Who We Are

Friday, September 21, 2007


Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Our really cute friend Bama tagged us in a fun new game - she asked us to list all the nicknames our humans call us! This is a very nice game ... just remember - no teasing! Hee hee hee!

I'll go first! I'm called Ammy, Yams (I'm a little sweet potato!), Yamber, Yammy, Am-a-lamb, Lamb-ber, Lamikens, Lammy, Amber the Scrambler, Scrammy, My Ammy (or is that Miami?), Ram-a-lamb, Am, Ams ... and lots of other things that I can't remember but that rhyme with any of the above! My middle name is also one of my nicknames - Zichick! (It's Ukrainian for rabbit or hare, and has to do with a growth spurt involving my ears and legs!)

Me in the Zichick phase!

Next is Zim. Or Zimmie, Zim Zim, the Z-man. Drill SGT Zim or SGT Zim. The Cappuccino Kid. And sometimes Daddy calls him Zimmie from Zimbabwe. He's not from Zimbabwe, though. Not as far as we know, anyway. Monsieur Zim. And the Schmoozer or the Schmoop.

Zim, looking schmoopy

Dave is called Davy, Dave-Dave, the Deeeeve (especially when he listens to the bagpipes!), Dave Furman, the Snuggler, Mr. Snuggles, Snuggle-bunny, Pickle Nose, and David. That one is mostly used when he's in a little bit of hot water ... if you know what I mean! When he isn't in trouble, Mom and Dad usually pronounce that as "Da-veeed". Davy Darlin'. The Guide Dog for the Color Blind and ... the LabraDave!

The LabraDave in action!

Stormy is called Storm-Storm, Stormy-Storm, Storm-Cat, Storm-Kitten, the Kit-Cat, Storms, Mama Storm, the Supreme Commander of the Ao4, the Dean of the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies, and Her (Royal) Majesty. She also is called Zoluschka, her middle name; it's Ukrainian for Cinderella. Mom sometimes calls her Patuschka, which means nothing at all.

Her Royal Majesty ... Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal

That's all the ones I can think of right now. A bunch will probably come to me later; Mom and Dad call us all kinds of nicknames. It's like Davy likes to say, "Call me whatever you'd like, just don't call me late for dinner!" Hee hee hee!

We're going to tag Marvin, Sitka and Tia, and the Tube Wolf!



  1. We like schmoopy. That says it all. Feelin a bit scmoopy ourselves today.

  2. Heehee we love your nicknames! We have tons and tons of nicknames too. In fact I think our Mom and Papa think it's a game to create new nicknames! Parents are so silly!
    China & Madie
    "the puttzes"

  3. Mommy says that I hear my nicknames more than I hear my actual name. At the dogrun, most people think my name is Lulu, because that's how she calls me!

  4. Oh! When I saw the title "Nicknames!" I thought they would be, like, Nicholas, Nikki, Nicker-Nack....

    I guess not, huh? ;-)

  5. Those are some funny nicknames!!! I don't know you pawrents come up with nicknames tho'...what is wrong with your REAL name.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. oh thanks for the tag guys! I will get on to it tomorrow!

    and Amber.....I have a special Marvin name for you, after reading your nickname post......


    Ram A Lamb an Amber......take a look at the vid on You Tube, it is from me to you!

  7. Guinness & Shiloh: Are roo guys missing Misty?? :(

    China & Madie: "The Puttzes"!?!? That's CUTE!

    Louka: I think we hear our nicknames more often, too!

    Tucker: Hee hee hee! What about "Nick-Knack Patty-Whack GIVE THE DOG A BONE"!?! :)

    Ruby: Mom and Dad are silly! But we like our nicknames!

    Marvin: Hee hee hee! I love that! Now Mom won't stop singing "Ram a lamb a lamb a lamb a ding-dong!" :) That's fun - thank rooooo, Marvin!


  8. I agree with G&S schmoopy is a very good word....we have lots of good PA Dutch words that no one other than people from around here know what we are talking about....but I can relate to the schmoopy pose.

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  9. We LOVE all your nicknames, specially Zichick, we've all been through that stage (I'm still in it!) Mom likes Schmoop, too. She says she feels better that they aren't the only ones with a gazillion nicknames for their furballs.
    If mom calls him Cracker he sometimes pays attention, but he never ignores her if she calls him "woo-woo", his ears perk right up. He's pouting right now cause she's not here, but he got to talk to her on the phone earlier so he's feeling a little better.
    Bama & the RHP

  10. Kelsey Ann: I think our mom has some PA Dutch words in her vocabulary, too. Do you guys say "schnitzers" for the little scraps of paper that fall when you use scissors? And "schputzies" for little sparrows? I can't think of the other ones!

    Bama: We forgot a bunch of our nicknames, I just know it!
    Mom always says she should have called Dave "Cookie", so he'd actually come when he's called. Hee hee hee!
    Zichick is a GREAT nickname! :) And a fun stage to be in! Thanks for tagging us!


  11. Awww, what cute pics! I had long legs and long ears when I as a baby too, so "hare" is a good nickname!

  12. Great nicknames! I especially like that Stormy has feline related nicknames. Kinda like me!


  13. Indy: I'll bet you were an aDORable little Zichick! :)

    Kat: We were afraid somepuppy might rank on Stormy for her feline-oriented nicknames -- but we knew YOU would understand!!