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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We've Got Beans!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Zim! I thought it was time for a Magic Bean Update! It's been a really hot, dry Summer, so that - combined with a late hard freeze back around Easter - has really taken a toll on all of our plants. Not to mention the bunnies and the bugs ... though I guess I just mentioned them! Mom said she's just happy most of our stuff is alive!

I went out through the screened-in deck and noticed something funny. Hey! What's this?

I don't remember having a rose bush here! And what are these little guys!!?!?

Mom said Aunt Janet sent us the rose bush and some butterfly weeds! Cool! Thanks, Aunt Janet! On to check out my beanstalks!

I wanted to be sure we were watering it well enough, so I stuck my snooter in there to investigate.

Oh, yeah. Nice and moist. And HEY! What's THIS!?!?!


How exciting! We've got purple beans! This is so exciting! Our beanstalks didn't get real lush and plush and huge like they did the first time we grew them, but we had all those challenges I told you about before. Now that we have beans, Aunt Janet said we can leave them on the vine until they dry out, then save them to plant next year! How COOL! She's a Master Gardener, so she knows these things.

Here's what the line up of Magic Beanstalks looks like now:

Pretty cool, huh? See the ornamental grass in the sort of upper right hand side of the picture? That's one of the Purple Fountain Grasses that was on the lower deck. Stormy told you about those a while ago. Mom removed a special kind of Euonymus Pauli bush, called a Dead Euonymus Pauli. It gets too wet there, so Mom pulled out the special plant, dug in a deep saucer, then set the potted Purple Fountain Grass on it. It's stable, and is elevated enough that the water problem there won't effect it like it did the Dead Euonymus Pauli. I'm pretty sure Stormy told her to do that!

Here's a shot of the Magic Beanstalks, the fountain grass (can you tell the wind was kicking up?), and hey - right smack in the middle! See where that white tag is? That's the rose bush! The two plants to the left of the grass are Euonymus Pauli that are actually alive.

We really don't think the Magic Beanstalks will get much bigger, but we're really happy to have seeds for next year!

Here's where we put the Butterfly Weed plants in.

They're just beyond the Becky Daisies and (in this shot) in front of the Blue Fescue and the Dead Blue Fescue Grasses. They'll add a great splash of color down there, according to Dave!

That's my garden P-update for today! Isn't it exciting about the BEANS?!?!?!?

Play bows, all!


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Woo Zim! Those purple beans look yummy!!! How much longer before you can taste them??? Wow, that rose plant is pretty! You are such a good helper to your mom in the garden!

  2. That rose plant is be-wootiful! I'm so glad you finally have beans! But why aren't you going to eat them instead of letting them dry up just to plant more? Or, are you going to become a bean farmer?


  3. Yeay Zimmie! You got the beans! And wow a nice rose, now you can cut roses for your Mom...wouldn't she just love that?
    China & Madie

  4. Woo Zim,
    Wow your garden looks soo
    pawsome and you have purple
    beans that is soooo cool.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  5. Hey Zim, your roses are pretty! You are a very busy gardner dog. So many things to take care of do. What will you plant for the winter?
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  6. I cant believe you didn't eat the beans yet, I would have dove right in!

  7. OOOO, Zimmie, be careful of that rose bush.....I cut my eye on one of those about 2 weeks after mom and dad adopted me. It hurt, but mom fixed me up really well. You can't even see the scare. So just be warned.

    Kisses, Sky
    BTW, my mom loves roses.....she has lots of roses named after presidents. I'll have to do a post on that sometime!

  8. Hi Zim,
    My mom plants ol' regular green beans and this year Josie and I go through and eat any beans we can get to! Yummy! She's got one of those purple fountain grasses out by our mailbox. She loves them but is trying to figure out how to keep one over the winter. We don't care as long as she keeps planting those yummy beans!


  9. It is so exciting that you have beans! We have been waiting!

  10. I still can't believe you still have things growing. Although it's getting hot here again, for some odd (and not appreciated) reason, all the leaves are turning bewooooooootiful colours and the plants are starting to go to sleep. They'll be getting frost where my #1 harem member lives, soon, just an hour north of town. I hope we get frost for my birthday... It's amazing to see that your growing season is continuing!

