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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Salute - Our Great Sisters Pt. II

Today, we continue our month-long Salute to our great sisters, Jesse and Lucky! While they lived in Belgium with Mom and Dad, they did a lot of traveling. Most places in Europe were very welcoming to them; they totally enjoyed the time with Mom and Dad, seeing beautiful and historic places, and the social interaction! We've already shown you how they toured Brugges, Belgium together, and now here are some more adventures - and every day life, too!

One of their favorite trips was to the Brittany and Normandy regions of France. Mom had always read about Mont St. Michel and look! Here they are!

Jesse sort of blends in with the marsh grasses, but she's right there, behind Lucky! The tide was out on their way out of Mont St. Michel, so someone (probably Mom) got this great idea to walk through where the water had been. Jesse and Lucky enjoyed it thoroughly, we're sure. Can you say, "mud, silt and stinky goop"? When they got back to where the hotel was ... well, let's just say what hadn't dried and fallen off in the car needed to dry and fall off before they went back inside.

Here are the girls and Dad, kicking back and letting the Channel silt dry.

We heard stories that the maids at that hotel fell in love with our great sisters and brought them buttered croissants every morning. Can you imagine!?!

A favorite day trip was to go to Dinant, Belgium, on the Meuse River. Sometimes they'd stop at Namur. This picture is the girls and Mom taking a break in a park in Namur. Doesn't it look peaceful?

They had more cool European adventures, but Mom hasn't scanned the pictures yet. We'll get her to work on that this week and will post more next Sunday.

One of their best "at home" adventures was their first snowfall! Here they are howling about it with Dad! Wooooooo!

They also did a lot of work, as Sibes always do. Mom took some photography classes while they were there and was working on a series of food still-lifes. As she developed the pictures, she realized Lucky was doing sort of an Alfred Hitchcock thing - she had a cameo appearance somewhere in each picture. Here's our favorite:Mom decided to go with that theme, and it worked out well for her. We're sure it was Lucky's idea!

Tune in again next Sunday as we salute our great-sisters, Jesse and Lucky!

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  1. Once again, tres khool!

    Merci for sharing!!



  2. We love the picture of Lucky and the milk! You'll have to share more of those. She looks really cute.

    Steve and Kat (Of course Lucky looks cute. We look alike!)

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Lucky and the milk is awesome!!! I LOVE the photo of Jesse and Lucky with your mom in the park at Namur. Very cool photo!!! Thanks for sharing all of these. It is awesome and we salute Lucky and Jesse!!!

  4. It's super-neat that your mom and dad have these great memories! And photos!

    Did they learn to speak Belgian there? I've heard it's very hard. You have to say everything three times! In Dutch, then French, then German.

    But never in Belgian. I guess it's a funny language.

    Excellent, excellent about the cameos!

    But she was taking pictures of food that was still-alive?

    I guess the milk was still-alive. If Lucky had tipped over the carton it would have run across the table!

  5. The b/w pic is great!
    Buttered croissants every morning, that sound a good deal!!!!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip. Your breakfast sounds great...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  7. We are so enjoying hearing about your great sisters and their adventures. What cool places your mom and dad have been. That last picture is really good.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. Such pretty girls. Looks like they had a wonderful time living over there!


  9. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Is your dad wearing a Cubs hat in that picture?

    You have some great family stories...


  10. Dad says: I LOVE IT! The Hitchcock thing is Priceless!

    Mati and I think - how cool is that? Those pics are the bee's knees! Will there be a Part-Trois?

    Love Rocky!

  11. What beautiful landscape to romp in. The stinky stuff sounds marvelous. Thanks for telling us about this place. We'll be bugging Mom to find us similar adventures!

    You guys are all so cute! We are sharing with Mom's friends from Belgiam. They have a husky too!

    Have a great week.

    Forget Sit and Stay Gang