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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Golf Makes Me Sick

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Golf makes me sick!
Hi everypuppy, it's Ammy. I thought I'd give golf a try because my daddy likes to play golf and Zimmie liked posing for the picture up there (look up!) when mom wrote an article about the history of golf. So I thought since mom says I'm the most athletic pup of all... well, maybe I should see what it's all about!A few days ago..... my daddy went out to play golf at his favorite golf course. It's very pretty and we can see it from our house and dad said he gets nice exercise and sometimes sees bunnies and coyotes and sometimes BIRDIES (he gets excited about those... and some special birdies called "eagles", too!) out there, and it's all about this little white ball!
While dad was golfing, mom took us on nice, long walkies and we had fun. When we came home, she decided we could all go downstairs and help her in the Quilt Studio! We love it down there -- it's cool and it's where our toy box is! Stormy went into dad's study to probably think serious Supreme Commander of the Ao4 thoughts, the boys did zoomies - from the door to the bathroom, through the Quilt Studio, into the Gallery, turn around in the Media Room ... then repeat!, and I played with my toys. ALL my favorites are down there! Then... the last time the boys zoomed through, Someone knocked into the furniture and a golf ball fell on the floor! He went to nap in the bathtub (I don't understand that, either!) and Dave went into the inner room of the Quilt Studio to do his Guide Dog for the Color Blind work.
But there it was, on the floor right in front of me ... a golf ball! Mom couldn't see me... and I really wanted to know what all the hubbub was about ... so I played "golf" with it! As you may remember from one of Zimmie's posts....... I am rather an “aggressive chewer", whatever that is. And ... well... when it was time to go upstairs, we all just flew up there. Mom walked past where I had been playing golf and found this (look down, please).

all that remains

Honestly, I don't see WHAT daddy sees in this. Not only did I have a bunch of blue chunks in my poopers (sorry to be less-than-delicate!) and yesterday morning and the morning before that, I horka-ed up the white part. Yuck. I don't like to do the horka-horka-hork! Golf makes me SICK!
Mom thought I should add that I'm OK now and she thinks it's all out of my system. I'm going to leave golf to my dad from now on!
Love, Amber


  1. Ao4, I was worried about you guys. I posted a comment yesterday on this post and then your blog disappeared. All that showed up was a blue screen. If figured either I blew up your blog or your human messed up something. Glad to see you back again.

    Amber, I am very impressed with your chewing skills. My parents think it is amazing that I can chew up a black Kong, which they bill as the "World's Strongest Rubber Dog Toy". Their words not mine. Once I had eaten all the treats out of it, I decided I might as well eat the Kong too. As impressive as my accomplishment is, you completely outdo me with the golf ball. You should change your name to Jaws.


  2. A04,
    Althea asked me to let you know how I have been posting photos. So far I have not had any problems with the following method: First post the picture to Flickr. Then click on the picture you want to post. Then click the link for "All Sizes" (just above photo). Then you probably want to select "Small". Below the picture will be a box that has the Html code in it. Copy it.

    Now go to blogger and start a new post. Switch to the "Edit Html" tab and paste the link in. Hit preview and cross your fingers. The nice thing is that the Html code has designations for Height and Width in it. As long as you keep the same ratio between the two you can easily resize the photo.

    I don't know if this is really any different then the other methods but I have yet to have it not work.

    Althea's Dad

  3. Dear Althea's dad,
    WOW! Thank roo!!! It worked, it worked! You deserve something really nice like ... I dunno... tummy rubs or something!
    Tail wags!
    Stormy et al

  4. Ao4,
    Glad my Dad was able to help you out. I'll give him some extra kisses tonight as thanks.

  5. Ok, I see you guys are behaving much better now after my warning. I do appreciate the chewing of the golf ball and horka of the skin.

    My human woman is also having problems with blogger. Apparently it ate two of her templates for no reason today and she had to recreate them. Luckily it wasn't with my blog, or else I'd have to claw blogger.


  6. Thanks, Meeshka. We really DO try to keep the bipeds on their toes. And before I played golf, dad didn't know what the inside of a golf ball looked like. Aren't I helpful?
    Sorry you guys had blog problems, but somehow it's comforting to know it wasn't just us! Mom decided every couple days, she's going to copy and save the template stuff to a Word document, as a back up. I'll bet Stormy told her to do it - it sounds like a smart idea.
    Love, Amber

  7. Hey Amber,

    No prob today.

    I live in a golf community, too. You should visit and we can find those white snacks and have lots of coools poopers and stuff! I like walkin' along the one two one two (fifth) hole on my way the Watson Hollow. I can see dead snakes, egrets, jack rabbits and stuff. And reeeeally pretty sunrises and sets.

    Eagles! Cooools! We see a lot of those red-tailed hawk thingys.

    About the horka-horka-hork thing. About every fortnight or so my tummy starts makin' reeeeally loud curlycue sounds. I run out to the front yard (The only grass we have.) and pretend I'm a cow. Like, I don't make milk or pies but I just chomp away. After several courses, that's when I do the horka-horka-hork thing. One two one two (Twice). Then I feel a lot better.

    Barkin' about cows, I reeeeally like the aliens talkin' to Di Ary adverts. Ruff! Ruff!



  8. Wow, bows to you, who knew the inside of a golf ball was blue, way to go! That's more impressive than our drywall extravaganza (much harder substance). We need to try one of those, but our parents don't play golf, we do have pool balls, maybe we'll try those. Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

  9. Hi Freda! Zim sometimes does the grass and horka in the morning, but not me. I hardly ever horka -- I just don't LIKE to!
    M & M: Do pool balls have water in them? And have you ever tried wooden window sashing? It's delicious!