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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Salute - Ivy!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to the cutest, most clever, most talented Keeshond in all of Blogdom - our friend Ivy! Like us, many of you are readers and fans of Ivy's blog! She always has interesting adventures to share with us, where she's been out geocaching with her people, exploring the culinary world, and discovering many, many other incredible things!

Here she is on a recent trip, seeing the water for the first time:

The brave discoverer - Ivy!

She's fearless! She also knows someone who knows someone who knows Super Ivy - remember that, if you're in danger!

She works hard keeping her people and the all of the world safe - especially from the evil squirrels! She developed a game so we can all hone our skills, too! She comes up with some GREAT games - she has incredibly cool computer skills! Sure, she gives credit to her Randy, but I think we all know better!

Ivy is a very gifted poet. One of our very favorites is "Why Oh Why Do I Haf to Get Dry?" It's very profound. Action-filled, too! Please check it out at that link, if you haven't read it!

Ivy has been very busy lately helping her Lindsay and her Randy get ready for the day when BP gets there. Have you entered a guess as to when he'll be born? It's so exciting! I wonder when Ivy will get to meet her biped puppy? (Hey ... maybe THAT'S really what "BP" stands for! Biped Puppy! Ha roo roo roo!)

It was during one of Ivy's posts about helping get BP's room ready that we saw one of the best pictures of Ivy ever! Dave was moved to write a Haik-woo, just for her! We hope you like it, Ivy!

Haik-woo #39

For all you do, Ivy - we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Yeay Ivy!!!!!
    China & Madie

  2. oh We Just Love Ivy too! And her blog! Her poems are so good too, especially the one you have featured today!

    Lovely photos of Ivy too!

    lotsaluv and licks, from your friend Marvin xxxxx

    ps I love Dave's Haik-woo for Ivy. I have unfortunately been suffering from Poetry Writing Block these past few months, I must make more of an effort to rhyme very soon....;0)

  3. We visit Ivy now and again! Her blog is loads of fun and is always good for two or three smiles!

    Love ya lots,

  4. I've never met Ivy...I need to go meet her...she sounds so cool!!!

    Great salute and Haikwu!!!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  5. Ivy is the sweetest, prettiest, bravest dog in the world.

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Wow what a great Salute! Ivy is soooo cool! Loving that haik-woo. Perfect!!! Kudos IVY!

  7. Maverick wants to ask if Ivy saw any pirates on her trip to the water.

  8. Pretty doggie - thanks for introducing her!

  9. whoa! thank you so much to my favoritest army ever! you all are so cool too. i hope you win the blog of the month! i voted for you!

    luv ivy

  10. Great salute! We like to visit Ivy's blog too!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. Totally Ivy!
    Totally Cute!

    We Salute you Miss Ivy,
    What a cute Keeshond Puppers

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

  12. Way to go Ivy!! She is such a cutie!

    Nice Haik-woo Davy! A very well deserved one, for a great salute to a great gal!


  13. Ah..what a wonderful salute! I'll have to check out her blog!
    Love & Licks,

  14. Ivy sure is a cutie - we like her blog and totally agree that squirrellls are evil too.

  15. thanks for introducing us to your fren, ivy

  16. What a great girl Ivy is! Wooo!


  17. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for introducing us to another cool blogging pup. We liked the Haikwoo too, Dave. I hope you are not still blue about missing out on the quilting class!
    Jazz and Dixie

  18. We LOVE Ivy! And we love her blog too! She always has such great stories to tell and does such interesting things. This was a great Sunday Salute!

  19. Squirrels ARE evil. Mommy always says so. We love Keeshonds, mommy even has a cousin who is one. Great Haik-woo, by the way!

  20. Ivy is the best!! And I'm not just saying that because she's my cousin...

  21. Hey everypup! Thanks for the great words of support for our Salute to Ivy! She is one GREAT pup and writes a wonderful blog! Dave says "thank woo" for the kind words on his latest Haik-woo, too!
    A well-deserved Salute, Ivy!
    Tail wags,
    PS: Jazz & Dixie: Dave's pout is about over. Mom wanted his help choosing another fab to go with what she did in class.