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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mind-Meld Message....

Afternoon pUpdate with a little mind meld message Dave wanted me to send to all bipeds: :

It's Farmers' Market Day at the park and it's MMmmmmelon season. It's Farmers' Market Day at the park and it's Mmmmelon season. Bring some home to everypuppy! It's Farmers' Market Day at the park and it's (everypup say it with me, it'll help) Mmmmmelon season...

Repeat as needed. Hope it works! Play bows, Zim


  1. I'd like some watermelon, please!

  2. I don't know about watermelon but my parents give us cantilope. its the bestest.

  3. Ooooh, we haven't had watermelon yet, bet that's good stuff! We'll have to tell the lady to get us some! Do you guys spit the seeds?

  4. Harley: I now watermelons are pink...but I don't think they are the pink flavor of a pink frosted Dunkin Donuts or pink ice cream (my FAVE)...can your mom get either of those at the market????

  5. Tubey, c'mon over for some MELON! It worked! We scored a canteloupe AND a watermelon!
    Althea, you MUST try to get a watermelon. It's the BEST!
    Woo, Mx2: Stormy said it's part of our mom's duty to pick the seeds out for us or to buy a seedless melon.
    Harley, I've never had Dunkin Donuts, but if you like them, I know I would. Ah... pink ice cream. I'd love some. Mom said the farmers don't have ice cream, just fruits and veggies. :( We need to send another mind-meld message so we can get some of that!
    Luv to all,

  6. I learn something new everyday...I didnt know dogs like watermelon...i like peppermints...yummmy slobber kisses to you....watermelon eh..hmmmm