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Sunday, September 24, 2006

If a Vegetarian Eats Vegetables...

Happy Sunday, everypuppy! It's me -- Amber!
I'm no Fargo, but I do love a really good joke. Here's one of my favorites!
If a vegetarian eats vegetables.........
what does a humanitarian eat?
Hee hee hee! Get it?

For the record, mom tried about 100 times to get one of us to look like we were eating a human's hand and we just wouldn't do it! We're Siberians and just don't do that! Finally, she put peanut butter on her finger, so I am really here eating the peanut butter. :)

I hope you like my joke! OH! And speaking of food.... Opy! As to where we should do lunch! I have a couple ideas! First is by the acorn trees in the park? Not only could we scarf down some acorns like Roo Roo, but there are LOTS of squirrels there. I could stare at them and you could say "hey hey hey!" at them. I know Labbydogs like to do that! Another idea is the neighbor who lives near the Scotties' yard. It's Stormy's professional opinion that they have a mole problem, but they don't know it yet. I've never known Storm to be wrong about anything, so it could be fun to go there. I had a mole one time... but my mom made me put it down. No fair! I caught it myself!!! Anyroo, we could also eat lunch here (my mom pours a great bowl of Eukanuba!) then have a nice dessert of smooshed "Redspire Pear" fruits from the sidewalk out front. Davy loves those! What do you think, Opy? Oh... and please tell Mr. Big Dog that if he's still calling you "HMO" that doesn't really count as not teasing any more!!!

Love, Amber


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  2. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Hahahahaha good one!

    Bussie Kissies