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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tagged: What Makes a Great Doggy Friend?

Ha roo and woo everypup! Our friend Althea tagged us to list 5 things that make a great doggy friend. There are all kinds of ways to answer this, but we're choosing to answer it as what makes us good friends to each other and lastly to the bipeds. We'll each answer for each other:

  1. Stormy. Zim here and I'll answer this one! Stormy is not only a great doggy friend, but she's also our leader; she is the Supreme Commander of the Army of Four! She's incredibly smart and teaches us all kinds of important lessons. She is THE instructor at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies - which includes a Feline Outreach Program, I might add. (Storm speaks all kinds of foreign languages, to include cat!) I've learned SO much from her, as have Ammy and Dave. Mom and Dad, too - trust me! She's so cool!
  2. Amber. I'll take this one - me, Storms. Am is our peacemaker - and truly, "blessed are the peacemakers"! She is a gifted communicator with biped and canine alike. She keeps the boys in line in a nice way - so that I don't have to lower the boom on them. Amber is all things good and true, and is the sweetest friend you could ask for. When Zimmie first got here and was so emaciated he couldn't eat, Am took food out of her own bowl and set it in front of him. Who else would do something like that? She's wonderful!
  3. Zim. Oh, pup! I'll answer this one - it's me, DaveDave. Zim is so FUN and plays any time I want to play and lets me grab him by the neck and throw him around. He likes everydog - he has a real nice way about him. Stormy says Zim doesn't have a dominant bone in his body - I don't really know what that means, but I know he likes everydog and everydog seems to like him. He's a great kid brother and friend!
  4. Dave. It's me - Amber! I just love Dave because he's so nice. He was supposed to be a "Foster" when he got here, but he just fit right in like he'd always been here and was so nice and didn't cause any real trouble at all and gave Stormy her space and respect (even though he really doesn't do what she tells him to) and he's just WONDERFUL and we knew he was in his forever home! He plays real nice with Zimmie and makes him tired and that makes Mom happy, and he tells me all kinds of stories about Texas and when he was on the road and everything, and he and Stormy ~ they joke back and forth a lot and each say Mom is THEIR mom, but they love each other very much.
  5. All of us are great doggy friends to our Mom and Dad. It's hard to list what all we do for them - teaching them life lessons, making sure they get enough exercise, taking them out in the middle of the night just so they can hear the coyotes singing ... all kinds of cool stuff. We all help around the house. Me - Stormy - I supervise the rest of the pack so they don't have to. They listen to me better anyway, so it's the least I can do. Amber keeps the peace - also a huge help. Dave is great at giving hugs and of course, is Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. And Zim....... Zim ALWAYS helps with the housework and makes it fun for Mom. He goes up against the evil Dyson (read about it in one of Tubey's posts!), helps with the dishes, the cooking, even making the beds! Mom says Zim takes making the bed very seriously - that he turns a 3 minute job into a 15-20 minute one. Isn't he GREAT?!?! Who else could be that helpful?

That's our list. We hope to add photos to follow along later - we can't get them to upload right now. Please check back later! Tail wags, love, play bows and luv from the Ao4!

*We forgot! We tag Opy, Mary Margaret O'Brien, Dusty Doodles, the pack at D'Azul Siberians, and Dakota.

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  1. Hey Ao4, Nice work on your list. I especially liked how each item was color coded with your special colors.

    Hey Zim check out my story about my encouter with the dyson creature: Rainy Day. There is an important lesson to be learned.