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Friday, September 08, 2006

I Am NOT a Labrador by Dave

It's me, Dave. You may have read some of my Haik-Woo that my friend Tubey posted. I just wanted to respond to what Stormy wrote in the comments section of our last post. I am NOT a Labrador! Just 'cuz a guy likes to actually bring the toy BACK when the biped throws it and enjoys the occasional bath does NOT mean he isn't a Siberian. Hmmph. Oh, sure... there's that "larger than breed standard" thing, too..... but I'm originally from Texas. We do everything bigger there!


  1. Hey Dave,

    Love our Haik-Woos! Glad to
    see you blogging. Can't wait
    to read more. My Mom says
    you guys are too cute!


  2. Hi Guys, Malechai here, my sister says that I'm part Malamute, I think she's just jealous of my extra furriness, I'm not that much bigger than her. All though, my humans do refer to me as "Moose" at times. What are they trying to say, I'm just big boned and could really care less about all that "standard size" stuff! Meaty bones for all!!!!! Malechai