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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Big Day is Here!

That's right, pups! Ha roo, it's me - Stormy! Today is the big Hike N Howl! We hope all of our friends in the Eastern PA/Maryland area are having a BLAST at the big event! It looks like a perfect weather day there for having lots of FUN!

It's a big day here, too. Can you guess what it is? My (honorary) birthday! That's right! Based on how old I looked when I adopted Mom and Dad, they chose the 1st of September as the day we celebrate my birth! I'm 12 today!!!

Mom took me outside - just me! - to take some pictures. She asked me to sit and pose by the front door, and I just wasn't in to it. "Stormy! Please look at the camera!" she pleaded.

Oh, I sat. But I was having none of the "look at the camera" nonsense.


She got the message and we went to do some exploring, which is tons more fun. I checked Amber's favorite bush for Oswald, so I could tell her if he was out there. He wasn't. He likes to hide in the honeysuckle, too, so I led Mom over there so I could check it out.

Hmm... sniff, sniff. Oswald, are you in there?

I didn't find him in there, either. He must have been off having breakfast at the neighbors' house. I did strike a pose on the steps, just because I felt like it.

Pretty nice, don't you think?

We're having lots of Siber-fun today, with nice walks, visits with the neighbors, yogurt (it was Mango-Pomegranate, Auntie Laura, and no chunks!), and all kinds of singing (the boys and Amber sang me the Birthday Song!), playing, and FUN! Anypuppy want to come to my party!?!?

Anyroo, I hope our friends in the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, and the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue are having a wonderful time at the Hike N Howl! We hope the event is a smashing success and that everyone fully enjoys the day. We can't wait to hear all about it!

Tail wags,


  1. Good luck to all of the Hikers as they raise funds for your breed!

    You have been busy blogging! We haven't been able to come by for about two weeks and we had to take forever to get caught up with your lives.

    Sorry we haven't been around to leave comments. Mom hasn't been very helpful lately. And today she is leaving to go to a football game. Who would pick football over us??

  2. Happy Birthday to you Storm! We hope you get to enjoy your day and have lots of fun. Oh, and be sure to get lots of hugs and kisses from your family.

    Husky Hugs and Kisses from
    MayaMarie and Missy

  3. Happy birthday, Stormy! Wow, 12! That officially makes you a wise siberian. Not that you were't before. I send you lots of play-bows and woos from Canada in celebration.


  4. What a sunny Stormy day! Happy Birthday! I will tell you all about the Hike N Howl as soon as I recover!

  5. Happy Adoption Day! And many more! We had a pawsome time today!!!!! I could not believe how many siberians were there.....I think we outnumbered the bipeds...you have to come for it next year!!!!!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  6. Hee:


    Classic. Best husky caption ever.

    Hike and Howl was wonderful. A bazillion Sibes were there. My idea of heaven.

    P.S.: Happy birthday Stormy!

  7. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my buddy Storm! It sure was an extra special day! Mom and Dad came home to report that the Hike was a huge success and everyone had SO much fun. She promises to put a photo album together for the Blog tomorrow. She says she's exhausted right now and needs a good night's sleep.

  8. Hey AO4,
    Dude i hope that you
    have sibertastic day
    and yeah i would
    love to come over and
    pawrty with you.
    I also hope Hike N Howl
    is a has a BIG turn out.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  9. Oh my, Stormy.

    You look so handsome in all of your poses.

    Happy Birthday to you, Stormy. I hope you had a great day and got lots of presents and treats!

    Koobuss Kisses,

  10. Very handsome! Happy birthday!

  11. Hey Stormy!

    Happy adoption day!

    the weather there sure is very nice..

    did you get to find oswald?

    We would love to be there on your pawty!


  12. Happy Barkday to you Stormy! I hope you had a wonderful day!

    And good luck to all the Hikers too!

    I love that photo of you "not looking at the camera"!! ;0)

    love and birthday licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  13. hey hey stormy! happy birfday to woo! it sounds like you had a good one. if only you got frosty paws for desert it wud haf been perfect in my book.

    speaking of my book... i am making a photo story book of dog poetry on shutterfly to put on my coffee table and i wanted to ask dave if i cud use some of his haik-woos and if he had any bigger-sized copies of them.

    luv ivy

  14. Hey Storm,
    We hope you have a great Birthday. Since your Birthday was on the wekend, It should last the whole Holiday weekend! Lot's of Play bows & Kisses from Veronica & The Husky Hill Gang.

  15. Just stopping in to say hi, we've been off blog for a while and are checking in with everybody. Looks like the AO4 has been busy as usual.

  16. Lookin' good, Stormy! Keep at it!

  17. Happy Birthday Stormy!!!! It sure looks like you had a wonderful day!


  18. Roxie & boys: Great to hear from you! We totally understand about being busy - you pups have a LOT going on right now!
    Choosing football over pups? Hmm... don't quite get that!

    Maya Marie and Missy: Thank roo! It was a fantastic day!

    Louka: Thank roo! Yep - 12! Mom says I've always been wise beyond my years. It's part of being a Road Scholar. :)

    Magnum: Thank roo! And we can't WAIT to hear all about the Hike and see everypuppy's pictures!

    Kelsey Ann: Thank roo! Wow, more pups than people? That sounds GREAT! I'm so glad you had fun - you look GORGEOUS in the pictures I've seen so far!

    Sapphireblue: It's so nice to be appreciated. :)
    A bazillion Sibes?!!? Sounds like HEAVEN, indeed!

    Echo: Thanks, buddy!!! :) Your mom deserves lots of nose licks for all the hard work she did at the Hike! ALL the bipeds from the rescue groups do!

    Texas: Thank roo! And it WAS a "sibertastic" day! :) I like that word! Sounds like the Hike N Howl was a HUGE success!!!

    Koobie: Thank roo - it was such a fun day! Walkies, special cookies, snuggle time ... really great!

    Cubby: Thanks, Cubby!!!

    Toffee: Thanks, little friend! I couldn't find Oswald, but Amber did later on. She is REALLY good at finding him!

    Marvin: Thank roo - I wish everypuppy could have been here! Or better still - that we ALL could have been at the Hike N Howl together!
    It's a great pose, isn't it? I don't know why Mom had such a problem with it!

    Ivy: Thank roo - it was a great day!
    Dave is flattered that you'd like to use his Haik-woo! Drop us an email at kzk(the "at" symbol)cox dot net!

    Veronica: Many thanks to you and the Husky Hill Gang! We ARE going to celebrate all weekend - great idea! :)

    Guinness, Shiloh & Misty: Thank roo!!!

    D'Azul Sibes: Great to hear from you! Everyone's had such a busy summer!

    Tucker: Thank roo! It's important not to give the bipeds EXACTLY what they want. The pose I did is way better than the "sit by the door and look at the camera" shot Mom wanted!

    Holly: Thank roo! I thoroughly enjoyed my day! :)

    Tail wags to everypuppy!

  19. Happy birthday Stormy!!! You go girlie!!!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  20. Happy birthday to you, Storm!

  21. Ruby & Tierre! Thank roo so much!!!
    Tail wags,

  22. Sounds like you had a gret birthday Stormy! Happy Birthday!