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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Giant Shredded Wheat?

Hey everypup!

It's me ~ Zim. We've been doing some exploring up where they're expanding our universe. You know... where Dave and Stormy discovered the World's Largest Spools of Thread? Yeah, up there. This may not be as exciting as the thread, but I found giant shredded wheats! Yeah! I think some fell out of the Giant's bowl and it was just layin' here! Pretty cool, don't you think? I gave it a good checking out. Thought you all should know.

Play bows ~ Zim


  1. Zim,

    My Mommy and Daddy were on your side of the dog park back in July. They were visiting friends in Lawrence, KS. They didn't mention anything about large spools of thread or gaint shredded wheats. I don't know what they did while they were there but clearly they missed out on the good stuff.


  2. I would like some shredded wheat. Do you think the giant would notice if you sent me one?

  3. We get those here too. The big horse-dogs eat it in the winter. We get broken up straw shreds in our houses in the winter. Its great to get new straw and roll in it. All new smells.

  4. Those shredded wheats look 5 times bigger than one T-man.

  5. I have no comment, but the verification word is funny!