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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Salute - Husky Power Dogsledding!

Our Sunday Salute goes out to our friends at Mountain Maryland Kennels, LLC - the home of Husky Power Dogsledding!!! It's only fitting that since tomorrow is Labor Day here in the US that we salute some true working dogs!

Have you ever dreamed of going on a great dog sled run? Getting up close and personal with sled dogs? Watching huskies do what they were born to do? Book a visit with Mike and Linda Herdering, and they and their Siberian and Alaskan Huskies will take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Can you imagine?!!? You can have anything from an informative, fun-filled kennel visit (complete with husky kisses!) to a hands-on mushing experience!

Linda and Mike are two hard-working bipeds (like some of our favorite people, Mike is a retired Colonel!), and went through a lot of training and hard work before opening up Husky Power Dogsledding. They are both Wilderness First Aid certified, CPR certified, and expert dogsled drivers. They love to share their passion for dogsledding and dogs with others! Here's Linda, bonding with two members of the HPD team:

You can tell Linda enjoys her work, can't you?

The huskies of Husky Power Dogsledding are an incredible pack! We read all about each and every one of them on their website, and though we think each one is a star ... we have to confess that Smokey (pictured at left) stole our hearts. Look at that FACE! And the empty bowl! His bio reads, in part, that Smokey, "is about 5 years old, is the silliest pup to ever romp in a kennel. When it's dinnertime, actually anytime for that matter, he grabs his bowl and plays with it for hours." He sounds like our kind of guy! Actually ... they all sound like pups worth getting to know!!! SGT Zim really liked Gunny, especially because he thought maybe since COL Mike is a retired Marine, Gunny was actually a Gunnery Sergeant! We also fell in love with Nellie (pictured at right) - a six-year old who was rescued from a shelter in Alaska! According to her bio, "She’s one of the smallest dogs in the yard, but one of the smartest, especially when she runs." Stormy really liked that part!

Linda has a great group of pages on their website; they follow the life of three puppies who were born in April! It is so exciting to see them growing up! Though they are on the "Puppies for Sale" page, these little darlings are not available. Here they are at 19 weeks, doing a Christmas photo shoot!

We have to wonder how long the cute jingle collars and bracelets lasted? Ha roo roo roo!

The pups are gorgeous, aren't they? They've already put in some sled time. Seriously! Check this out!

COL Mike, with future sled dogs Rosie, Sabot and Zoomer

Ha roo roo roo! Is that a perfect picture? And though they're wee babes now, it won't be long before they'll join with the rest of the team to do this:

YEAH! Let's GO!

Doesn't that look like fun? A lot of hard work - but FUN!

For all you do at Husky Power Dogsledding, Linda and Mike and all the dogs, we salute you! (And our bipeds sure wish they lived closer so they could book an exciting sledding adventure!)

The Army of Four


  1. those puppies are ADORABLE. that looks like fun except for its cold and I don't really like cold :)

  2. How cool! And what pretty dogs! I think Smokey looks a lot like a Malamute! I sure wish I could pull a sled. All the fun stuff happens out east.


  3. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. Not just for the humans riding in the sled, but for the pups running in the SNOW!!


    PS. I finally fixed the video of me talking back to Mom. You can see it now.

  4. I see the link didn't completely go through. Well, it's the one that didn't work for you. It's titled "Of course I want to go."

  5. That looks like so much fun....mom tells me I would make a great wheel dog...do think I could apply there for the position??

    Kisses, Sky

  6. Joe: They're TOTALLY adorable ... and the cold looks mighty good to us!

    Holly: Smokey is VERY handsome, isn't he? We'll get snow out here soon - really!

    Steve: It looks like great fun for EVERYONE, doesn't it?
    We loved your video! I'm glad you got it working. You and Kat are so adorable!

    Sky: Wouldn't you miss everypuppy at home?

    Tail wags,