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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Animal Rescue Site

Woo. It's me, Dave. Did you see my bee-woo-tiful friend Hollybollyboo's blog yesterday? Sadly, there wasn't a new picture of her or anything, but she did have a great way to help get food to rescued pups!

Her friend (and hopefully our new friend!) Izzie has issued a challenge to all her friends and readers: post the Animal Rescue Site badge on your blog for a day, letting your readers know it will help feed rescued animals; encourage them to click every day for a week!

Like Holly, we've put the badge in our sidebar and will click daily from now on - or will try to! If you'd like the badge for your blog, click here!

Why not give this a click now, and help feed animals in shelters!

The Animal Rescue Site

If you rise to the challenge, stop by and let Izzie know! And spread the word! Wooooo!

Remember ... food is good. Especially when shared with a pal!

Mmm... Zim, it's cherry vanilla!
Oh, yeah! Move your snooter over, Dave!



  1. Good idea, Dave!
    - Charlie

  2. Woo is khorrekht!

    My mom had cherry vanilla for her work snakhkie yesterday!!


  3. Count us in!
    The Furry Threesome at the Bag House.

  4. woof's ao4, we had the click to feed on our bloggy fur bout as long as we been bloggin...its easy to rmember, esp if its right there..

    b safe,

  5. Thank you so much for posting this, guys! I have been wanting put this link on my blog and I didn't know where to look!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. That's one thing that's very easy to do everyday - click that link! You two are just the bees knees.

  7. We have that on our blog too!

    Woo woo, KA

  8. we clicked! what an easy way to donate some food! We will be clicking it often!

  9. Thank woo soooo much my Darling Dave, for helping with Izzie's challenge! It is definitely a good one!!

    I can only dream that some day that will be you and me eating from the same yogurt cup!! Sadly, I'm a food hog, so that probably won't happen, but hey! I can dream, right?!?!!!!

    Your Malagal

  10. That's a pawsome idea Dave. Nice that you're sharing with Zim there

    ~ Girl girl

  11. awwwwwwwwwww.....We want some too. We are sure that four snooters will fit in that cup.

    Mom lets us have the yogurt and cottage cheese containers here and Aja looks so dumb when he has cottage cheese all over his face. Gheeze, brothers are so goofy some days.


  12. Another click. Click. Click Click.
    Although the slurping ya'll are doing looks like even more fun.

  13. Our mum loves that site too, how fun, click and feed!!! So easy too! Great post pals!!!

    M & I