  11. The rose bush looks bootiful and purple beans? I never see that before. hee Are you eat them?

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Purple beans! How cool. Mom's gonna have to plant some in our garden next year. Our garden on;y did so-so this year. Not much fruit on them tomatoes but the butternut squash went crazy. only about 2 green peppers and one and only 1 japanese eggplant. We think the bee shortage did it, but who knows. Keep that green snooter in shape! hee hee!

  13. Sitka: Aren't they COOL!!??! Mom is double-checking to make sure they aren't poisonous, then she'll let me try them!

    Holly: It was nice of Aunt Janet to send it! Mom's never grown roses!
    I just want the beanstalks as an escape route in case the Giant comes after us ... but we may be able to taste the beans!

    China & Madie: I've tried getting roses (for Mom ... yeah, that's it .. for Mom) from some rose bushes in the neighborhood, and she doesn't seem to appreciate my efforts. Can you explain that? I can't!

    Butchy & Snickers! Hey guys! Our butterfly weeds are orange flowering ones, too! Dave said they'll look pretty with the daisies!
    Oh, yeah. The purple fountain grasses are an annual here, too. Mom has planted them a few years - she just loves them and said it's worth replanting them to her. She has all kinds of perrennial ones, but loves the color and height of these guys!
    Mom is thinking about putting purple coneflowers in where some of the little dead blue fescue grasses are. Do they like constant sun and wind?

    Texas: Thank roo! I've been supervising Mom real hard all season. The bunnies and the heat have been real challenging!

    Maya Marie: I'm not sure we can grow ANYthing here in the winter. Unless maybe Amber has some SNOW SEEDS or something. Ha roo roo roo! Some of the grasses get really pretty plumage that looks cool in winter - we'll be sure to show you!

    Joe Stains: I was on-lead for some reason. Go figure.

    Sky: Oh, ouchie! Sorry to hear about your eye! Mom is always telling me to be careful where I put my snooter, but it's so HARD not to check everything out! I'll try to be more careful now that you've warned me!
    We'd love to see all your roses!!!

    Rudy: Hey, hey! Great to see you!
    Oh, green beans! I love green beans! I want Mom to grow veggies! She said maybe a few things next summer. I hope she doesn't forget!
    Like I told Butchy & Snickers, those purple fountain grasses are annuals here, too! They should make some that last longer!!!

    Cubby: We didn't get many this year, but at least we have enough so we can re-plant next year!

    Louka: Yeah, we still have days in the 90s here - but mornings in the 50s! Ah, that cool feels SO good! Hey - when is your birthday?!!?

    GG: I think they're purple because they come from MAGIC beans! Once mom makes sure they won't make me sick, she'll let me try one. I can't wait!

    Guinness & Shiloh: If you'd like some of our magic beans, let us know! Once they're dried, we can mail you some! That's what Aunt Janet did for us!
    The heat took a toll on everything here (and Oswald & company). Our next-door neighbor has a big veggie garden (with a bunny fence around it!) and he shared some tomatoes and peppers with us! Mom gave them some herbs. We thought it was REALLY nice of the neighbor - Mom & Dad said they are the BEST tomatoes they've had this year. I didn't get to try any - can you believe that? Hrumph!

    Play bows,

  14. Oh Zim! Congratulations on your beans! That is exciting! They're very colorful...in honor of Dave of course. You're so clever. Does this mean you're a farmer??

  15. Zim - I think my poetry writing block has just been cured by your bean post.


    "Beans, Beans, wonderful beans,

    Zim has so many he counts 'em in his dreams.

    Beans, Beans, purple, white and green,

    The AO4 grow the best beans I've ever seen.

    Beans, Beans, such wonderful beans,

    All shapes, & sizes, a groovy bean scene.

    Fat ones and not so lush ones but all so supreme,

    Zim is not only a Pirate but truly The Master of Beans."

    My first work of so called poetry for ages, your beans sure spurred me on!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

    ps thank you for the word "beans".....it is soooooooo easy to make rhymes with it! LOL! Marv xxxxxxx ;0)

  16. Echo: Hmm... a farmer? I don't think so. Unless that means I can have some cows or sheeps or something.

    Marvin: Wowzers, what a great poem! Thank roo for honoring us and our BEANS!

    Play bows,