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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh, Hail!

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Ammy! Before I get started today, all of us want to wish a VERY happy birthday to Dave's twin brother of a different mother - Harley! He is 8 today! I hope he enjoys 8 as much as I did! Here is Haik-woo #30 to celebrate the day!

He's very handsome, isn't he? Happy birthday, Harley!

Anyroo, night before last we had a really wild storm (with a small "s") roll through here. There was thunder, lightning, rain, high winds and hail! Mom and Storm (with a capital "S") stayed up to enjoy the whole thing. Mom tried to see the hail out the window, to see how big it was, but couldn't really tell. The next day, we learned we'd had quarter- to golf ball-sized hailstones!

Some of the local TV stations aired some pictures bipeds sent in of the hail that fell - displayed next to a ruler, to make it easy to see the size. I thought, since I'm the resident meteorologist here at Ao4 HQs, I should do something like that, too. My sister and brothers were ... um ... in a very important meeting ...

so I asked Mom if we could set up a little display on the deck for them - for after their very important meeting.

C'mon, Mom!

I lined up my ruler just like they did on TV, so everysibe could tell how big the hailstones were.

I lined everything up very carefully... then called everysibe out to see my hailstone display. Here it is!

Wow. Our hailstones were very evenly formed. And they look just like the ice that comes from our magic cold box. Hee hee hee.

Hey... where did you Sibes go? C'mon ... it's April Fool's Day! I had to do something! Besides, Mom wouldn't let me go outside when the real hail fell to collect any! Hrumph!



  1. that is lovely hail. haroo :)

  2. OH Ammy - that was so nICE to see!

    Yes, lots of jokers and riddlers and penguins OH MY!!

    Happy Harley Birfday!!!

    Khake fur evfurrybuddy!!!


  3. That hail is big and scary!

    You guys are all so lucky to have such wonderful owners who love you all to bits.

    We wished Harley a happy birthday 8. He definetly looks like you

  4. Good joke, sweet Ammy!


  5. haha April fool! You had us goin'!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. woofies and burf's, happy happy barkday Harley..me hopes u has many, many more..

    b safe,
    Rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

  7. You had me going, too! hehehe - very clever :)

    Happy Birthday to Harley - love the name, by the way!

  8. Haaaa, good one Zim!

  9. Ammy, you are so funny! You had me there!


  10. What I want to know is if you got to eat the hailstones after you measured them?


  11. Here's how pathetic humans can be: I'm reading your blog and thinking, "Wow, hail. That's crazy." And then I'm thinking, "Good for Stormy and his scientific inquiry," followed by "wow. those are really big hail stones." And, lastly, "I've never seen hail in that shape before. how interesting. I wonder what kind of clouds produce it." Sigh. Gullible? Who me?

  12. Harrrrr
    great joke harrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  13. Happy Birthday to Harley!
    Ammy, you are such a hoot. Those stones are very magical. And we know you're no fool.
    Happy April 1st to you!

    Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  14. Amster, you fooled us! Good one!

  15. Aw Amber, you're so cute. I hope you had a fun april fools day

    ~ Girl girl

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  17. Woo there Ammy~
    Our hail stones look like that sometimes too!! Glad you got to have fun with everypup on AFD. What a clever and fun-loving Sibe woo are!
    Woos to all,

  18. Happy Birthday to Harley!! He DOES look a lot like Dave!! Much more than the other dog did.

    Ammy, you are such a jokster! I was thinking you might have some news worthy hail there, until I found out you were teasing with ice from the large food safe!!! Good one!


  19. Ammy I shoulda known! Mom said hail hurts! She got caught in a hailstorm when she had to pick our boy up at the bus stop once. I think I like our ice cubes right where they are!

  20. Oh Ammy, You crack us up!!! woooohahahaha


  21. Hehehhehehe! Very funny!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  22. It must be a million laughs a day over at the AO4 HQ. I sure hope I never see hail like that!

  23. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Oh Ammy... Look at that hail! Ha roo ro rooooo!