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Monday, April 07, 2008

Quiz Time

Ha roo, pups. It's me - Zim. The Z-man. It's time for a Monday morning pup quiz.

Your biped has made the bed with fresh sheets and a just-washed quilt. While she's in the shower, you make a sweet nest for yourself in the fresh bedding and rest your tired head on one of the pillows. Your biped gets out of the shower and sees that you've made yourself comfy. The question is: How well have you trained your biped?

Does she "scold" you for "trashing" the bed? Or does she admire your cute poses and handiwork? For extra credit, does she grab the camera?

Mmm, Downey fresh!
Sure, Mom. Chest scratchies sound great.

You don't want me to move, do you?

A close-up? Sure. Knock yourself out.

Yep. Right where I want her. How about you guys? Are you up to taking the pup quiz?

Play bows and zzzzzzs,
The Z-man


  1. I believe the khorrekht answer is khaptured in the pikhs!

    What biped khould deny WOO???


  2. Mine would take pics too. I've trained her well.

  3. woofies and burfs, i am with the take picturs...heehee gets me outta a lot of trouble...

    b safe,
    rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

  4. My human does the same thing. She ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs over us and then runs to get the camera. Sometimes she is lucky to get the shot, and other times we move on her, just to spoil her fun.

    You look extremely comfy Zimmie!!


  5. Mama takes pictures! We have her well trained!


  6. Z-Man

    You know the drill around here....need I say more.

    My biped is sooooo easy.

    Click Click (sounds of a cam)

    You are so snuggly wuggly here, my Mom wants to give you snooter kisses and rubs


  7. Yep, I've totally got my mom trained, too. The only time I get scolded in this situation is when I'm way too cute and she wants to crawl back in bed with me instead of going to work. I know I'm not really in trouble beacuse I get lots of ear and tummy scratches and nose smooches!

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Oh my dogness! Look at my handsome man in his bed!!! I would say you have your mom perfectally trained!!!

  9. my master is well trained, he will find the camara and even recorded with the web cam.

  10. Zim,
    Glad to know your human is well trained. So is ours!


  11. I see your snuggliness, and I raise you DROOLING ALL OVER THE CLEAN SHEETS! And still she coos at me!

  12. How could a biped in their right mind scold a pup for being so, so, cute?!?!? Couldn't happen. And they would be right to take pictures of the cuteness and give well-deserved chest scratchies! Good going Zimmie!! Belly Rubs for all Four of you, Tasha & Eva.

  13. Oh Mom would definitely grab the camera!! You sure look comfy!

  14. Zim,

    You could not be any more cute if you tried. And, how sweet of you to stay posed for pics. We are a bit curious about the actual making of a bed, though. Mom just throws the comforter up and walks away. Your humans are much better trained!


  15. That is so cute. You sure got your hoomans well trained

    ~ Girl girl

  16. Our mom wouldn't grab the camera! She'd yell OFF! Unfortunately, she's a meanie and we're not allowed on the bed! Mom is a poopoo! You have a nice mom, Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. There are no wrong scolded dogs in our house. :)

    If mistress does anything wrong that I misinterpret she always knows it is her fault.

    But if I wasn't sure about the piccy I might jump off - she is always so slow with the camera.

    So if we had a bed, and I got on it, I think I would pass the quiz.
    Pippa (xxs for Ammy)

  18. Our mommy makes the best just for us too. Zimmy you are the absolutley snuggliest and cutest pup! My mom is just dying for the day that she can come to visit you and kiss your snooter

  19. I see you trained your people well. Did you use a clicker on your mom?

  20. That wasn't a hard one Zim! It was so nice of Mom to make that bed just for you! Did she fluff the pillow for you? If she did, that's extra credit points for her. I'd say you've done a splendid job training her.

  21. Oh Zimmie, you look so adorable in those photos:)

    We like fresh bedding too, Mom goes to growl at us then runs to get the camera:) Sometimes after she's taken photos she asks us to get off. We roll lots in the bed everynow and then and pull the covers back....hair gets all over her fresh sheets.....Mom doesn't like that much!

    Prince & Summer

  22. oh Zim you are TOO cute! Depends on what bed you get up on around here. If it's the guest bed, our hu-mom might think it was cute for a moment, Maybe snap a quick pic, but then we'd get booted off. If it was THEIR bed, forgetaboutit! Talk about being in the doghouse! (Cause they got a brand new mattress & pretty wooden bed now)

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & the Jack napster

  23. Yeah, Zim, what's this "make the bed" thing?