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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Magic Beans...talk

Ha roo, pups! Zim here! I thought we should talk a little bit about my Magic Beanstalks today. Amber helped me with the title of today's post ... can you tell? Ha roo roo roo!

As you may remember, Aunt Janet sent us some magic beans back in April. Mom and I planted them so the rest of the Ao4 and I could have an escape route, should we need a quick get-away from the Giant! We've posted a few p-updates, so you could follow our magic beanstalks as they grow. We've had a few challenges, with the heat, drought, BUNNIES and bugs ... but they're really coming along. Everysibe has been helping keep an eye on them, which is really nice.

I went out to do my own inspection the other day and thought I'd show you how exciting and cool the magic bean vines are getting! Here I am by the one at the base of the stairs to the lower deck.

Hey! I see little flowers! They're starting to bloom!

I checked the leaves over real well to see if there were any bugs on them, then couldn't resist tasting some of those pretty buds!

Mmmmm, tasty!

I have no idea why, but Mom started that funny "nononoZimmieno!" thing. Whose magic beanstalks does she think they are!?!? I mean ... really! Here's a shot of it from this morning, after we watered:

And here is another one of the pots:

Aren't they looking GREAT?!?! Here are a couple close-ups of the blooms:

We saw a hummingbird on them yesterday, but couldn't get a picture. It was really cool - those are some FAST birdies!

Before we know it, they'll be full of big purple BEANS! I wonder if Mom will cook some for us this year? I love beans!

That's all the magic beans....talk for today! Have a good one, everypup!

Play bows,


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! And they sure are growing fast! You are all taking such good care of them.

    I have a question for the A04. Why are you always hooked up to your leashes when you are outside? Do you ever get to just run and play out there without them? Or, are your humans afraid you will escape?


  2. oooooh wow! magic beans....and a hummingbird.my dog, you actually live in Kansas......with all these strange and wondrous things straight out from a story book!

    follow the yellow brick road I say to myself when I read your posts Zim!

    I am looking out for Dorothy and Toto each time I check out your blog xxxxxx

    love and bewildered licks
    Marvin xxxxxxx

  3. Zim, do all of you help "water" the beans?

  4. Wow, those bean flowers sure are pretty. maybe mommy should plant some of those for us next year.

  5. Those are lovely magic beans, Zim, but I don't think you eat them. They are much too pretty to eat. The plants that we eat aren't that good looking!

    Koobuss Kisses,

  6. mom said that beans make our BUTTS talk so she doesnt like to feed us any :(

    your beanstalks sure are pretty!!

  7. Those are very pretty flowers on your beanstalk, Zim!


  8. Those are some beawootiful talking beans! My mom says you must be really well behaved huskies, we dig up everything she plants before she even gets the holes completely filled in. She has flowers in front of the house, but the backyard is OURS! Can't wait to hear how your purple beans taste! Happy gardening,
    Bama & the RHP

  9. I can't wait to hear about these magic beans when they appear on the plants. The flowers are beautiful. And you didn't eat them. Mom says you are really good husky because you don't eat everything you see. Me, I know I would have gotten in trouble.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. Wow Those are nice magic beans! Perhaps they helped inspire the "Baby Dog Beans" book? They are dog beans, aren't they? Bye for now, Love Mati

  11. Oh man! I want beans!

  12. It's great you all have such green thumbs....oops...i mean paws. You should check out what my mom made for Echo's grrlfriend Shyla.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  13. Oh Zim, those are bootiful. I've never seen a purple bean before.
    Will that plant grow bigger?

    ~ Girl girl

  14. Hawoo! You still have things starting to bloom where you are? Here the air now has a nice nip to it and the leaves are starting to turn pretty colours. Marvin's right, your story of blooms in september really is like out of a story-book! I'm so hoping for snow on my birthday, but mommy says it won't happen. But it'll be nice and cold!

  15. Hi-Woo,
    Those are bewootiful flowers on your magic beans stalk. I wonder if they will grow really, really tall & that there is a giant Husky at the top, he-woo he-woo!! Just think if you found a magic kitty that laid golden . . . oops, have to be nice for GP reading!

  16. I gotta say it -- A kitty who can poop out gold poop! I once heard a human say that if people could sh-t/poop out money everyhuman would be rich!

  17. Holly: Thank roo! We grew them from seed and now they're huge! They will probably get bigger still!
    Am is addressing your question in today's post!

    Marvin: It's a wonderland here. Ha roo roo roo!

    Tucker: Not the beans ... but some of the other stuff, YEAH! Dave and I do!

    Guinness & Shiloh: It's exciting to watch them grow!

    Koobie: Once the beans come in, we might pick those and cook 'em up!

    Joe Stains: Sometimes I get to have one black bean or a smooshed "free-holie" out of the refried beans. I love those!

    Kat: Thank roo! If you were here, I would pick some and give them to you! Or at least I'd pick some ... then I'd probably eat them. Ha roo!

    Bama: Aren't they cool? We grew them from magic beans!

    Maya Marie: The beans should be here soon! I can't wait!

    Mati: I had to look that book up! Hey ... do you think it'll grow us a puppy?!?!? I've gotta tell Storm!

    Nanook & Pooka: We'll give some to the mailman and ask him to give them to you!

    Kelsey: "Green paws"! Ha roo roo roo! Good one!
    I SAW the bananananananana biscotti! They look incredible!

    Girl Girl: Hopefully they will get bigger! They were the last time we grew some, but the heat has really taken a toll on things this year! Our growing season isn't over yet, though!

    Louka: Lots of stuff is still blooming here - the beans, the Rose of Sharon (Althea), Crape Myrtle ... pretty much all the "late summer" stuff. All the little annuals are still blooming, too - our growing season may extend into November or December. You just never know around here!

    Cosi: Ha roo rooo rooooo! You crack me up! Good one!

    Play bows,

  18. Anonymous6:21 PM

    WOW Zimmie.. You have done a WONDERFUL job with your magic beans :) They are so pretty!