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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Salute - Nikki!

Today, we salute our very dear friend Nikki of Northern Cyprus! We've shared lots of Nikki's adventures with you before and thought it was time for a p-update. We heard from Nikki this past week and received some great pictures she said we could share. But we warn you ... these first ones are not for the faint of heart! You see ... Nikki suffered the very same injustice some of us did and there are pictures of the horror! That's right! Shield your eyes if you're like Amber; Nikki ... got a bath!

Woo is me!

They tortured her right out in the open. I'm surprised no one reported her parents. Look at this abuse:

Can I go now?

Oh, sure, she has a view of the Mediterranean Sea from her balcony - but does that really make it any more bearable?!?

Isn't it over yet?

Well, OK. Maybe that would make it would. But not by much!

A little more to the left, Dad...

And of course, even after putting up with the bath, she still does the family proud by guarding the house and gardens.

A Sibe's work is never done

Down on the right-hand side of the picture, you can see some olive trees in Nikki's courtyard! Nikki's dad and some neighbors picked and "brined" the olives last week. Our mom was practically drooling when Nikki's mom told her about the olives and oils and spices and dipping crusty bread in everything and WAIT! INTRUDERS!!! Nikki, look out!!!!!!!

Nothing gets past Nikki! Nothing!

Way to protect your family, Nikki! And we truly sympathize with that whole bath/torture thing. At least Dave and I (Stormy) do. Which reminds me ... isn't it time for some red fluff to start flying!?!?

We salute you, Nikki!

The Army of Four


  1. BEARS?

    Did someone mention bears?

    Furry nice salute to Nikki!

    My mom is drooling too thinking of olives in brine with bread oh my!!


  2. Nikki sounds awesome! And her home isn't too shabby either. Excellent salute...


  3. Well those are 2 things we will NEVER see on our patio, SHEEP and the SEA! lol!

  4. Poor Nikki, but we must admit she does look pretty special after the fact. And what an awesome place to have to endure the bath. Beautiful surroundings.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. ....olives and oils and spices and crusty dipping bread........
    Oh yeah, I'd put up with a bath for that!


    Well, it's not the Mediterranean, but we can see the Narragansett Bay from our back windows! No sheep, though....


  6. Nikki looks like a pawsome doggie and what a nice house she have

    ~ Girl girl

  7. Sheep! I need sheep! Sadly, I'm so deprived.

    No sheep and no view. Nikki is so lucky.

    Princess Eva

  8. Poor Nikki! on the other hand though.. look at her pad!! WOW!! does she want a husband?

    oohh my eldest bean is olive mad.. lots of drooling going on here at the mention of olives, oils, spices, crusty bread MMmmmmm

    Ben xxxxx

  9. It is very beautiful where Nikki lives. We have never been there, but Mom has when they were stationed in Greece. Mom says that is one of her favorite places.