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Saturday, October 18, 2008

...Brought To You By The Letter "N"

Hi everypuppy and cats! It's me, Amber again! We're playing a cool game today and Stormy said I could post the answers from us! It's from our very handsome friend Ben the Rotti and we're supposed to list 10 things we love starting with the letter "N"! Here we go!

1. Nylabones. They're the toy that lasts the longest around here. If you scroll down to "Toys" in this post, you can see Dave with a stash of ours.

2. Napping. We're Sibes. We're pretty much either running, staring at things or napping. I'd post a link, but really, there are pix of us napping throughout the Ao4 Digest. :)

3. November. That's when the weather starts to get really nice around here. If you're a Siberian. Which is what we are. Moving right along...

4. Nuzzling. As in "nuzzle my muzzle". Stormy especially loves it when Mom nuzzles her muzzle. You can get a good look at all of our muzzles here. Nuzzling our muzzles goes a lot like this, only on our muzzles.

5. Nutro Max Mini Bones. Mmmmm! Here's Dave, with one of our favorite treats!


6. Norway. We visit a blog about some huskies in Norway and it always looks so beautiful! And snowy! Check out the Snorrokks Siberians sometime! I especially like the looks of things in this post. Sigh. Well, there IS an "n" in "snow". :) Come to think of it, New Zealand looks mighty nice, too!

7. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard ... you get the picture. We love and support our troops!

8. Nachos. Not only tasty (Mom will sometimes let us taste the cheese) but a great opportunity for a joke. You know ... as in, "Hey, Zim, do you know what kind of cheese that is?" "I don't know, Ammy." "It's not yo cheese." Hee hee hee. Zimmie loves it when I tell that one. Really.

9. New fabric! Dave especially like it when Mom gets new fabric in, but we all like to snuffle through it a bit. (Note from Mom: I wash all my fabrics after the Ao4 does their quality control check.) She got a whole BUNCH of new fabric in yesterday and I really liked a couple of them. I think some of Mom's favorite bagaholics might, too. Take a peek:

Oooh, purple!

She'll post more pix of us with the new fabric later - probably on her bag blog.

10. Last, but certainly not least, Nikki! Not only is Nikki my biological mama's name, but our very dear friend in Northern Cyprus is Nikki!!! In fact, we're going to post an update on Nikki in NC tomorrow, so be sure to tune in!

If anypuppy would like a letter from us, please just drop us a comment!



  1. Wow, that's alot of things with N. I,Sunny, like the picture of Dave the best!!! *blush*
    Have a great weekend Sibes!!!!
    Hugs(&Howdy to Dave)

  2. Hi, Ammy!
    I can see you like lots of N things!
    I hope you all are having a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  3. We love Nylabones too. But Momma doesn't when she steps on them in the dark.

    A cyber nuzzle to your muzzle.

  4. Hi, guys! You look awesome! Thanks for visiting our blog! You're FOUR like us--our favorite number!! :)

    See you!

  5. Nice!

    PeeEssWoo: Did woo hear my mom about those new fabrikhs??????

  6. Yummy, nachos! You picked some great 'N' things!

    M & I

  7. Great picks! My mom says "PURPLE!"


  8. Cool post!! Napping is a favorite around here a lot too.

    We especially love how gorgeous woo look lying there so beautifully on that awesome fabric.

    Nuzzles to woo, the OP Pack

  9. Nifty N's woo thought of! Lots of our favorite things too - 'specially the napping & nuzzles!

    Nuff said,
    Star & Jack a-roo too
    (we'd love a letter from woo, too!)

  10. WOO WOO
    We love your N's!! Especially those Nylabones!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  11. a lot of things with N, all of them very nice!

  12. Mitch is nuts for his Nylabones and I'm nuts for napping! We love the cooler temps of November like you do! Great answers, Ammy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. We also like the new fabric! Woowoo!

    That's a lot of "N's"! Our favorite "N" thing would be "Nasty Stuff". I love rolling!


  14. Nylabones and Nachos are DEFINITELY on our list too!! YUM.

  15. Great N's,

    Napping and Nuzzling would have been high up on my list of N's.. Mum almost fainted with pleasure at the sight of your muzzles.. cute freckles Dave!

    Ben xxx