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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Lay-Out For the Studio

Woo, everypup and everycat, it's me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Remember the other day I told you about the rearranging kick Mom has been on? I thought I'd show you what she did to my Studio ... um ... I mean our Studio. Woo.

She's rearranged the Studio before, without my consultation, so this time I figured I'd be a part of things. You can go back to that post to see what it did look like. Here it is now:

Me giving the new arrangement the once-over

It's kind of strange having the big table for the machines on an angle, and is very unlike Mom (she's highly structured), but I kind of like it. It gives a more open feeling, and leaves us with lots of zoomie room. Here's Zim checking it out:

He likes it. Amber came in and wasn't real happy that things were different ... but Mom assured her our toys were still there and that made her feel better.

This is my favorite Nylabone!

So yeah, the new set-up is OK with us. Storm gave it a dew claw up, too.

Mom didn't change the inner room of the Studio, just the outer part. Ammy came in to look anyway.

Is there anything in there I should know about?

I assured her there was nothing she needed to know about in here.

Nope. Not like I have a secret stash of toys or anything!

You can see how exhausted I was after all the rearranging and everything. I've been busy helping Mom, too. Not only have we been making bags and updating her blog, but we got new fabric in - remember I told you about it and Ammy showed you a sneak peak? If anypup wants to see more, go to this link! The redheads and I were very helpful! Oh... and here's one more of the Ram-a-Lamb, just cause she really is the cutest kid sister a guy could ask for.

I should tell her about my private stash of toys, shouldn't I? Woo.



  1. Grrrrreat work again!

    I'm glad she learned from her faux 'paws' and rekhwired your khonsult!!

    Woo so earned that nap!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo do have some khute sisters and they have some furry handsome brothers!

  2. Hey, whatever works for the bipeds to keep them happy, right? Woo have a lovely stash - (woo must be furry clever to keep them hidden from your sibe sibs for so long.) Thanks for sharing pictures!

    woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  3. Are those chocolate nylabones we see?! Oh my, those are some of our favorites!

    We like the new layout of the studio, maybe it will bring her more creative flow! BOL!

    M & I

  4. Wow, I'd be exhausted after that, too! I wish I had a secret place to stash toys, too!

  5. WOO WOO Dave

    Looks like you all were very very busy! Ammy is quite adorable maybe you should share your toys? We will leave that up to you!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  6. It looks like you have been hard at work Dave Yes, your sisters are very cute, but I don't know if you HAVE to tell about your stash. Unless you really want to.

  7. I think it looks cool. You should have been quick and hid those nylabones under the bed!!

  8. Exhausting work there, Dave, but a well deserved rest earned. And Natasha thinks it is quite natural to have a pile of Nylabones all to herself.

  9. Hi, Dave!
    Good job! I am going to show my grandma your studio so she can do something about hers.
    Kisses and hugs

  10. WOW... those furniture moves did open up the room! Great job!

    Your mom is very talented! We were checking out some older posts and were very impressed with her work.

    The most our mom can sew is a button!

    I have just discovered the joys of a nylabone... yummy! I didn't care for them as a young puppy, but now I get it.


  11. Oh the new lay out looks pawsome. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  12. I wouldn't tell her. I like to stash toys away from bossy Kat.


    PS. The new arrangement looks great.

    PPS. I heard that your mom wants to send out out to visit and pick out fabric at the quilting store. I can't wait to see you!

  13. That should say "send you out".