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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Salute - Our Great Sisters Pt. III

Welcome to the third installment to our Salute to our great-sisters, Jesse and Lucky! These great Siberians helped teach our parents all there is to love about our wonderful breed - and did lots of training for we who follow in their paw-prints!

We've already shared some baby pictures with you, but we found this one and couldn't resist adding it to our Salute.

Jesse on the left and Lucky on the right

Totally adorable, don't you think?

When we left off last week, we promised to show you more European travel pictures. We found another cool picture of the girls and Dad in a park in Namur, Belgium.

What some of us wouldn't give to do some digging around there! We mean "in the town". You know - exploring. Yeah, that's what we meant. Not digging up the plants or anything. No. Not us.

In addition to going to Namur and Dinant (they usually fit both in on one day), another very favorite day trip for them was Monschau, Germany. Here is a shot of Dad, Lucky and Jesse there:

Apparently, in addition to being a town filled with snow, lovely snow, there were some very nice gasthauses there where the people were very welcoming to our great sisters. According to Mom, the gasthaus owners would usually bring the girls a little treat and fuss over them and that was before they even asked if Mom and Dad would like anything. Ha roo roo roo. What a great place that must be! No wonder Jesse and Lucky liked going there!

As you can tell from that picture, Mom was going through a "black and white" phase in her photography. Here's a photo we call "Black and White in Black and White".

Lucky: Cover Husky!

Here's our family on a trip to the Netherlands! They're in a place called Keukenhof, a HUGE nursery/garden for millions and millions of Dutch bulbs plants like tulips and daffodils! As you can see, Lucky discovered something under the bridge FAR more interesting than flowers. Ha roo roo roo! We wish there was a picture of whatever THAT was!

Since Jesse and Lucky were born in Northern Belgium, where Flemish is spoken, they probably translated for Mom and Dad on that trip. Flemish is a lot like Dutch. Mom and Dad lived in the Southern part of the country, where they speak French.

Speaking of French things .... here is a look at a vacation they took in La Baule, France.

Mom and Dad thought the sunrise was beautiful. Jesse and Lucky seem more interested in the HORSES!

Here's one last trip we'll share with you. This was over a long weekend - they all drove to Engi, Switzerland. Here are Dad and the girls hiking in the Alps!

Yes, that's more snow, lovely snow. Sigh. Here they are on the way home in Elm, Switzerland.

This reminded us of a picture we saw a long time ago of our friends Steve and Kat, so we thought we'd share it.

On the way home, they drove through Germany. When Mom was in her last year of college, she developed an ad campaign for Fürstenberg beer. As they buzzed down the autobahn, she saw a sign for the town of Donaueschingen - the home of the Fürstenberg castle! They just had to stop! Here are Dad and our great sisters in front of the Schloß!

Lucky, Dad, Jesse

They look like they own the place, don't they?

Tune in again next Sunday as we once again salute our great sisters!

The Army of Four

PS: We've provided the best links we could find for further info on the cool places our great sisters visited! Please click the highlighted words to learn more!


  1. All I khan woo is WOW!

    Thnnks fur sharing their pikhs and stories with us!!

    I feel like I've taken a tour of Europe without even leaving the kitchen!!!


  2. Funtastic fotos!! and so much fun to be had there too. Thanks fur sharing. We wanna go to Europe now.

    The Siberians of D'Azul.

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM

    WOW! Those photos were awesome. I love the beach pic. Your mom is such a good photographer. Thank woo for sharing your mom and dad's adventures with Lucky and Jesse. They sure were two cool pups!!!

  4. What a wonderful vacation. I think we would have been very interested in those horses too..
    You two were so cute as puppies. Thanks for sharing..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  5. Oh lovely lovely. Mistress is enraptured with your blast from the past.
    Pippa xx

  6. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures of your great sisters! We can sure tell how special they were. They were very lucky to travel to all those cool places...and play in the SNOW!!
    By the way, how would we join as troopers in the AO4?

    Play bows,
    Skye and the rest of the team

  7. Mom is still fussing about how adorable those 2 babies were! Almost makes her want to do the puppy thing again. Eeeek. I don't think I have the stamina for one of those. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos. We're looking for the next chapter!

  8. Wow--I had no idea your mom and dad were such globe-hoppers. In retrospect, I should have guessed: everybody in your house seems blessed with a certain je ne sais quoi! I love these pictures, especially the one of the sisters sticking their heads out the car window. So cute!

  9. Your sisters sure were beautiful! And so were all the European pictures! It sounds like your family really enjoyed their time there!


  10. They were so lucky to have visited such cool places!! I bet your mom and dad miss them alot! The puppy pics are adorable!!


  11. Woooos, your sisters are totally adorable in all the pics - they were beautiful huskettes!

    Hey lookie there- they have horses on beaches in France, too!!!! A-rooos!

    Thanks for sharing all those pictures, we liked em!

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack-a-roo

  12. Aw.. those baby photos of your great sisters are so cute....

    ~ Girl girl

  13. oh lovely jubbley pics and a good trip down memory lane.

    Thank you for the interesting post.

    My Mama says she likes Furstenburg bier too. But it is very strong.

    I think there should be a joke there but at present I cannot think of one! And no, I have not drunk any bier!! Sadly.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  14. Classic family foto with Lucky so intent on what was under the bridge!

    Those look like good memories!

  15. It is so great to see these pics--what great adventures your Sisters had with your mom and dad!!

  16. I like how Lucky was looking under the bridge instead of at the camera. That's another thing we have in common!


  17. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Wow! these are neat photos and stories! I KNEW europe was awesome for dogs. and because we do so much training, we're going to be "just fine" on the train. we worried a bit about the plane. i don't know how much time i have to deal with desensitizing to crates, airports and plane rides. I think juno will be fine. she's so confident and mellow. Loki will go balistic tho. both hate their crates when i first used them. oh well, the necessary evil of getting them there.

    thanks for the french offer. we do speak it better than the average American high-schooler, but we bought a bunch more of Michele Thomas CD's and are hiring a tutor when we're there. we get by fairly well on our french and italian. but we want to be really good i think. Did you see the "Say what?" post??? that's my favorite!

    thanks for sharing and reminding me how fun this will be. now if i can just find a schutzhund trainer in Switzerland for loki and figure out if there's a European Therapy dog program for Juno (i want her to work too!)
    wild dingo