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Friday, March 09, 2012

Photo (and Video) Finish Friday!!!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave, here with Photo (and Video) Finish Friday!  How about we start with a couple pix of the full moon from last night?

Here it is, peeking out from our across the street neighbors' pine, shortly before 9 p.m.:

DSCN3196 Full Moon

Here's the moon about half an hour later, as seen through the same neighbors' fruit trees:

DSCN3204 Full Moon

Pretty, isn't it? It was so big and bright!!!

OK, so this morning, we went on our morning walk, had some breakfast, then went out on our neighborhood patrol. See how we look so relaxed in this shot?

IMG_7024 Dave and Zim

Compare our posture in the photo above to our posture in this shot:

IMG_7025 Dave and Zim

See how our ears are standing at attention now? Our body posture says, "ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!"

Are you wondering what it might be? I think you know that Zim and I are pretty calm, easy-going guys. I mean, all the neighborhood cats like us and all. And all the dogs. Well ... almost all the dogs. But there are these two dogs - both Cocker Spaniels - who are potty mouths! Every time we walk by their houses (they live next door to each other) they SWEAR at us! Really! Mom shot video of us and them today. You'll hear me squeak at them. I only do that when they swear at me! I just can't stand it!  Here you go, check it out:

(If that doesn't work, please click here.)

The brown guy is probably a Beagle - Basset mix and he's OK.  But those Cockers!  They make me squeal like a Wookie!

Does anyone speak Cocker here, by the way?  I know they're swearing at me - but I can't understand exactly what they're saying!

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Trust me, Dave, you don't want to know. You'd need asbestos ears. I'm proud of how well you and Zim controlled yourselves.

  2. Just ignore them....they aren't worth giving the time of day....

  3. We're stunned, we don't know what to woo! Who in the world would want to swear at woo pups??? I mean, really??? Gotta feel kind of sorry for them, obviously they never have any lessons from somewhere like the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies or they would never be so disrespectful!

    Woo pup s did right to move on....nothing to see here...

    jack & moo

  4. Well, when that happens to us, Mrs. Master says, "It's ok Nora. They are just jealous that you get to go on a walk and they're stuck in the yard."

    So, I guess I'll just pass that on to you.



  5. I think it is good the way you boys keep your cool under such pressure. A little squeal is much better than all the noise they were making.


  6. Hey Dave. Dog I really could not tell what they were saying, but the tone was not good. I think they WERE swearing at you. But you and Zim handled it well. They are just jealous they are not out walking.

  7. They were definitely saying bad things. Good job for not saying something nasty back. We walk by these townhouses with little dogs (I think they may be pugs or something small) but they go BONKERS whenever we walk by. Darwin usually just looks up at them like "what is your problem" but every once in a while she loses her cool and snaps back. I can't imagine living in a house (or right next door) with such noise!

  8. sheesh - some neighbors you have. We don't blame you for talking back a little. We don't speak cocker, but that didn't sound nice to us!

  9. Boy you guys handled them pretty good. We agree they are just jealous, that they are not out walking. That moon was awesome

    The silvers and more

  10. Way to tell them back Dave! No need to take that crap from them.

  11. There's a house we pass everyday that has two dogs that do the same thing to us! One is a Rottie and he's the one who is more polite. The little ankle-biter jumps and yips and runs under the Rottie's legs so fast that maybe someday he'll be squished and not swear at us anymore. We just look straight ahead and walk along like the good labs we are. Mom says we have manners.
    Bryn and Dolly
    ps. Maui stays home and sits on the front wall waiting for us. She has manners, too.

  12. I learned fluent Cocker during the 3 months I was in the slammer but my Mom forbids me to say what they have said to you, only that it is not one bit nice. She says these smaller dogs are probably threatened by you big guys, even though they don't know you. Its just part of the Little Dog, Big Dog thing.


  13. hee hee! So under your Sibe suit under your Lab suit, are you really a Wookie, Dave? :D We can't translate Cocker tho we're pretty sure whatever those pups were sayin was just rude! Best to keep smilin and walking :)

    The full moon pictures are beatiful! It sure was light out last night!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. It's better that we don't know what those Cockers are saying Dave! They obviously don't know how to talk to a handsome Gentlesibe the proper way!

  15. Ooh, Dave & Zim- I thought you guys were very restrained...the perfect gentlemen to those rude Cocker doggies!

    Honey the Great Dane

  16. We're you howling? We thought a tree rat was bothering you
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh the nerve of them!!
    Way to go guys!!
    We get a lot of that too over here, especially around areas where the BIG BIG houses are. Those doggies dont get their walks..i think that's partly the reason why they're so cranky when a dog walks past..:(


  18. Way to go with the cool moon photos. That moon was so close I thought it was going to drop out of the sky.

    As for your trash talking neighbors. Ish. We have some of those. I think squeaking is maybe not the most effective response.