sure looks great. Sitka will love it. I like how you all come and inspect the quilt.

    ~Girl girl

  16. WOW!!! Your mom does that?? That is so much work, but what beautiful results! You were wise not to get involved, if you have to do it that way and not by paw.

    Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    Koobuss Kisses,

  17. Hi Dave,
    Great work! Mum and I really love to snuggle in quilts. I hope to see your finished project soon!


  18. What a beewootiful patriotic quilt, Dave, you are super talented in your color choices, (and your mom's pretty darn good with the sewing machine, too!) Mom says if you keep posting about your quilts you'll guilt her into finally getting going on hers again. She wanted to make one for each of her grandpups, but the skinsibs keep having more, she's now up to 11 quilts owed, and she hasn't finished the first one she started 4 or 5 years ago. At this rate the grandpups will have grandpups of their own before anyone ever sees a quilt....good thing we live in Florida where it's warm most of the time.
    Bama & the RHP

  19. Oh another master piece !! You all really good with it huh, its soooooooooooo beautiful and I sure Sitka love it very much.

  20. Nice work Dave! We can't wait to see how it turns out and will be back tomorrow to check it out. What would your mum do without you help?
    Jazz and Dixie

  21. Sitka: Thank woo! We really hope ALL of you like it! Mom and I had fun making it!

    Marvin: Here's what I don't get about "pinking" shears. They aren't PINK! My mom's are metal-colored with orange handles. Where does the "pink" come from?

    Tubey: Me either!

    Mati: Mom says thank woo for the compliment! Hey, guess what?!!? We were cleaning up computer files and found a picture of ME and YOUR DAD! It's not a very good pic of me ... but we'll send it to you! Woo!
    And Am had a VERY special role to play - check out Thursday's post!

    Ruby: Thank woo! We hope they love it!

    Echo: It was a team effort for SURE!

    Tucker: "Sitka's Quit"!??! Ha woooooo! That was a good one. I made sure Amber saw it - she loves stuff like that!

    TinTin: Siberspeak is addictive! Woo!
    Mom doesn't always appreciate the way we show our creativity - can you believe that!?!?

    Maggie & Mitch: Thank woo! You're quite sweet!

    Kelsey Ann: Thank woo! My mom doesn't like the snipping stage, but likes the results. One time, she cut right through one of the seams she had sewn. I learned some new words that day. Woo.

    Guinness & Shiloh: Puppy hair adds texture, warmth, and that certain "je ne sais quoi". (Stormy taught me that last part. Woo.)

    Ivy: I am a VERY good quilt holder downer!!!

    Pippin: Thank woo! Am is a great kid sister - but she's kinda boy crazy! I think she daydreams about running chasing sheep with Hamish! Don't tell him I said that - it might be a secret!

    Girl Girl: Thank woo! We are a TEAM! Woo!

    Koobie: Yes, Mom is a quilter and I am her Guide Dog for the Color Blind. You should have SEEN some of the color choices she made before I started helping! :o

    Nugget: Snuggling is a great sport! Snuggling on a quilt is even BETTER!

    Bama: We hope we DO inspire your mom to do some quilting! She's very talented - I love that sun mosaic she did!!!

    Ben Ben: Thank woo! I hope Sitka's mom takes a picture of her when she sees it for the first time!!! AND when she sniffs our scent!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank wooo! Mom is always saying she doesn't know what she'd do without us! We're very good helpers!

    Luv and thank woo, everypuppy!

  22. That looks like a lovely quilt! I'm sure Sitka will love it lots and lots.