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Monday, March 30, 2009

Winter/Spring Storm

Ha roo, pups and cool cats, it's me - Zim!  As many of you know, we got smacked with a Winter Storm over the weekend.  Or as Ammy kept asking, "How can they call it a Winter Storm, if it's Spring?"  I must say, she has a valid point there.  

So... Thursday, it was in the 60s.  We'd heard the bipeds on TV and radio talking about a Winter Storm warning for our area, but we don't usually believe them.  We trust our own Meteorologist; she's never been wrong about snow!  We can't say that about the bipeds.  
Anyroo... she went out and checked ...


...then made her prediction: 

Yep!  We have snow coming!

Like I said, she's never been wrong, so even though it was in the 60s, we all believed her.  Mom double-checked ...

Yes, I'm sure!  
(How could anyone doubt that face?!?!?) 

...and let the OP Pack know.   The storm was due to hit us before them, so we thought we should give them a heads up!

The next day, there was still no snow... and Mom began to doubt.  Just to make sure, she took Am out to check yet again.  She was certain it was coming... and while she was out on the deck ... well, check out this picture Am sent our friends in OP (check out her fur!):

Here it comes!

The rest of that day and all through the night, we had lots and lots of bee-roo-tiful, fluffy snow.  I even took Mom out at 0400 to enjoy it!  It was GREAT!  But then... the ice started.  Sleet fell, some sort of "wintry mix" fell, and it compressed my snow and made this hard crust of ice on top of it all!  It was a slippery, icy mess!

Sure, we were all proud of Ammy for her accurate prediction:

See, Davy?  Snow!  Lots of snow!

... but honestly, how was I supposed to build a cool snow fort if there's ICE all over everything?

This crust of ice wasn't here at 0400!  How am I supposed to make a cool snow fort now?!?
Sorry, Zim.  Maybe next Winter/Spring Storm.

To make matters worse, it's almost all melted now and it's supposed to be "nice" today.  "Nice" according to the bipeds.  Oh well.  On to the next adventure!

Play bows,


  1. We had snow last week and it's pretty much melted now. It's really cold out right now though and the biped meteorologist says it's supposed to rain or snow today and then get warmer the rest of the week. We still have lots of wind though so keep an eye out for us just in case.

  2. Way to go on yur predikshuns, Ammy! Woo iz bettur dan da guys heer in Ohio.

    We iz sorree dat yur snow iz almost gone. Dere's alwayz next yeer!

    Gus and Waldo

  3. Darling Ammy,
    There are rumors of snow for us tomorrow and Wednesday. Can you check the forecast for us?

    Snow always makes me think of my favorite Sibe!!


  4. Zimmie, we're sorry you couldn't build your snow fort. Ammy is always right, how could anyone doubt! We always listen to her. If she were here in PA, she'd forecast mud for us, I think

  5. Ammy was right again. We got a lot of rain, then some slush, and finally some snow. But like you it is all gone, well, almost all gone. We will show you in a bit once we get the post finished.

    Good job, Ammy, and thanks for the heads up or is that nose up?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Oooww, and I was so excited for you then. Well done Ammy for predicting it but what a shame it got all iced up. :(
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Hi Guys
    Well Ammy looks as though she knows what she is about - we wouldnt argue with her. If she says snow then, as you discovered, there will be snow.
    We agree it is disappointing when the snow doesn't stay or indeed ices up! You make all sorts of plans - we see you wanted to build a fort. We like to build snowdogs. It is no fun if it melts before you get the chance to play.
    Never mind there will always be winter again next year. You guys look so good in the snow.

  8. Ammy - Can you predict one more really good snow for us this season? We would really appreciate it.

    P.S. - Zim - No Rusty (who sometimes get to be a butterball if he does not stay on his d-i-e-t) did not chase our turkeys. He wanted to know how you suspected he might have? Wooo!

  9. HaRoooo Ammy!
    We think woo should put in an appleekashun to be a weathergirl. Woo would be one of da prettiest ones and den maybe your maw and pa could retire. You make good predictions. Better than some of dem bipeds out there.
    We had rain, ligtning, and thunder!

    Husky kisses,

  10. I am glad you got some nice spring snow! I hope we don't get anymore snow at my house!
    :) Tibby

  11. You are a great meteorologist! That snow sure looks fun to play in! As I mentioned to Sugar, who also got snow, I hope to visit Tahoe before summer and before the snow goes away!
    Hugs and Love xo,

  12. I'm sorry Zim. I know how you love the snow. If I find any I will send it to you right away.

    Huffle Mawson

  13. Ammy was right! It was not much snow but she told you about it!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. You had much snow and ice. Mine was just a dusting and now all gone and sunny. I think Mother Nature has hot flashes. lol


    You're so lucky! Ammy, you're amazing, predicting it like that! Ooooh, I wish I had more schnee, it's all gone here!

  16. How bizarre. It looked like a perfect day before the snow. Weird.

  17. Oh you all probably loved that snow. We know Sibes think that is the bestest ever stuff to play in..
    Enjoy it while it lasts..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Ice is horrible, it spoils the snow and all the fun you can have in it. :-(

    Ammy...you are so good at these weather predictions, you should be on the TV!

    Holly & Zac...XX

  19. Hehe, you guys need to move to Scotland....we get snow and sunshine all at the same time here, infact the saying 'Four seasons in one day' is pretty much bang-on! You'd love the Cairngorms, and it's only an hour from us, we could come and chase the deer off the hills for you!
    (ok, "she" got a bit carried away then!)
    Slobbers xx

  20. sheesh, spring snows, how crazy is that!! It is nice and warm here, maybe your bipeds should come visit AZ and drop you guys off in Alaska for a bit.

  21. It might be warm where Joe is now, but last week it was very very very very blowy...he was afraid storms were khoming...

    I'm sure Ammy khould have helped with their forekhast too!

    Even I would get up at 0400 fur snow...of khourse, I really had about five more beaWOOtiful hours to sleep!


  22. Wa-hoo! What a happy spring surprise. Sorry it didn't last longer, though!

  23. Bummer about the ice but nice prediction Ammy!!

  24. Wow Ammy, I'm impressed with your forecasting! Too bad the ice came though so Zim couldn't make his snow fort.

  25. Hi Zim
    I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately but my Mum and my brother Scooby have been hogging the laptop fur his new business and blog http://lookinfurlovewithscooby.blogspot.com/ He is still looking fur pups to follow his blog (even if they are not single) to help spread the word about these pups Lookin' Fur Love.
    So now I am spending today stopping by ALL my friends blogs and saying Hi :) and catching up on all your news.
    Big licks to you

  26. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hey Guys!! Wowza, snows in March! That be so cool, apart from the stinky old ice!!

    Well done Ammy on a pawsome prediction!! xx

  27. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Ammy is So good. Speaking of good... that 3rd photo is FAB!!!! Woo mom should have it framed!

  28. Did your dad go golfing in the nice weather? I'm glad you at least got some snow, but I'm sorry about your fort, or lack-there-of.


  29. Awww shucks! I was looking forward to the snow fort! Maybe next time!

    Ammy is the best meteorologist I know! :)