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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Golf Day!

Ha roo! Stormy here! Hope everypup is enjoying some cooler mornings - I know our cooler temps have got us mighty pumped up for our morning runs or walks! Yesterday, Dad took Am and Zim running, then Dave, Mom and I went to find them. It was great fun! Mom and Dad kept talking about getting us "tired" before golf. What? Mom doesn't golf! But Dad invited her to go with him, just to enjoy the scenery and all. Fine with me; I had some important things to take care of here at Ao4 HQs. Ammy doesn't really care for golf, having had a taste of it last year; Dave was still having a minor pout-fest from Saturday; Zim was a tad disappointed, as he thought it would be cool to tool around in a golf cart all day. Apparently, there's some "no Siberians allowed" rule ... otherwise, I'm sure they would have let him come. Mom promised to take pictures to show us, and that sounded good enough!

Here are some of the pix, complete with my explanation of what was going on.

Here's Dad, teeing off - but not getting t-ed off. Ha roo roo roo!


Nice shot, Dad!

After Dad's tee shots, they'd drive over to the ball, for Dad to make the next shot. Mom would try to help spot the ball, and would say, "Here it is!" Here's one "ball" she found:


Yeah. Well, she said the mushroom looked like a golf ball from a distance. I'm sure Dad found her very helpful.

Zim said we should post some of the flower pictures Mom took. Here's a real Kansas-y one.


Hey, Louka! We've got all kinds of cool stuff in bloom! You can see all the pix, if you'd like, on our FlickR site - we set up a special album for the golf day. We liked this big display by the main entrance to the club house; check out the cool thingies on them:


They look like something out of a Science Fiction movie, don't they? Zim has no idea what they are; nor do I. We'll ask Aunt Janet and get back to you. Here's Dad in a scenic spot:


I wonder if he got tired of posing like somepuppy else I could mention? Ha roo roo roo.

Oh! Here's a member of Dad's gallery of fans!



Maybe that's why Zim wasn't allowed to come; he'd want to sit and stare at the "gallery". There's a time-limit on play.

Dad does think about us when he plays. He says it helps him get calm and centered to think about us - and hey, check out the club head cover he has as a reminder!



Mom didn't re-align the photo; sorry. Do the "Lab Look" and tilt your head to the left. Isn't he cute? I thought he was a puppy the first time I met him!

This is Dad, making a really good putt:


Way to go, Dad!

Oh, yeah! And along this one fairway, Mom and Dad met up with these two guys:


Dad is helping go over that one guy's scorecard! Do you know who he is? One of the founders of Pizza Hut! Cool, huh? That's his house (or one of his houses) right behind them! We have no idea who the other gentleman is. Mom asked and they didn't answer; she said they were a couple of stiffs. I think she just said that to make Ammy giggle. She did. :)

That's about it. Like I said, you can check the FlickR page for more shots of the landscaping and scenery. Here's Dad approaching the last hole:


He and Mom both had a great day out there. And I got some serious nappin--- I mean work done while they were out. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Tail wags,


  1. The human at our house has some golf clubs, but she seldom goes. She does have one story that I thought you'd want to share with Ammy.

    The human was waiting on the last hole for her friend to finish and the human was tossing the ball in the air a little and catching it. A bird flew by and pooped and it landed on the ball in the air. The ball rotated as it returned to her hand and landed poop side down.

    When the human talks about that day she says that although she didn't get a birdie, one got her!!!

    (Of course humans aren't as funny as Siberians, but it's a good story!)

  2. Those gardens are nice, but I think they could use the touch of a few Siberian gardners.

  3. Storms,
    Beautiful photos of Mom and Dads morning Golf outing! Love the two stiffs pic! Wouldn't it be fun to just run all over those green grounds? Sort of like me and Dave Dave ran on the sand in Arizona like wild? HeeHee (Sadly thats never gonna happen again, I'm told) pout.
    Frankie Girl

  4. Woo! Look how green that grass is! Could you just imagine us all out there chasing those little balls around? We could help by making the holes in the grass bigger so the balls would go right in.

