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Saturday, September 09, 2006

How We All Got Here

Hi everypuppy, it's me... Amber! Stormy said it's my turn to blog today and I really don't know what to say but Stormy said I should say something so here I am! Do you see the picture at left? That's Stormy and ME on the day Stormy gave birth to me. Well... sorta, anyway! Mom and Dad adopted Stormy when she was about 1-1/2 years old. One of her endearing traits was her love of puppies. ALL puppies. She has VERY strong maternal instincts and tried to adopt a baby Yorkie and a baby Westie... and every other puppy she met. She actually was pretty sure she gave birth to the Yorkie -- but maybe I'll save that story for another day. Mom promised Stormy that once Stormy learned how to trust and share, she'd get her a puppy of her very own. They eventually heard I needed a good home - and Storms had worked through most of her "issues" ... so Stormy adopted me as her puppy! My great brother Booter, an Aussie/Lab mix, was with us, too, but he eventually lost a battle with cancer. I still miss him very much. Here he is on the right - and that's Storm and me running VERY fast in the yard! He herded us and was a very brave, loyal friend. He was trained by mom and dad's first Siberians (my great sisters) Lucky and Jesse . Not long after we lost Booter, Zim joined our family ... and even though he was about 1-1/2 years old, Stormy figured she had given birth to him, too. He was very needy, and was a mess physically, emotionally and socially. Stormy taught him the rules of being an indoor puppy, I showed him how to love and trust, and then 5 months later DAVY found his way into our hearts and he taught Zim how to play. Stormy didn't give birth to Dave..... but they reached an agreement. It's kind of that Stormy is in charge.... but Dave ignores her. He's so nice that Stormy lets him get away with it. Stormy is a very good leader. I try to referee the boys so Storm doesn't have to intervene, which means I have to roo at Dave a lot. :) That's the short version of how we all got here. Our dogster links in the right side bar have longer stories, if you'd like to read them. I better sign off because I think maybe the rain stopped. We went on morning walkies in the rain and mom was hoping for drier weather for the afternoon but it doesn't really matter to me. She mentioned something about someone smelling like wet sweaters...... but I'm not really sure who she meant. I hope everypup has a happy, brush-free day! Love, Amber


  1. We didn't have any rain today. But this morning Lex caught another stupid no-possum. It didn't die, though.

    My Human wants you to tell your mom that she enjoyed talking to her very much yesterday!

  2. Hey Amber,

    Read your blog! That's a great story about you and Stormy. Mom loved it. You have a great pack.
    I still have to get it across to
    Tolkien that at our house we make a pack, and that Raven and I aren't part of his husky harem.