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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey ... A New Friend!

Ha roo, pups! It's me ~ Zim! Yesterday evening, Mom said I was acting kind of "squirrelly". I'm not sure what that means, but even though she'd already taken me out, I tried to zip into the garage and go out again when she was taking the girls out. I wanted out REAL badly! So ... after the girls had their turn, Mom said, "OK, Zim, let's go!" and she took me out again. COOL!

We usually go right from the driveway to go use the yard, but I said, "Hey, Mom, no! Let's go left!"

I was really adamant about it, so she gave in. (She talks tough, but caves easily.) It was there ... the reason I wanted back out ... at the end of our next-door-neighbor's driveway! I froze!

"Mom! Look!"

She said it was the neighbor's newspaper. "No, Mom, not that! Look further! At the end of the driveway!"

"Can you see it now?"

She still couldn't see what I saw. I had to take her closer. That's when she saw him - and he saw us!

Well, hello... Kitty!

Mom shot this high-action video:

Can you believe it? And I think he liked me. He came over to say, "Hey". Or "Mmmmeow," as was the case.

See his feety-feet? They were really cute and he was sort of flexing them. Then he did this cross-legged thing:

Tia? Does that mean anything in Cat? THEN, he flopped himself down and was rolling all around!

Mom thought maybe I scared him by trying to get too close. I don't know how she comes up with these crazy ideas! Anyroo, she decided we should go home ... only guess who else wanted to come?

Not only is Mom using a REALLY strange tone of voice, but why did she tell my new friend "no"? She's really no fun sometimes.

I hope my new friend is out there again today. I stayed by the side window until it was too dark to see anything last night. I've never seen that kitty before, but I think we have a good start to a friendship!

Play bows and mrrrows!

PS: Wilbur? Any ideas from you on what he was saying with his body language?


  1. That is SO cool that the cat wants to be your friend. You really wanted to get close, huh? We can hear your nails scraping...maybe just a little more pull and you could have made it.

    Our cat neighbors run away when they see us coming.


  2. I think the kitty was flirting with you, Zim. After all, you're quite the looker. Good thing you weren't wearing your camo or the kitty would have jumped on your back!


    I am pretty sure that the kitty got you mixed up with Amber and was trying to communicate a message about Oswald. It's a little known fact, but cats are also very interested in bunnies. I think the kitty wanted to form some Oswald alliance with Amber and the rest of you.
    Glad to be of assistance,

  3. Ah yes - another new show fur Animal Planet: Zim The Khytty Watcher!

    BTW, put some blakhk and white fur on WOO and you've sooooo got my SiberBody Language!

    Oh yes, NICE khytty - best served with some fava beans and a nice Khianti or Amarone!!

    Good job Zim!!!


    PeeEss: Don't form that alliance Zim - it is a plot by the NON KHANINES of the world ;-)

  4. oooooooooooo a kitty! I guess he doesn't like an aggressive welcome?! hehehehe

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Aww, a kitty friend! What our neighbor cat used to be saying with all the stretching & rolling was "I'm a cat and your not, and I'm not afraid of you - come scratch my belly so I can show you how sharp my claws are" or something like that. So, approach with caution, but some kitties make excellent friends! (That same neighbor's cat used to climb to the roof of humom's studio so she could watch us!)

    woos & a-roos
    Star & Jack a-roo- mew

  6. Oh Zim! So close yet so far! Maybe next time buddy. Good eyes! Would you say that was a 6 qt. crock pot kitty?


  7. Looks like a snack to me!

  8. That cat seemed way too friendly. Do you think you can trust it??? I hope you can find out more info about him or her!!

  9. Oh I would have tried to eat that cat. He's a brave one.

  10. Anonymous7:16 PM

    FINALLY! All three videos worked. WOW Zim! You were sure close to that cat! I am sooo proud of how you handled yourself.

    MEOW Zim! Let me first say that I am happy you got to get near a cat. I now think you need to come to my house and meet me!!! Second, I think that the cat was taken by you. If a cat wants to come toward you (like in the last video), it is a good thing!
    4 paws up!!! Meows,

  11. Wow, I can't believe that kitty actually wanted to be your friend!?
    And I can't believe your silly human woman wouldn't let you play with him, when he totally wanted to play with you!

    Good luck tomorrow!


  12. Wow Zim what a nice dog you are.

    I would have had him I tell ya.


  13. Wow Zim...that is so cool!!! That cat has great roaching technique...do you think Wally taught him/her that! I bet you two will be the bestest of friends in no time!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  14. You are SOOOO lucky! I've never been that close to a CAT!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  15. Zimmy Bob, your Mom needs to get Jimmy Bob Carter there. He got a very noble prize for getting enemies to play nice with each other!

    Getting dogs and cats to play nice will be harder. But I'm sure he can make it happen because you both want to be friends!

    Just like the people Jimmy Bob is meeting with now! ::cough cough::

    Sorry. I got something caught in my throat.