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Monday, September 25, 2006

Zim ... On Landscaping

Hey everypup! Did you see our friend Buster's blog today? He posted some really nice pictures of plants in his yard. It reminded me that we have some nice ones in ours that you might want to hear about.

What do this Burning Bush,

the Ornamental Strawberries,

the lilacs

and so many other plants in our yard have in common?
If you answered "They're tasty!" then you're thinkin' like me. YUM! I just love walking around, taking a nibble here and there.
Landscaping. It's something I can really sink my teeth into.
Play bows, Zim


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Neat! We can see what grows and gets eaten around the world!

    Those plants don't grow here in the subtropics, my Mom misses her lilac bush!

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Lilacs, yum yum! We have 3 of them in our yard but the lady put them all on the outside of our fence, drat her yet again! Sometimes when we're on our way back from our walk we get a mouthfull & boy howdy are they tasty! And they smell good too! It sounds like we have alot of the same weather too, HOT & COLD. Our Mom calls where we live, the armpit of the world.
    Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

  3. Lilacs, yum yum! We have 3 but the lady put them all outside of our fence, drat her again! Sometimes on the way back from walks we get a mouthfull though, mmmmm, tasy & they smell good! Sounds like we have similar weather too, HOT & COLD. The lady says this is the armpit of the world, where we live, we vote to move to Alaska!
    Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

  4. SO SORRY! The first one said there was an error so we did it again. Didn't mean to repeat ourselves!

  5. I'm very disappointed in you four! Your human woman showed pictures of the really nice landscaping when it was being done, and for the life of me I can't see ANY descruction activities in these pictures!

    If it wasn't dark out, I'd make the human woman go out and show you what a real husky yard looks like... ok, it would be pictures of dirt and nubs of bushes, but that's a real husky yard.

    Get with the program you guys, you're setting a bad example!

    (got the scissors, gonna cut your HULA cards up)

  6. Meeshka,
    Stay tuned for Ammy's post - tomorrow. :)
    Tail wags,

  7. You guys are so lucky. The stoopid deer get to all the good stuff before I can.


  8. Lilacs smell so good...but I've never tried to eat them. I'll have to taste some next spring!!

  9. Hey Ao4,

    Freda here. Finally got through. Cooools! Ao4, sounds like code. Are you guys spies or somethin'? Arf! Arf!

    Coools photos. You must have a cooools spy camera. What I saw in common in all those pics was that you have been leavin' a lot of pee mail. There's lots of nitrogen in pee mail. Ruff!

    We have lots of plants in our yard too. I like to chase the voles that sometime sneak into the yard.

    May I add you to my Paw Pals list?



  10. Freda,
    We'd be honored to be your Paw Pals! May we link to you?
    As to whether or not we're spies... we'd answer that question, but then we'd have to grab you by the neck and throw you down. Ha roo roo roo!
    Tail wags, Stormy

  11. Hey Ao4,
    Watch out, it looks like someone is messing with your blog.

  12. Althea, our mom had this "great" idea to change the template. That's just fine and dandy... but she forgot to save all the links! :( Now she's gonna have to look at the directions your dad sent again and what Tubey's human said ... and try to piece it all back together. She'll get it eventually... we hope.
    In the meantime, Amber is trying to post and it won't load her pictures! Does anyone else have that problem?
    Tail wags,

  13. Hey there Zim and the Ao4,

    yeah landscaping. It helps keep the munchies at bay. You're doing a great job there lads.

    And Dave, you're really upping the ante with that haik-woo of yours.

    I'll have to work a bit harder wooing the lovely, large 'n' luscious Opy...she is my gal in the southern hemisphere but I'm happy to share with ya buddy.

    Just sayin'.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  14. Storm,
    Sometimes we have problems uploading pics. You go through the process and it seems fine but no pic shows up. We just keep trying for a while or give up and come back to it.