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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Eyes Have It

There's some weird renegade page of our blog floating around Siber-space. Meeshka's person was trying to help our mom ... but we're not sure how to zap it out. Both Mary-Margaret and Butchy & Snickers posted comments..... but those comments are just floating out there somewhere. Ooops. We'll try to remedy the situation; please bear with us!
Anyroo, both comments were about Dave's pickle nose and how "gorgeous" and "cool" his blue eyes are. Yeah, well... if you're into matching eyes then fa la la la la la. But check out the rest of us! Top to bottom, it's ME, Ammy, Zim and Dave. Who's gorgeous and cool now?
Tail wags, Stormy


  1. We think you ALL have beautiful eyes! One of each sure woulda been cool though!
    Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

  2. I LOVE the eye collage!! It is very artistic. You all have fabulous eyes.

  3. Thanks everypuppy!
    Mom made the eye collage into stationery for her email program - it looks cool, doesn't it?

  4. woooo! Juno here...the only non-blue-eyed mammel in the house (Don and the fish have sort of yellow eyes!). I like having one of each...it makes me feel special!!! Sorry Dave...but your twin-sibe Harley doesn;t agree with me either!