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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pix From the Celebration

Tail wags, pups and kitty-cats!  It's me, Stormy!  Thank you one and all for all the Stormaversary wishes!  We had a lovely celebration, complete with fun walks, yummy cookies, and play time.  I thought I'd share some pictures of me feting my homecoming!

Before I get started, I would like to thank our wonderful friend Mason Dixie for presenting us with this award for watching over our land and oceans:

Thank you so much!  We stand ever vigilent!  In fact, this is a good lead-in to my pictures!  

The first thing I usually do when I get time in the backyard is to make sure the back gate has been secured.  My Gotcha Day was no different!  I raced down to the bottom of the yard to check the gate:

All safe here.

It was shut and locked, so I continued to make the rounds of the yard.  

Oh, hey!  Was Marvin looking for the Yellow Brick Road?  I found the Grey Brick Road; I wonder if that's close enough.

Ha roo roo roo!

"Grey Brick Road".  Ha roo roo roo.  I've got to remember to run that one past Ammy.

Speaking of running past... check out my moves in this next picture!

I had fun running around.  Don't I look happy?  What a great celebration.  I don't feel like a 13 and a half year old!  (I am 13 and a half, though, and don't hear as well as I used to. That's why I'm trailing the long lead behind me.  If Mom needs to get my attention, she can just reach out and give it a slight tug to get my attention.  I can ignore that as easily as I did her calling me. Ha roo roo roo!)  Moving right along...

I checked the upper tier for any security problems, too...
Me inspecting the upper tier

... then stopped to do a cool pose:

That's Ao4 HQs up there behind me.  Can you see the system of decks?  The upper part is where we take most of our sunset and small 's' storm photos.  It's actually the main level of the house - the street level from the front.  That's how steep of a hill we live on!

I also mentioned cookies as part of the celebration, didn't I?  There's only one way Mom can get me to sit and pose like this:

That's right - Happy Hearts cookies.  They were the Sweet Potato ones.  I LOVE those!

And the last picture for now... here I am after one of our wonderful family walks:

Great walk, Mom.  Let's go in and get a bowl of water!

Thanks again for all of your kind wishes.  I hope you celebrated with me!  And many thanks to Mason Dixie for the Golden Award!

Tail wags,


  1. That award looks like bunnies!!!

  2. Glad you had a great day, Storms. You look most happy and healthy! And the hearing?? Big deal, just learn to read lips, that is what my Mom does and she gets along fine.


  3. Hi Stormy
    Can we just say what a fine handsome dog you are for your age!
    A little hard of hearing is nothing! You look super fit and with some very cool poses!
    Yes Stormy we think you are doing a great job keeping everything safe.
    Glad you had such a fun Stormaversary.
    We also liked your rendition of the grey brick road - so much better than that boring yellow one!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. A very pretty girl with some spunk in her step!!

    Princess Eva

  5. Stormy, happy stormiversary! We're very sorry we missed it!

    p.s. Pooka says he likes older women.


    nanook and pooka

  6. I would never guess you was 13 and a half Stormy! You look FANTASTIC! What a great storm-aversary tour of your garden.
    Congrats on your award.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. John here.

    Stormy. I am so happpy for you. I want to reach out and give you a big hug. Glad to see you still have 'it.' That's a pretty good jumpin' runnin' pick there. You keep on trudging and always with a smile. That is why I love you. You remind me so much of Sabo. I will ask ozzie if we can do a post remembering him soon. I think you would have loved him as much as we did. Keep up the good work with the other 3. And I want you to give them all a big hug for us over here.

    Love John

  8. Great award and great job patrolling the yard! Cookies are always good for getting nice sits here too!. I try not to tell my humans my age, but I am sure they can tell I am almost 100 in dog years! And hearing? I try never to do that any way....

  9. As my mum said to your mum about that photo of you jumping, woo look like a puppy! I hope you had a wonderful day Stormy.

    Huffle Mawson

  10. You sure could have fooled us about your age, Stormy! Can you share your beauty secrets?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Stormy, woo is getting better and better with the years! What is the secret? Long walks? Special water? Whatever it is, keep it up!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  12. We all have selective hearing, so nothing wrong with that - har har.

    Great pictures of you on sentry duty in the yard. You do an excellent job looking out for the A04 + 2.

  13. You don't look a day over 3 Stormy.. Mom knows a few signs if your mom needs some help. Callie and Louie are really good at "come" she waves her hand over her head. Callie is learning down. She has to do that for her supper...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  14. I love how you make your Mom think your selective hearing is due to our age. VERY clever! You're such a pro. Sweet Potato Happy Hearts....WooHoo! A fitting treat for such an important celebration.

  15. It soooo looks like woo had a grrreat Extended Celebration!

    Tank woo fur sharing it with us!

    Khongrats on the GoldenOzwald Award! My mom put in dibbs fur the ears!

    Khyra O'Husky

  16. You look wonderful, Stormy - at a very young 13 1/2 years. You are very good to check that gate, Mom has ours locked with a carabiner so the little kids in the neighborhood can't get in and then forget to close the gate. Too bad about the hearing but at least you can't get blamed for having Selective Hearing issues.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. Great patrol there Stormy, gorgeous photos of you, you don't look a day over 6...Snoop says hubba-hubba...what's your secret? We have something that our Mum calls 'selective hearing'...whatever that means, we weren't listening!
    Congrats on your lovely award, you guys deserve it! Ummm...Mum's wondering if you could spare a Lindt bunny? She's a bit partial! Glad you had a lovely Stormaversary!
    Slobbers xx

  18. Happy Stormaversery - you are 13-1/2 yrs. young not old - remember that! We don't hear all the time, like sumthing called selective hearing when we wanta, hawoo, & we are younger!! We R glad you had a great day!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  19. You are very welcome. Thanks for patrolling again for every pup today, you always do a great job. =)

  20. Great job of patrolling the yard Stormy! I love your happy photo!

  21. Tell you a secret? Come closer.....the kilt butt is Alfie....shhh, don't tell! It's not that he's embarrassed....just very big-headed!
    Slobbers xx

  22. Congrats on the award!

    You're so cute in all your pics and you posed very well for the camera!

    Mom LOVES your house!


  23. Aw, Stormy, woo do look sooo happy in these pics! Our mom is saving them all in a "Stormy" folder! I'm 12, so I'm not too far behind woo, and woo inspire me to kick up my feety-feets and race around too!

    Loving woos,

  24. Oh Stormy....you had a super day and you are great at keeping your pack safe!! You did also do some very cool and cute poses! I try to pretend like I don't hear my Mom sometimes even though I really do. :)


  25. Congratulations on your award!
    Those are some pawsome pictures of you Stormy :)
    Big licks to you

  26. You sure look very happy there Stormy. :)

    ~ Bae

  27. Anonymous3:22 AM

    I like your happy face when you are running Storm.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  28. "Sigh" those are wonderful pictures of you Stormy!

    And your day looked adorable too.

    No, I never found the yellow brick road either, but I guess the grey brick road will have to do this time!

    lotsalicks, Marvin xxxx

  29. Stormy, you are a perfect picture of aging gracefully! I'd never have guessed that you are 13.5! You shouldn't tell people that. Just pretend you don't hear when people ask your age!