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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Don't Remember Borrowing Anything...

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me, Zim! I was scrolling through the camera and found this picture of Storm from the other day:


Ha roo roo roo! Not only did she have to get a bath, but she actually cooperated for a photo after all! Ha roo roo roo!

Oh, so did the LabraDave, of course:


Then Mom asked me and Ammy if we'd come out front for a couple pictures. Sounded good to me. Pictures are harmless.

Me - Zim!

Then Mom started talking about Stormy and Dave's baths and once our rainy spell is over and something about us redheads. She used one of those silly biped phrase with the words "living on borrowed time". Couldn't have had anything to do with Ammy and me; I don't remember borrowing anything!

Oh, Zimmie... this could be bad. This could be VERY bad!

Maybe Amber borrowed it. As that famous actor Scooby Doo once said, "R'uh-r'oh!"

Play bows,


  1. Maybe it is burrow time?

    Or should woo borrow some thyme??

    Maybe Ammy's Handsome BRICE will khome 'springer' -

    OH WAIT, he's a BT!



  2. uh oh, Zimmie. methinks a bath is in your furture! better scope out a spot to get all dirty again afterwards. that'll teach em.

  3. All this talk about baths has given Momma bad ideas. She thinking that maybe we need one too.

    Princess Eva

    P.S. Brice thinks that Ammy is perfect and doesn't think that Ammy needs a bath. ...unless she wants one.

  4. Ruh-Roh is right!!!! Maybe she'll forget about it. My mom foregets stuff a lot, hopefully your mom's brain is the same way!

  5. Woo can borrow some thyme from us any thyme you like - we have about 3 different kinds of thyme. Would woo like some wooly thyme? That sounds like the kind of thyme huskies would like.

    Stormy musta been deep in thought to allow a full frontal foto like that!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  6. hey guys! just found your blog - do you mind if I link mine to yours?

  7. Enough already with the evil word 'baht'. We will tell our mom to cool it with the costumes if your mom will stop the baths. Too many bad ideas crossing the blogs here.

    Has it really stopped raining there? TD wants to go OUT and stay OUT, but SHE won't let him. Still raining hard here. Mom says she has already had her regular shower, then got soaked bringing the baby bipeds to school, and now is going to get soaked again at pickup.

    We say it serves her right if she has any thoughts of the "b" word for us.

    Woos and wags, the OP Pack

  8. maybe you can just give something back, ANYTHING. the humans are slow, they might not remember that you never borrowed it in the first place.

  9. There's that "B" word again!! Our Mom has been muttering that evil word. Dad's on our side and keeps trying to hold her off.

  10. Distraction is the key.. just create havoc at the weekend and all thoughts of the evil B word will fade away..

    I don't need to tell you how to create havoc.. you are sibes!!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxx

  11. Yes, a bath is in your near future!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Oh, dear. That doesn't sound like good news at all. Since someone borrowed something, do you think you could offer to just buy a new one?

  13. I think your human's multiple personalities are in conflict. The post started out from Zim, but ended signed by Dave. Or, are you trying to confuse your human by keeping her guessing as to who is saying those things about the baths?


  14. Oh dear.. I heard sometimes you have to pay interest for borrowing too..

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Holly, Umm... I ... err... can you tell it's been an exhausting week? Post corrected now! :)
    Mom of the Ao4

  16. Do not let your mom talk to my mom. I don't want her to get any ideas.


  17. uh, I think you have a bath in your future. Humans do not talk very plainly, but I have heard this one before....you can give them "back" anything you can think of, but, sadly, I am afraid it will not help...watch out for the bath

  18. WOO WOO

    NOT LABRA!!! What a terrible thought! We are not anything like those silly dogs!!!

    Thor and Marco Polo