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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Salute - Our Great Sisters!

Our great sisters, Jesse and Lucky, were born 25 years ago this April, so all month long, we are going to Salute them! They were half-sisters; their bio-daddy (Gingerbread Man) was from the Karnovanda line in Michigan! In fact, go to this link and see that top photo of Ch. Karnovanda's Wolfgang? That was their grand-daddy. Or perhaps great-grand-daddy! Cool, huh?

But Gingerbread Man moved to Belgium, met two gorgeous Belgian champs (Fiesta and D'vanya), and our great-sisters were born! We've shared some pix of them before (here and here), but we tasked Mom to scan some more! They're less than 6 months old in the pix we're sharing today! In this one, they're probably 10 weeks old, at most.

Lucky on the left, Jess on the right

They were both bi-eyed, like all of us except Dave. They taught Mom and Dad a lot about Sibes and trained them very well for those of us to come. Jesse was very sweet and kind, like someone else we all know and love; Lucky was very much the smart, sassy, black and white alpha like someone else we could mention. In fact, here's Lucky, challenging our dad to a game of chess.

Excuse me, I believe that's CHECK MATE!

On Belgian Independence Day of 1983, they were invited to the home of some Belgian friends of Mom and Dad. At the tender age of about 3 months, they made a very important discovery. Seafood.

Crab leg? What is a 'crab leg'?
Yes, you may peel one for me. Je t'en prie, Sarah...

This was Lucky's reaction:

Enough with the cuddling and sweet-talk, Sarah! Where's the rest of the crab?!?

Even though Halloween isn't celebrated in Belgium like it is in the States, that didn't stop Mom from trying to dress them up. Here they are as Little Red Riding Hood and the "Big Bad Wolf".

Not only do think Jesse was type-cast as the so-called Big Bad Wolf, since her coat was registered as "wolf grey" but... shouldn't she have her jaws wrapped around "Little Red" instead of the other way around? Ha roo roo roo!

Tune in next Sunday as we once again salute our great-sisters, Jesse and Lucky.

The Army of Four


  1. They are so cute (as per Mom)! I particularly enjoyed the photo of Lucky playing Chess. I think that's a very appropriate game for a Sibierian and most humans wouldn't even attempt to rise to the challenge! We can't wait for Part 2!

  2. So furry khute!

    But I'm a sukhker fur Sibes like ME!


    PeeEss: Glad you got your mom on the stikhk!

  3. Bow Wowzers. These gals are worth a month long salute. How could your parents not fall in love with the sibe line. It is a good thing y'all followed in the pawsteps.

    We'll be waiting to see more ancestor photos.

    Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Woo! We Salute Jesse and Lucky too! We have seen some of these but now little red riding hood and the big bad wolf! HA ROOOOO! That was a funny photo.

  5. Now how would Ammy look as Little Red Riding Hood? No, I think I like her best without a hood cos then I can see her bootiful face.
    Sorry I have not been around but mistress has been busy. So she says.
    I'm allowed a little playtime tonight to visit my pals.

    Hope you are all well. Pippa xx for Am

  6. How cool!
    I'm an only Sibe, all of my brothers were/are Labradors or Lab mixes. I never thought about showing everyone the BIG DOG. I'll have to do that.

  7. How cool of you to salute the sibes who trained your mom and dad!

    Very cute!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  8. They were soooooo adorable!!! I bet your mom and dad still miss them. I love the chess photo!

    I've tried shrimp before, but never crab legs. The shrimp was very yummy!


  9. Wow, they were really cute, especially Lucky, If I do say so myself! Our mom wanted to dress us up as the big bad wolf and little red riding hood for Halloween, but didn't get our costumes made. I hope that is always the case!


  10. Your great sisters are so pretty..

    ~ Girl girl

  11. Oh, Lucky was a ham! With a devilish look. Deviled ham!

  12. Aw, such beautiful sibettes! Jack likes see food too. If he sees food, he likes it! Ha-roo-rooo-roo - how did you like that joke, Ammy?

    MMM, we've discoverd crabs...on the beach! but humom won't let Jack eat any of them, she always says "uckky- drop it!" Very funny Wolf & Red riding hood pics.

    woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack "crabcake" a-roo