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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who ... Me?

Tail wags, everypup and kit-cat. Mom asked me - Stormy - if I'd like a bath.

Why, no... no, I wouldn't.

Then it hit me. It was one of her rhetorical questions. I summoned all my powers as a Siberian Husky and came up with this.

The perfect sad look

Sadly, it didn't work.

Tail wags,


  1. Did woo warn the others?

    Great look Stormy!

    It would have worked on my mom!!


  2. Poor Stormy,

    Your white fur looks bright and shiny to me. Why would she think that you need a bath?

    Princess Eva

  3. What is wrong with your human? You look perfectly fine and fluffy to me, there's no need for a bath. We're scotch guarded!


  4. Stormy,

    you should move in with me, Mum would have been totally suckered with that look. You don't even look like you need a bath to me! You look just perfect!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  5. Oh, Stormy, woo are just perfect as woo are - woo don't need a bath. Hope your Mom keeps her voice down so the "b" word doesn't travel to our side of Kansas.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. WOO Stormy, gee woo look pretty darn nice and clean to us. Sorry your look didn't work, woo sure gave it your best shot!!

    Wooo woo rar rar rar.
    Kayla and Maebe

  7. Only you got a bath?! No fair! And why, were you stinky?! Had you rolled in anything good?

    *sigh* When will Mums ever learn about baths... sheez.

    Hope you made it through ok, we'd love to see wet Sibe pics!

    M & I

  8. Oh. For a moment, we thought .... Guess we can't use that look with Jan either. sigh

  9. Hi Stormy and gang!

    I haven't been able to read my friends' blogs for a long time. Never mind post any myself.

    But I'm trying to get back into it. I have lots of reading to catch up on!

    The Human Assistant put some shampoo on a washcloth and washed a couple of furry faces today.

    Not mine! I was in my crate when Sinjin went out and got skunky! Alizé must have been beside him and got a little, too.

    H.A. already washed them days ago. But he can still smell some of it on them. Which means I can still smell it in my dreams.

    But it's okay. No face scrubbing for me! Hope you got through your bath okay!

  10. Oh no, a bath :( That sad face was amazingly executed, I cannot believe it didn't work!

  11. Hi, Stormy!
    Hmmmmm.... sorry about the bath!
    Yes, your look would work with my mom too!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. That wouldn't have worked for our mom either...she's a groomer! :( We get a bath once a month whether we like it or not!

  13. hey what's with the bath? You smell purrfectly fine to me.


  14. Woof Pups,

    Oh no, not the dreaded bath time. Humans get too hung up on that whole cleanliness thing. We just don't understand.

    Desert Pups

  15. WOO WOO Stormy

    We can't figure out what the thing is with baths - Mom is always dragging into the bathroom for baths too!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  16. Well, I hope you shook, and got her and all the walls wet. Then, I hope you went in and rolled all over the bed and got IT wet!

    I'm so sorry you had to go through such torture.


  17. What is wrong with your mom? You look perfectly clean to me. Your fur is just as white as those sheets! Whiter, even. Maybe your mom should wash the bed instead!