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Friday, September 07, 2007

Slow Day

Woo, everypup. It's me - Dave. Is anypuppy doing anything exciting today?

We had a major storm-with-a-small-"s" come through last night. It must have been really cool because Storm-with-a-capital-"S" and Mom stayed up all night to enjoy it. The rest of us slept right through it. Woo. Storm knew Mom wouldn't want to miss something so cool!

We went for really nice walks this morning, but now not much is going on.

If there's anything I should know about, let me know ... OK?



  1. We got a little rain last night, but most of the storms were south of us.

    I'm not doing anything today either. I'm just doing my usual napping with dad. It's much cooler though, so I'm definitely more comfortable. Like you look!!


  2. Hey you'all. Nothing much happening here in the south eiter. Way too hot for outside. Me and Missy nap, play, get a cookie and nap again.
    Congratulations on your blogaversary.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  3. Dave,

    WOW! We heard on the news that you guys had a storm last night. Hope everybody is alright.

    I am awarding you guys the "I Love Your Blog" award. Check my blog for details.

    Koobuss Kisses,

  4. there is not a lot going on over here but we heard its not going to get to 100 degrees today so we are REAL excited about that!

  5. It's too hot for anythng exciting to be going on. The weather guy said it's supposed to be cooler this weekend, but Dad has to work and Mom isn't going to be home either. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am annoyed. The MaxFund shelter put puppy's description on their website. But it's goobered up. Like they want her to stay here.

    They could at least have linked to her dogster page so people could see how "cute" she is. And get her out of here sooner!

    But that's all that's going on here.

  7. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Woo Dave.. No rain here in almost a week!!! It was real hot today. However, Mom and I did go to PETSMART :) Fun times..

  8. It's hot here again and I've been told I don't get to go to the Scottish-Irish festival tomorrow...something about it being too hot for me....but the annoying one and the little biped get to go. NO FAIR!!!!

    Kisses, Sky

  9. We hardly ever get rain, at least this summer! Mom goes out with the hose and makes it rain on her gardens but that's as good as it gets out here. It was a boring summer for us but now that everyone's well we're starting up our activities again.
    Uncle Dennis had a Sibe a long time ago, that girl would just fly out the door if nobody was careful! I don't know how they ever got her to come back...a fence like you guys have would have worked I bet!


  10. Holly: "South" of you? That's us! Woooo! Stormy said the Weather Channel bipeds said we had 50-70 mph winds. No wonder all our stuff was thrown all over the place! Napping sounds like a great way to spend the day!

    MayaMarie: Did you say "COOKIE"?!?! Woo!
    We're finally out of the 100s and it's SOOOOooooo much nicer! I hope you and Missy get some cooler temps, too!

    Koobie: Stormy said it was wild - I slept right through it!
    Thank woo for the award! You are so sweet!!! We are all honored!

    Joe: Not being 100 degrees is REALLY something to look forward to!

    Kaos: It's supposed to be nice here this weekend, too. No snow -- so it's not going to be REAL nice ... but like Joe said - it won't be 100, so that's a REAL good thing!

    Tucker: She's mighty adorable. Maybe you're going to have a sister? I was a "foster" here. Ha woo woo woo!

    Sitka: That's cool that you went to PetsMart! Ours is 60 miles away, so Dad goes without us. We're supposed to get a PetCo here, so maybe we'll be able to go there. That would be cool!

    Sky: Oh, how I would love to go to the Scots-Irish Fest! I want to hear the bagpipers play! Wooooooo!

    Rudy: We haven't had much rain either; the farmers talk about something called a drought. They should go out with a hose like my mom and yours do!
    Yeah... us Sibes are fast and sneaky! We can't help it; it's what we do!