  5. Great pics, I would like to chase the golf ball around.
    We have those mushrooms growing in our yard we dont know what they are or why they started growing there this year.
    Your humans have great looking flowers and plants, I have killed all of my moms flowers. I think she needs holes instead.

  6. golf seems pretty boring to me so I dont think you missed much at all. In fact, I would much rather stay at home...have you seen the way those golfers dress?!

  7. Great pictures....although it looks like your camerawoman was a bit distracted during the golf game :-)

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  8. Ooooh! That's an awesome Kansas-y photo!

  9. What's wrong with your dad's hands? They are two different colors!!


  10. Harrrrrr
    Lisa the Mean has been mini golfing before and she doesnt do very well at it Harrrrr. she starts laughing and it is all over Harrrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. Woooo, those are pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Maybe I'll send you nice pictures of leaves! They get really pretty here, as a birthday present to me.

    SQUIRREL! Eat it! Catch it! Make sure that it doesn't spread squirrely evil in the world! Sorry, I like hunting squirrels...

    Thanks again!

  12. That club head cover is so cute. It reminds me of you sibes too

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Was that mushroom in the rough? I see the pine needle. Human Assistant figures he used a pitching wedge, right? :-)

  14. Looks like your humans had a good day on the course. They should have let you four get your own golf cart to follow them around! Zimmy knows how to drive if we remember right! Looks like the magic beans are doing very well. Have a great weekend you guys! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  15. Sure your mom and dad had a great time there. That mushroom really looks like a ball!
    Have a nice weekend

  16. Hi guys,
    What a great day your dad had for golf - blue skies and sun. Looks like a nice course that would be cool if we could run around on it! Golf is very popular but quite expensive here in Japan. Dad has played a few games but mum never has.
    Jazz and Dixie

  17. well, speakin from the home of Golf, those pictures were amazing!

    love and licks, and very late in replying, Marvin.xxxxxxx

  18. I kheep looking for your hu-dad -

    What kholour shirt will he be wearing this weekend? I'll sit out and khall to him!



  19. Fargo: Ha roo roo roo! That's a great story!

    Magnum: That's for sure!

    Frankie: It would be AMAZING! Think of the zoomie possibilities! And YES, like the dream Dave has of running free with you!

    Echo: Bigger holes would be very helpful to the golfers! They would thank us, don't you think?

    Sooky: I think chasing the ball then running off with it would be GREAT fun!

    Joe: Dave makes sure he coordinates Dad's outfits for him.

    Kelsey: Mom was just along for the ride, that's for sure!

    Cubby: Thank roo!

    Steve: Ha roo roo roo! Good one!

    Mav: Oooh, yeah. Once our mom starts laughing, there's no turning it off. I think that's where Ammy gets it.

    Louka: The leaves haven't started turning here yet. We'd love to see yours - they're the promise of cooler weather!

    Girl Girl: Isn't it cute?

    Tucker: The mushroom WAS in the rough; fortunately Dad's ball was not.
    Dave's favorite club is the "sandwich". I keep telling him it's a "sandWEDGE", but he won't believe me.

    Tasha & Eva: Zim is still working on driving, but I'll bet he could figure out a golf cart! It would have been great fun for the four of us to ride around in a cart!

    Lorenza: Mom really DID think it was a ball from far away! Ha roo roo roo!

    Jazz & Dixie: This was the first time Mom had been to that course. She might go to another one this week and take pix there!
    Golf is very reasonable in our area! That's one of the things Dad really likes about Kansas!

    Marvin: Thank roo! That's quite the compliment, coming from a Scotsdog! Mom said she and Dad thought about you out there!

    Khyra: Dad's not playing Saturday, due to the high winds. He's supposed to play Sunday morning but I don't know what outfit Dave is going to recommend yet! I"ll keep you posted!

    Tail wags,