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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rally the Troops!

Rally the Troops, everypuppy! It's me, Ammy, and Ao4 Headquarters is under siege! Really!

It started with Zim's "friend" that he told you about last weekend. It's gotten bad with that ... "friend", and he actually comes running when he sees Zimmie now! It's horrible! Fortunately, I have started to insist on going out with him when Mom takes him out, so I can protect him. And when this ... "friend" sees me, he turns on a dime and runs off! I put out way different vibes around ... cats than Zim does! He knows not to come around when I'm on the job.

But then... I was downstairs the other day. I stopped by Dad's study to say "roooooo!" to him; I love my daddy a LOT! I gazed out his window and I was horrified! Right there, in broad daylight - a CAT BURGLAR!

I grabbed the camera and shot these pictures:


Sorry about the screen in that one. But you can CLEARLY see that he's trying to break in! And this isn't even Zimmie's "friend" - this is another cat!!! Here's another shot of him:

That's his profile shot; memorize those features! Be on the lookout!

It got worse from there. I went to download the pictures so I could send them to my very good friend Khyra and my other Siber-Mal pals and when I came back into the study, Mom was talking sweet talk to him! She was saying, "Oooh, sweet kitkitkit!" and was tapping paws with him! What is this world coming to!?!?

Clearly, Ao4 HQs is under siege! Of course, I'm not sure Stormy and Zim see it this way ..... what to do!?!? Dave and I are on our own, I think. We need the help of the Troopers in the Ao4. I'm just not sure I'm allowed to rally the troops without the permission of our Supreme Commander. Hrmph!



  1. What!!!???

    Oh, no. I live with a cat and they are bad 'mewes'!!!

    Trooper Dakota, ready for duty and willing to protect the Ao4!

  2. Oh Ammy -

    I am 'sew' there -

    Just give me a chance to find a door to 'slip' out -


  3. He's sure a bold kitty coming right up to your door, Amber! Can't you tell him that you think you hear his mom calling him and he'd better go home in a hurry? Our paws are crossed that he doesn't return!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. wow, did you get his height, just in case he tries to rob your treat stash???
    we saw a 2-month old siberian husky at the SPCA today. My mommy thought of you guys! She wanted to take him home, but there are already 8 of us dachshies & beagle...can't take on any more pups :(

  5. Woo! That's a troublesome report! I don't like the look on that kitty's face. I think he's up to no good. And he has charmed Mom!! Do you have an age enhancement program on your computer so we can determine what he'll look like next week - in case he gets away or something.

  6. Oh Ammy...
    that kinda of looks like my new kitty friend. he's nice, I like him, he pets and kisses me. But wait how could he be there and here...oooohhh maybe he really is a cat burglar. I'm on it and will help!!!

    Lots of confused licks, ruby

  7. I'll come wrestle those cats for you! I have lots of practice from wrestling my cat brother!
    Those cats must be really brave getting that close to a house full of dogs.

  8. Harrrrr
    I can not beleve me ears or eyes Harrr. you are surounded Harrrr. They look like they are trying to get yer humans in to somthing Harrrr. dont let them get in Harrrr. yer Cap'n will sail over as soon as posible.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  9. There use to be a stupid cat that would sit outside and stare at me! I would yell at it that it was stupid.

  10. orange cats are the worst! there is an orange cat terrorizing my Sophie in Canada! It is a worldwide epidemic!!! You guys better buy a howitzer or something!

  11. CAT! CAAAAAAAAAT! I saw an orange one yesterday too, coming home from the park. I wasn't allowed to go play. I'm definitely ready to come help you with your cat problem if you need, Ammy!

    Louka, at the ready.

  12. Ammy, I speak kitty. I wouldn't trust that orange cat as far as you could throw him by his suspicious looking tail. Orange cats are no good! Really, you can only trust black cats like me.

    And Stormy, if you could rally the troops to come and do something about the pathetic toys dad is giving me, I'd really appreciate it.

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

  13. The nerve of some cats!
    We are a house divided about cats, as you could probably tell from our latest blog. I would love to come play with the kitty. Jack would love to come, but has a somewhat darker motive.

    Woo us if we can be of service!

    Woos & a-roos
    Star & the Jackster

  14. Amy,

    We befriend all the furry friends. Keep an open mind. Although Lola is forever chasing me! And, what comes around goes around. Mom got really angry with me when I started stalking a baby blue jay today. She made me come back in and even grabbed my tail.


    Witty Kitty

  15. I'm pretty sure Summi and I, along with Khyra, could take care of that khat! There is something terribly wrong when your house of 4 Sibes is attracting khats!!


  16. Oh goodness,

    Ginger furballs, just where do they get off invading your space and then making the Mommy person go all googoo over them!! We have a ginger furball that does the same thing.. there needs to be some kind of legislation banning ginger furballs.. Maybe Turbo could do something about it!

    I have your back.. I will ship out and lure the ginger one into a trap with a cat-nip treat then.. BAM.. bye bye ginger furball hehehe

    Ben xxxx

  17. That kitty looks delicious!!


  18. Zim's friend must have spread the word that your house is cat friendly! Oh no! He should have said "Kat friendly". Good luck!


  19. Help! We're being maligned. You can't sic the AO4 on us. We're sweet and cuddly. In fact, we're members of the AO4. You can't sic us on ourselves.

    Have you forgotten us already? Type in "good to go" to search our site and scroll dowwwwwwn to that post. There we are, all 6 of us, official members of the AO4 Find Beau team.

    Please reconsider, Ammy. We're your friends.

  20. Why are cats showing up there? Is there something f-i-s-h-y going on?