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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dave Sings the Blues

Woo, everypuppy. It's me - Dave. Mom was gone all day taking a class at the Bernina Shoppe. Without us. Taking a quilt class. Without me - her Guide Dog for the Color Blind. At least she let me pick her background fabric before she left. I was still sad. Woo.

How could she go without me? I'm Dave, GDFTCB!

I may or may not choose to let her show everypuppy what she was working on. We'll see. Maybe I'll get to help with the rest - she only made one block.

We had fun here at Ao4 HQs, watching college football and stuff with Dad. But I really should have been at the quilt class. What if she would have had to choose another fabric!?!?



  1. Oh Dave, that's just wrong! Doesn't she know humans aren't smart enough to choose the palet and patterns without our help? Chili is extremely offended. Is she trying to put husky designers out of business? We're on your side, no pictures on the 'puter unless she lets you help with the rest of it!
    Bama & the RHP

  2. Oh no Dave...she DIDN'T! What was she thinkin? She would have been at a great disadvantage without your expert advice on color choice. I'm sure she'll make it up to you though cause Moms do that.

  3. What was she thinking????? You will have to mope and give her the sad pathetic face for at least a day.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. Were Moseley and Bristol there? You should have had the chance to run zoomies around the store with them and wrestle and roll around.

    Not fair!

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Dave, I can't believe that she did not take you along with her. She really needs to reconsider taking you next time. Ha roo!!!

    Well, we are watching UGA win against Alabama right now (10 to 3). GO DAWGS! So, hopefully with 2 quarters to go, we will have another victory!

    Hugs to all of you guys. Mom got some snuggle time under her quilt today. Oh, I did get to lay on it too!


  6. Well, Dave, look on the bright side. If it turns out badly, you can tell all of us and spread the news world wide web wide that you were right!!!!! We know that she should consult you! Our mom has standing orders to check with you the next time she paints a room in the house too! They should all know better!

  7. Oh poor Davey...maybe you can go next time? Or you could withhold your fabric selection skills for a little while until she gets the hint?

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. Poor Dave! You look so darn sad in the picture there!

    Without your expert help, your Mama will be making some darn funny coloured stuff!

    Its fun to hang out with your Dad though isn't it? I miss my Dad this weekend as he is away, Jeannie is missing him too!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

  9. oh dave you shudent worry too much. my randy said he has been to a few quilt classes and they are very dog-boring. watching football wif your dad was the better place to be!

    you can always reject the fabrics your mom picked out wifout your help by barfing on them later! then she will be sorry she didnt ask you first.

    tee hee!

    luv ivy

  10. I can't believe she didn't take you with her!! You are so much better at picking colors! I hope she felt bad when she got home and saw your sad look.


  11. Bama: Thanks for backing me up! I am aghast by this whole thing!

    Echo: She DID! Can woo believe it!?!?

    Kelsey Ann: I don't think she WAS thinking! I am STILL moping!

    Tucker: Yes, I smelled them all OVER her when she got home. And I smelled toy smell on her, too, so I know she was playing with them!

    Sitka: I can't believe I didn't get to go. Moseley and Bristol got to be there!
    I'm glad you got to snuggle under your quilt.

    Guinness & Shiloh: She said she and I did all her color choosing before she went ... but I could have helped someone else! REALLY!
    Just give a holler when your mom is going to paint! Woo!

    Ruby: I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I don't think I could with-hold my opinion on a color selection, though. It's against the code for Guide Dogs for the Color Blind.

    Marvin: I do a good sad look, don't I?
    Yes! Don't tell Mom, but we had a blast hanging out with Dad! We love being with him!
    You should see some of the color choices she made before I joined the family -- YIKES!

    Ivy: You've got some great ideas there! Mom said there was lots of pinning involved - and I can't pin. It all boils down to the lack of opposable thumbs!

    Hollybollyboo: I know JUST the look to win Mom over! Woo.


  12. that is like going to the big game without your star quarterback, insane!

  13. Poor abused Dave!

  14. Joe: EXACTLY! You put it very well!

    Cubby: Oh, woo is me!