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Thursday, October 02, 2008

You Can Help - With Just a Click!

Tail wags, readers. It's me today - Stormy. Supreme Commander of the Ao4. I'm here with an important, yet easy mission for you! It's a quick, fun, painless way you can help a wonderful Siberian Husky rescue group - MaPaw! They're trying to win $25,000 from the Animal Rescue Site to help Sibes in need and we can help! I'll explain what you can do while Ammy keeps an eye on my brothers.

According to an email I intercepted from MaPaw, here is all you have to do - CLICK HERE! Once there, scroll down a bit. Under Search and Vote for a Shelter, please enter MaPaw for the name, USA for country, and PA as the state. Then click and cast your vote! (You may be asked to confirm your vote after that.)

That's it - just click! You can vote once a day, every day, from now until December 14th. (It will even save your info to make it easier for you to vote the next day!) Won't you please help us make a difference for Sibes in need? Think of how many animals we can help for $25,000!

If you feel so inclined, please add the button and link above to your bl0g and encourage people to vote for MaPaw!

You may be wondering just how Ammy was able to keep the boys occupied while I typed up this post. For a peek at what was going on in the living room and into the upstairs; please click here. (Sorry; Blogger won't upload the vid and we cannot get Photobucket vids to embed.)

What can I say? It was chilly outside when we went on our morning exercise and we're just a wee bit pumped up. Ha roo roo roo!

Thanks for helping us help MaPaw!
Tail wags,


  1. YEP!

    Boys will be boys BUT

    We KNOW GIRLS will be GIRLS too!!

    Off to khlikhkie -


  2. We voted and will do so daily and Mum will add the button to my blog and ask people to vote daily too.

    Well.. she will when she reforms into something resembling a human .. she is currently a puddle on the floor.. she melted after seeing you peeking through the stairs on your video.. hehehe

    we are just on our way over to your Moms blog as instructed to see what is going on.. that should revive her.. being a bag addict and all!!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  3. Hi-Woo Storms,

    We voted fur Mapaw, of course, cuz Mapaw took real good care of me when I wuz lost in Philadelphia & helped me to adopt my mommy & daddy. Juneau & I have been doin zoomies all around the house. We feel good cuz it is cool out & not hot-hot of summer!

    Til next time,

    da Cos

  4. Hi, friends!
    I voted too!
    Sure is nice to have a good run around the house!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Oh, that cool Kansas air has the boys here doing zoomies too. They can't stay put inside for more than five minutes.

    We clicked and voted and we will add that button so we don't forget each day. Thanks for helping make it easy.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Way to look totally innocent Dave! It was a great pose of "Who, me?"

  7. I'm all over it!!! I'll be pawing it daily!!!


  8. A-rooooo! I gotta come visit- just think of how much fun we could have doing zoomies together - woo know how much I love doing zoomies!

    We will gladly click furr MaPaw every day - thanks for the heads up. Ammy, woo have your paws full with those two, don't woo?