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Monday, September 18, 2006

Purple Bandana

Roo, everypuppy! It's me ~ Amber! I've been reading my new friend Althea's blog lately and in it she has a couple pictures of her wearing a VERY pretty purple bandana! She looks really very nice and I told her how Davy wears a purple collar and he one time asked mom if he could wear her purple bandana and she said "yes" and it made Davy very happy. Here's a picture of Dave in his purple bandana.
Davy was about 4 years old when he adopted us and he was VERY nice when he got here and I don't really think he suffered from the kind of abuses Stormy and Zimmie went through but I don't think anyone ever really did nice things for him. When mom bought Davy his first collar just for HIM, he was so HAPPY and went prancing and play bowing all over! It was purple. (We each have assigned colors.) So then a couple summers ago, mom had poison ivy (not Ivy the puppy, but a bad ivy!) and tied a bandana around her hair to make it stop bothering the poison ivy. She was sitting on the floor and took it off eventually. Davy looked at her, then the bandana, then her, then the bandana, then ... well, you get the idea! And mom said, "Yes, Davy, it matches your collar!" and he wagged his tail and looked at the bandana. Mom asked if he wanted to wear it and he wagged a LOT, and so she tied it around his neck and he was so HAPPY! He pranced ALL over the room and was so happy and hugged mom and was so HAPPY! I hope Althea's purple bandana makes her that happy!
Love, Amber
PS: I owe Opy an apology. I've never met a female black labbydog before and I thought Opy was a boy and used "Mr." (out of respect!) and "handsome" ... and now Mr. Charlie the Big Dog is teasing Opy and I think it's my fault because I now think Opy is a girl. Since I can't do sniffies, I just didn't know..... and I apologize. Roo. I'm pinning my ears back...


  1. Hi Daev...Harley here: I've said it before and I will say it again...you look super-fine in that bandana!!!

  2. Amber: thanks for posting the pic of Dave. What are the rest of the Army of Four's assigned colors?

    Dave: you look very handsome with your Mom's purple bandana. I think purple goes very well with our blue eyes.


  3. Wooo Dave! You sure look pawsome!

  4. Hey guys,

    Don't worry about it - it matters none to me - Charlie just likes to tease me, he really does love me, but know's what buttons of mine to push :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - and Charlie's - your blog is fast becoming one of our faves :-)

    Dave looks very handsome in his bandana - I wonder if I could have a third boyfriend ? I mean I already have Tin-Tin and Mackie - and going by the "one boyfriend per breed" rule that Sunshade stipulated - well, maybe ?

    Lots of love

  5. Don't worry, you aren't the first to think that Opy was a boy. I thought she was named after that little brat in the Andy Griffin show (the one where there's that annoying whistle at the beginning).


  6. AO4 -
    Wow. I liked the picture of Dave too. The purple collar is very becoming, so is that bandana.


  7. Hey Amber, and the rest of the gang,

    I would love to be your "gal pal" - does that mean we get to "do" lunch, and have our furs and nails done ? That would be fun - I may have to sleep over though, as it's along way from Sydney to Kansas. I will bring my own pillow - okay ?

    And Dave - wow, I have finally secured a Husky boyfriend, how exciting. I hope that you will "woo" me with one of your haiku's :-)

    My mum and SHD (stupid human dad) named me Opy, after Oprah Winfrey - but I only get called Oprah when I am in trouble - like after the unfortunate bird eating incident
    :-( I think they called me that because it was on the TV when they bought me home.

    Charlie loves me, he just has a "different" way of showing it :-) You should have seen how upset he was when I was in hospital having my tumour removed - he sure showed his true colours then :-)

    Lots of love,

  8. Hey guys, I'm tagging you. So please list five things that make a true doggie friend.