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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Was I Thinking?!!?

Hi readers!  The boys turned their blog over to me today.  We don't do this very often, but they really thought I should take this ball and run with it.  (Not that kind of ball, Dave; sorry.)  (And no, it doesn't squeak.)

Dave has a back injury.  (That's an over-simplification, but bear with me.)  He has come a long way towards feeling better in the last couple of days (inserting major thanks to everyone at the KSU Vet Med Teaching Hospital!!!), but in addition to meds, he has a long list of no-nos for the next 4 weeks.  One such no-no is jumping ... which brings us to this post.  To help him get through the first part of his recovery, I've been on the floor with him for parts of the night - or more specifically, on our air mattress.  Rather than deflate it every morning only to have to re-inflate it at night, I thought I would be really clever and just put it on top of our bed!  That way, I would also block him from trying to jump onto our bed - a major league no-no right now!  Sounds great, right?

Here's how it looks:

I can't believe I'm posting this to the internet...

Looks like a good plan, right? Not only does it make the bed too high for Dave to try to jump up, but he doesn't like change, per se, so I knew that something out of the ordinary up there would keep him at bay.

IMG_7152 Dave
"Hi, Mom!  There's something weird on the bed.
I'll just lay here like a good boy, OK?"

What a good puppy!  Isn't he?!?

But then ... in the back of my mind, something was nagging at me.  It seemed too easy.  Too perfect.  Too ...

IMG_7149 Zim

...inviting?!!? Noooooooooo!!!

But fear not! Let's tip-toe around to the other side for another look.

IMG_7151 Zim
"Oh... hey, Mom!  Cool fort you built here for me!  Thanks.  Very comfy & private."

ZIMMIE!!!  I really should have seen it coming!  At least it was Zim and not Dave ... and with as scared and concerned as we've been for Davy, the boys' dad and I truly, truly appreciated the laugh Zim gave us!

And so the question is what was I thinking, trying to outsmart a Siberian Husky?   (There, Zim.  I said it.  Happy now?)

Have a great day, everyone!  And remember to take joy from all the little things in life.


  1. HA Zim that is great. I like your fort. Now Dave, pal, you take it easy and just guard the fort entrance. Sound like you and Bert can start jumping again at the same time.

  2. OH NO! FOUR WEEKS!?! That's a really long time.

    Please keep us updated on Dave's progress. You are lucky to live so close to the vet school!


    Nora (and Darci)

  3. BOL Zimmie! That's funny! Lots of healing siber vibes for Dave!

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  4. Hey Zim, great little den of your very own!! Poor Dave we feel for you. Having to stay quiet is NO fun. M has learned it is hard to keep an active guy (like me Ernie) quiet. no jumping, running, no twirling and no fun... Gets old!
    Take it easy Dave and we hope you are better soon!!
    Ernie and the pack

  5. BOL! Never try to outsmart a dog. Especially not when it comes to cookies or comfy napping spots.

    I sure hope Dave feels better soon! Cinderella sends her condolences. She was on four weeks of bedrest after her heartworm treatment, and she hated it. Mom mostly kept her on a leash tied to Mom's belt so she could've rove.

  6. Good one Zim! Dave I hope you are feeling better very soon....take it easy for awhile....maybe hang out in the studio and keep your mommy company. BTW -- Quilt sighting! (happy face)

  7. BOL Zim, so funny, hope your feeling better soon Dave.

    The silvers and more

  8. Can't imagine try to keep a Siberian calm for 4 weeks. But we love the new fort!! Purrs to Dave for quick healing....

  9. Nina and I hope Dave feels better soon. I hope he can still help you with your quilting. I was not surprised to see Zim in his new found cave. Believe me they don't have to be Siberian to pull something like that off. I know a couple of our previous dogs would have done the same.

    Cindy & Nina

  10. Dear Ao4 Mom,
    lets look at it another way... maybe you didn't get outsmarted, but just underestimated Zim's Siberian perceptiveness and creativity. Zim was just doing his part to make sure Dave wasn't tempted to jump up. I'm sure his intent was to "occupy the empty space" so Dave won't be tempted... right?

    Dr. Jack

  11. Leave it to a Sibe to figure it all out! They are too smart!
    Poor Dave - we hope that he will be feeling better soon.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  12. Thank goodness it was you, Zim, and not Dave! I hope your back feels better soon, Dave.

    Love ya lots,

  13. I totally approve, Zimmie. It's exactly what I would do.


    p.s. I hope Davy is feeling better now.

  14. Zim, that must be your honorary kitty cat side because my sisfurs would be in there too! We're crossing our paws that Dave feels better soon!

  15. Zim Zim, you make us laugh and laugh. However, you Dave, you have really set us to worrying. You must be very careful and follow all the doctors and your dads directions.

    I can tell you, 4 weeks sounds like a lONG LONG LONG LONG time and it truly is.....but at 3 weeks, your humans will start giving in a little bit at a time.

    Then before you know it, you will be out playing again. But even then, your humans will worry about you the rest of your life and they will always be watching you more seriously than before.

    take it easy my friend.


  16. Oh-oh!
    Dave! Please, take it easy and you will be like new in no time!
    And Zim... sure you found a super duper place for a nice nap!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Sheesh, Dave, you gave the Mango a bit of a scare there. I sure hope your back owies improve. Your mom is sleeping on the floor? That is awesome! I bet you sleep great that way.


  18. Dear Zim and Dave's mom,

    I can't believe you didn't see that coming. It's a great cave.


    PS. Would Zim like to come over and hang out under the bed with me? Mom's bed is tall enough that I can easily shimmy under it and it's a great cave too.

  19. hahahaha thats silly!

    Stop on by for a visit

  20. Ha! Ha! I'm late reading this but I'm glad I saved it...what a funny story! :-) Sneaky, clever Zimmie! It's true what they said about never outsmarting a Husky!

    Hsin-Yi (& Honey the Great Dane)
    ps. sorry to hear about Dave's back! We must have missed that post because we only learnt about it now...hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  21. hahahhah Zim! Looks like a comfy spot you found!