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Monday, September 10, 2007

In Search of ... That Bug!

Hey everypup! It's me - Zim! Remember a few weeks ago, I showed you that cool bug on the Sweet Potato Vines by the mailbox? I looked for him the other day and I couldn't find him!

Hello? Bug! Are you in there?

Hey, bug! Where are you?

I couldn't find him. I figure since he liked the Sweet Potato Vine by the mailbox, maybe he'd try another one. I remembered the potted Sweet Potato Vine on the front porch. Maybe he's in there!

Hey, bug! Are you in here?

I took a closer look, and couldn't find him in there, either. The only other Sweet Potato Vine I could think of was the one hanging out on the back deck.

I couldn't see him and the plant hangs too high for me to stick my snooter in it. No fair! How am I supposed to keep watch over it if it's up high like that? I had to satisfy myself with munching on a few mint leaves and a basil leaf instead. All-in-all, not a bad ending to a morning's work in the garden.

Play bows,


  1. Zimmie, you do such a great job checking for bugs! When is your sweet potato plant going to give you some sweet potatoes? I love sweet potatoes!!


  2. Hey Zimmie our Mom really likes that photo with your nose in the purple sweet potato plant! She says you look really cute! Maybe the bug moved away? Could be scared of bunnies or something...you never know.
    China and Madie

  3. mmmm....yummy!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. Zim....over here! Here I am!
    ECHO (aka "Bug")

  5. Oh Zim! You silly Goose! Munching on Mint and Basil? You can use the mint to make Tea and Basil to make something special for dinner, then you could be the galloping gourmet doggie! I do the same thing when Dad takes us down the block for a walk. I always check out the places where there was something interesting before. Dad says that I have a memory like a steel trap! Well, hope you find your bug soon. Maybe he went off with the bunny?

    Stay well, Love Mati

  6. Holly: I asked my mom that very same question today! It's a cruel hoax! We don't GET any sweet potatoes from these things! Can you believe it!?!?

    China & Madie: Thank roo! Do you think your mom would smooch me right on the nose? I love that sort of thing!
    Yeah ... maybe Oswald scared him off!

    Kelsey Ann: The chocolate mint tasted especially good!

    Echo: Ha roo roo roo! I should have specified bug with a small "b" not Bug with a capital "B"! How confusing!!!

    Mati: Oh, Mom and I make all kinds of yummy treats with the basil! My favorite is having it with grilled squash like Sitka recommended - or in PESTO! Mmmm!
    Ammy flushed Oswald out of his bush today and he ran right at Storm and Dave - then back toward the two of us! Then back at ... well, you get the point. He eventually made a get-away. I didn't see the bug with him, but he was moving AWFULLY fast!

    Play bows,

  7. you are a good gardener! did you ever find that bug? do you eat bugs, I do!

  8. Zimmie, you hav the cutest and most curious snooter ever. Our mom likes that word - snooter! and our mom sure would love to kiss your snooter.

    Check out our new bug friend on our blog!

    Mom loves her basil - she had salad with home grown yellow pear tomatoes & home grown basil for dinner tonight with monsterella cheese balls

  9. Hey Zim,

    Maybe the bug left town like the birds do in the fall.
    (At least that's what I was told. I haven't really seen a fall yet for myself.)

    Koobuss Kisses,

  10. Hee. I like how you poke your nose in to find Mr Bug, Zim. :)
    I hope you'll find him soon. I bet your nose smell nice after all that flower/plant sniffing

    ~ Girl girl

  11. Joe: I try my best! Sometimes Mom is fast and stops me though.

    Guinness & Shiloh: Mmmm, that tomato, basil and CHEESE ('monterella' - ha roo roo roo!) dish sounds incredible!
    Kill that bug! Kill it! Really!
    Your mom is invited to smooch my little snooter ANY time!

    Koobie: He might have! Stormy said he might have turned into a butterfly, but that sounds like a fairy tale to me!

    GG: I love sticking my snooter into all the plants! Usually I come in from a morning of helping with the garden smelling like basil. I LOVE basil!

    Play bows,