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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kito & Luna

Ha roo, everypup! It's Zim. I got a very important email from my cosmic cousin Kito on Friday. Kito (at left) is very much like me (red headed, bi-eyed Sibe with that certain air of sillin- uh, I mean playfulness) and his twin sister Luna (at right) is very much like Amber (red headed Sibergirl who is VERY sweet). They live in Florida, which is way on the other side of the park from us. Anyroo, check out this part of his email:

Hey cousin. I just wanted to let you know that Sunday is my mom’s birthday. Maybe you can sing her “happy birthday to wooo” on your blog! I know she would definitely be honored if she was mentioned on that day!

....Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I should be writing this to Storm? I think she’s the blog owner, isn’t she? Stormy, see above.

Before I forget, Stormy appreciates Kito's respect and said to tell him "You're the PUP!" I think Kito would also make a good student at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies! Anyroo...

Happy birthday to roo,

Happy birthday to ROO!

Happy birthday Auntie Laaaaauuura!

Happy birthday to rooooo!

Love and nose smoochies from ALL of us!


  1. Happy Birthday to Wooo from me too!

  2. Happy Birthday Laura!

    Hey, I know these huskies! I recall the human woman saying that Cheeto was a gimpy! Watch out for the gimpies, they suck the love from the house!