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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Storm and Dave Get "Honest"

Tail wags, readers!  It's me - Stormy.  Our very lovely friend Ransom tagged Dave and me in the "Honest Scrap" tag.  Or as she put it, "Stormy, Dave and the other two."  Ha roo roo roo!  "The other two."  We had a lot of fun around here with that one.  Ammy did this tag award a little bit ago, so she's got an "out" anyway.  We may have Zim help us out with this one.  

Click on either of those two links for the rules and details.  Basically, we're to list 10 honest things about ourselves and tag 10 other bloggers.  Let's get started!

1.  Dave and I did stints in the same shelter.  Actually, Zim did, too.  I was about a year and a half old when I adopted my forever family; Dave was about 4.

2.  I'm about 13; Dave is about 11.  We'd like to think that neither of us acts like it.

3.  I gave birth to Ammy when she was about 4 months old; I gave birth to Zim when he was about a year and a half old.  Seriously.  Mom told me they were my puppies and she would never lie to me!  

4.  I have to take the lead when we are on our walks!  Dave and I frequently share the lead; he pulls less that way, so Mom is happier.

Me (Storms) in the lead

5.  Dave works hard as Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind.  You can follow their latest projects on Bags by KZK, if you're interested.  Here's Dave hard at work the other day:

Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind

I don't know how he does it, day after day!

6.  We each have our "signature color".  This is the color of collar we each wear, and the color our comments are on the blog.  And unless someone hooks up the wrong leash, it's our leash color, too.  It makes life less confusing.  I am red, Ammy is green, Zim is blue and Dave is purple.  Here's Ammy, sporting her green ensemble:


7.  All of us in the Ao4 get along extremely well.  We and the bipeds worked hard to get us to that point.  That being said, Dave and I don't always see eye-to-eye on things.

Me and Dave, not seeing eye-to-eye

8.  I am the leader of the Ao4.  What I say goes.  At least for the redheads.  I've learned to accept that Dave marches to his own tune.  I probably wouldn't accept that from anypuppy else, but he's just so nice!  (Don't tell him I said that!)

9.  We are a very tight pack.  All six of us.  

10.  Zim got a package in the mail yesterday!  It was exciting for all of us.  He'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Zim checking out his package!

Well, that's it!  I hope you enjoyed our list.  Thanks for the tag, Ransom; it was fun!  Have all of you been tagged yet?  Would you like to be?  If so, consider yourselves tagged!

Dave, Mom and I are off to find Dad and the redheads.  Have a great day!

Tail wags,


  1. A furry nice assortment of skhrap!

    I know we blakhk and whites need to stikhk together!


  2. It took our Momma a long time to remember how to tell you pups apart. I think she can do it with the colors coding now.

    Princess Eva

  3. Color coding, very smart - things can get confusing as the pack grows :)

  4. Ahhh you see now its all becoming clearer, I KNEW there was a reason that Mum is so in love with Dave.. other than his (in her words) mesmerising eyes, woooonderful woos and flooof to die for (I'm rolling my eyes at this point, can you tell??) well.. its obviously because his colour is purple!! Mum is obsessed with the colour purple, its her most favouritist colour ever!! So... Mum loves purple so obviously Mum loves Dave..

    hmmm so maybe if I buy a purple collar I will be able to turn my Mum's head!!

    ummm.. nope she is shaking her head.. psh! stuff her, I'm a Daddys boy anyway.

    Anyway enough about Mum's Dave obsession.. back to you guys.

    Awww its so cool that you all get along so well (and that you think Dave is so nice Stormy.. don't worry I won't tell him you said that) Maybe you can come over and give my furless sisters some lessons on getting along.. Ive tried and failed in that area!

    I would say that I would do this one, but given the useless secretary I have I no longer make promises, or even assumptions!

    love and tailwags (and smooochies fro Mum for Dave)

    Ben xxxx

  5. Harrrrr
    thanks for the info Harrrr. Cant wait for Zim to tell us what he got Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  6. Its wonderful that you are all a happy family and get along so good. Usually there is one stinker in a crowd but it looks like that isn't so with the A04!


  7. We wonder what Zimmie got in the mail! Cool that you all get presents like that. that color coding system is very clever - did Dave dream up everypup's colors too?

  8. Stormy, you are such a good leader! :)

    Dave, you work so hard helping your mom with her projects!

    Thank you for posting links to the puppy pics posts! I loved looking at all the puppy pics, but was so shocked to read Zim's story! We are so glad that all of you found such a great home! It's mom's dream to one day have her own husky army. :)


  9. Stormy, we just knew woo would tell it like it is!!! And we also knew woo were a tight pack of six or is that a tight six pack? Mom says she might try that color coding thing when we get our next new colors - OK by us as long as there is no pink for the boys.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  10. What a wonderful bunch of tid-bits! Woo is all a happy bunch!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  11. Instead of "the redheads", don't you mean "the other two"? WOO!


  12. Wow, that is like a medical marvel that you gave birth to Ammy and Zim! Very cool! ;) That not seeing eye to eye picture is too funny. :)


  13. My mom likes the idea of the color coding.

    She once puppysitted for a friend who had 4 Westies. Each of them looked exactly the same to my Mom.

    So the Westie's furmom marked each dog with a different color highlighter ON THE FOREHEAD so my Mom could tell them apart! Can woo believe that? I'm glad your Mom uses collars instead of highlighters.


  14. Wow, Storms. We're totally distracted by the idea of giving birth to such BIG puppies. Yikes!

  15. Thanx fur sharing info about the A04 - we got to know more about you-all!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  16. Great post Storms.

    I love the color coding, but I am pawsome and can tell you all apart. Did you get to pick out your colors? I am fond of red. All my collars will be red furever. Don't you think it is a great color for me?


    PS. I consider myseld tagged and once we get our other poo faced computer(In memorium to Sal) working we will post it up.

  17. That was an interesting post. We really do appreciate the color coding, well, Mom does. We have no problem telling you guys apart, but Mom has old lady eyes and is not as keen.

  18. What fun information about you! I can't wait to see what you got in the mail!

  19. Wow, you guys never run out of information :)
    Big licks to you

  20. Hi
    We loved reading your post today - it will take us time to get to know all four of you but that certainly helped.
    We thought the colour coding was a great idea!!
    You do seem to get along really well - one big happy family!
    Me and Bailey have been together now for about three months - we get on better when we are out on walks. Sometimes we get a bit jealous in the house so it was good to see how you guys have bonded!
    Good that you don't act your age - humans say act your shoe size perhaps us dogs should act our collar size!!
    Have a nice day.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  21. What a great list! We love the picture of you guys not seeing eye to eye!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. PS Thanks for asking after me guys - I was very very scared of the Vet but I have now been spayed and it was not so bad!!!
    They tell me I'll never have pups ...........do you know what they are talking about?

  23. Anonymous5:22 AM

    That was a great Blog!! We loves your colour coordination leads and collars!!
    Have a great day!! xx