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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photos After the Bath

Woo, everypup. It's me. Dave. As Stormy mentioned, both she and I got to have baths last week. I'm a good bath-taker. I love getting all soaped up and massaged and fluffed and all the extra time with my mom. Woo. I even got to go hang out on the deck with Dad and the redheads while Stormy took her turn. She must get a different kind of bath than I get, 'cuz she looked mighty miffed when she joined us on the deck.

Anywoo, we also got a special walk with Mom, then she wanted to take pictures of us in the front yard. Sounded like a good idea to me.

How's this, Mom?

But then Storm told me she was about to revoke my Siberian Husky ID card for being too cooperative for my bath, so when Mom asked us to pose together, I decided to be more Sibe-like. We did sit together, but then Storm told me to look away.

Dave! Don't do it! Look away!
OK, Storm. Umm, hey, what's that in the garden?

Then Mom went around behind us, so we looked at where she had been.

Then Mom moved again and almost got us looking at the camera!

It was a close call. Storm said we'd put in a full day's Sibe-work and could go. I guess Mom wasn't listening and she tried to get one more picture.

Let's go, Dave. Our work here is done.
Gotcha, Storms. I'm outta here.

Sorry, Mom. Just trying to maintain my Siberian identity. Woo.



  1. But DAVE -

    Word on the street is woo are Lab in a now furry khlean Sibe suit!


  2. Ok Dave.. me and you need to have words..

    you have already bewitched Mum with your beautiful blue eyes and (apparently) adorable Woo's but now you go and spill the beans that you co-operate at bath times!!!

    OMDog!! in her eyes you are now perfection personified.. (Incidently she is still crying about sending cuddly Dave the Sibe Stuffy to Khyra!! .. we have loads of cuddly Rottie Stuffys.. does she comfort herself with one of those?? NO!)

    sheesh.. I can see the newspaper ad now..

    "Wanted Wooing Blue Eyed Sibe who likes bubble baths.. will trade for gruff Rottie who co-operates NEVER!.. and can't Woo"

    Still.. I think you redeemed yourself with the photo shoot! awesome job of aloofness!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  3. Haroo Dave (don't let Stormy read this pllleeeaaassseeee!!!)

    I quite like bath time too, woo and me have quite a bit in common cause I wuv my Mom lots too and like to woo lots. Stormy told me off when she found out I was well behaved at bath time, she said I sounded just like woo.....I don't see anything wrong with that - do woo Dave?

    Woo Woos

  4. w00f's A04, heehee dat wuz funny watt ben said...anyways dont u mama no she will never git ahead of u all...pawsome picksur taking techneques...

    b safe,

  5. Way to go LabraDave - our faith is in you!

  6. Hi, Dave!
    Stormmy did a good job reminding you about your Sibe-Status!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. We totally agree with what Ben said - no baths here. Actually we don't think Mom would even try - she has enough trouble trying to give the three baby grandbipeds baths.

    Great job on the pics.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. I've figured it out. Dave just wants to look good for the girls.


  9. Ha roo roo. You are soooo good. I'm learning from the best.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  10. You guys look great after you bath! Nebo is good about his baths, I make sure I'm as obnoxious as possible with my "bathtime song." Never stops the bath, but its worth a try. We have the "never look at the camera" thing down pretty well too.

  11. Well Dave, good thing you made up for that "liking-baths" nonsense with some good eye evasion tactics, or we'd have to wonder if woo were really a sibe.


    (Don't mind her, I know your a sibe & I kinda almost like baths too ~Jack a-roo)

  12. You 2 look pawsome after the bath. Hee good work on not cooperating with the photos

    ~ Girl girl

  13. WOO!

    You guys look so clean and fluffy, and that grass looks sooo green! Im bettin that the ground is really soft and wet, and you know what that means dont you.....clean fur....wet ground....YEAH BABY, IT"S TIME FOR A GOOD OL FASHIONED HOLE DIGGIN!

    Luv C$

  14. Woof

    We cooperate a little bit. And just when Mom thinks that it's under control, it's out of the tub and heading for the doggie door, leaving a trail of soap suds. Try that one.

    Desert Pups

  15. Yikes! That really could ruin a Siberian's reputation. Your recovery was brilliant.


  16. I bet you gave your mom a cute look after Stormy was back inside!


  17. WOO WOO

    You guys are doing a great job being perfect good Siberians!!! Moms love us for acting that way!

    Thor and Marco Polo